The New Roommate

What happens when Laverne's latest roommate turns out to be Three's Company's Cindy Snow?

Written by: Scott McClenny

Part 1

Scene 1:The girls' Burbank apartment.

The living room is filled with balloons and a WELCOME HOME SHIRLEY AND WALTER banner.

Laverne is in the kitchen stirring up the batter to the Welcome Home Cake she is trying to make when there is a knock at the door.

Laverne(runs and opens the door with a flourish):Welcome Home Shirl!(stares at Cindy)Hey you're not Shirley Feeney,who are ya,and what ya doin' here?

Cindy(absently places suitcase on Laverne's left foot):I'm your new roommate..Cindy Snow.

Laverne(winching slightly):My new whatsits?

Cindy:Roommate.(notices suitcase)Gee,sorry about that.

Laverne:That's ok.(hops on right foot)Would you like to take your suitcase to the bedroom and get settled in?

Cindy:Sure.(Looks around)Where is it?


Cindy:Cool..just like in The Beverly Hillbillies!

Cindy follows Laverne as she hopsteps upstairs and settles in.

End Scene One

Scene 2:The apartment later that night.

The gang(except Edna)are all there celebrating Shirley and Walter's return to the States.

Laverne introduces Cindy to everyone.

Shirley:Tell us Cindy how'd you find the apartment?

Cindy:In an ad in the paper.I was looking for an apartment and there was this ad..and here I am!

Rhonda:Rhonda's happy that you answered her ad...(stops suddenlike and becomes quiet as a church mouse at this point).

Laverne(staring at Rhonda):You mean you put an ad in the paper for a roommate for me without asking MY permission?!

Rhonda:Well...after the last time..Rhonda thought...

Shirley(Concilitary voice):Girls,girls,let's not fight over who put an ad in the paper..let's just be thankful that someone as sweet and wonderful as Cindy answered it.


Lenny:I only wish she'd had shown up at our doorstep!

(Laverne punches him in the shoulder.)

Lenny:Ow...what I say?

(Before Laverne can think of a rejoiner the timer in the oven goes off.)

Frank:What's that?

Laverne:The Welcome Home Cake I baked for Shirl and Walter.

Frank(surprised):You baked a cake?

Shirley: You know very well that Laverne's quite a capable cook Mr. DeFazio.

Frank:Pizza..Yes..Cake..I'm not so sure of.

(Laverne rises to get up but Cindy stops her)

Cindy: Why don't you stay here and talk with your friends,and I'll go get the cake.


(Cindy goes in the kitchen and the others continue to talk. When she comes out she is having trouble keeping the cake balanced.There is a cord on the carpet and she trips over it and the cake ends up flying out of her hands and ends up dumped all over Carmine and Squiggy.)

Cindy: Gosh..I'm terribly sorry.

Carmine:These things happen to the best of us Cindy.(Wipes frosting out of shirt with napkin)

Squiggy: Too bad it was my favorite kinda cake too!

End Scene two

End Part One

To be cont'd?

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