Revengence, Part 1
By Missy

SERIES: Revengence
PART: One of undetermined number of parts
RATING: PG-13 (Mild adult content)
PAIRING(s): Lenny/Laverne
DISTRIBUTION: To Squeaky, LW, Kai and FG (if the very act of reading this doesn't kill her) so far; any other archives are welcome to ask, but disclaimers must be included, my email left intact. send a URL, and provide full disclaimers as well as credit me fully. Please inform me if you are going to submit my work to any sort of search engine. Please do not submit my work to a search engine that picks out random sets of words and uses them as key words, such as "Google"
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CATEGORY: Humor, SOL, Lenny/Laverne
SETTING IN TIMELINE: In the middle of the Milwaukee run; post "Lenny's Crush"
SPOILLER/SUMMARY: Laverne learns just how much Lenny's suffered all of these years when he throws himself into a relationship to make her jealous, then completely ignores her.
NOTES: Have I seen "LC" too many times? I think the answer's yes ;-)


She tugged frantically at the hem of her skirt, shuffled her knees, glanced at the clock. But she couldn't deny the feeling brewing within her spine; something wasn't right.

Shirley sighed and took another bite out of an apple, "You're gonna wear a hole through your hose, Vernie."

Laverne shook her head, "I deserve it."

"You do not! That's a perfectly good pair of hose..."

"I do too!" Her eyes were a wellspring of tears, "If I hadn't been all greedy.."

Shirley took another bite of her apple and daintily dabbed away the juice on her fingertips, "Laverne, it is NOT your fault that Lenny Kosnoski ran off to Oshkosh with Donna from hops and barley..."

"It is!" Laverne sniffled, "He don't love her, Shirl.."

"He does too! Did you see the way he was fawnin' all over her and gettin' her drinks at the party..."

"He was just doing that to make me jealous!" Laverne stood up and charged over to the closet, "I can't take it no more, Shirl," She threw on her jacket and yanked her purse out of the closet, "He's makin' the biggest mistake of his life!"

"Laverne are you crazy?!" Shirley's eyes were ready to come tumbling right out of her head. "Lenny's never been so happy in his life! Besides, you have John and...LAVERNE!"

"I gotta go, Shirl," Laverne insisted, ripping the door open, "I can't let Len marry a girl he don't love! I'm takin' the car!" With that she scooped up Shirley's keys and left her best friend open-mouthed in the living room.

Shirley quietly panicked, "What if Vernie's makin' the mistake?!" But things were completely out of Shirley's hands; her only option was to sit at home or follow them all up to OshKosh...

She picked up the phone and dialed Carmine's number.


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