They All Come To Jack's Bistro

Written by: Scott McClenny

Scene 1:Jack's Bistro.It is about seven in the evening and still quiet. Jack paces frantically around peering out of the window every now and again to see if any customers are coming.

Janet(straigthens up from arranging flowers on table):Jack will you please stop pacing.

Jack:I can't help it nobody's here and it's already seven.

Janet:Maybe it's a slow night.

Jack(as door opens):Maybe you're's..

Cindy and Terri(enter together):Hi Jack!

Jack(depressed)..Cindy and Terri.

Cindy:What's the matter Jack?

Jack:It's seven o'clock.

Terri:My,you finally learned to tell time.

Janet:No,you don't's seven o'clock and NOBODY'S here.

Terri:Maybe it's a slow night.



Janet takes Cindy and Terri aside

Janet:That's what I said.

Scene two:Outside Jack's Bistro.Tuvok,Tom Paris,Captain Janeway and the Emergency Holographic Doctor are all standing by the door.

Captain Janeway:Shall we?

Tuvok:I must advise you Captain that we are still being chased by the remainder of Henry Starling's men.It would be best not to put any innocent lives at risk.

Tom:Shut up Tuvok.I for one am getting way too hungry.I mean even Neelix' cooking looks good right about now.

EMH:I suggest we follow Lieutenant Paris' advice.His hunger is getting on my nerves.

Tom:You don't have nerves.

EMH:Well if I had..

Captain Janeway:Gentlemen,gentlemen..we'll sit by a table where we can see the door.Does that satisfy you Tuvok?


They enter.

Scene 3:Inside.

Terri:Look Jack.

Jack:Customers at last!

Janet:And you thought it was gonna be a slow day..!

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