Tara's Secret

Part 1

Written by: S. Wilhelmina Feenster

Tara's Secret

Written by: S. Wilhelmina Feenster

This story is dedicated to my friend and Scarlet O'Hara-wanna-be Cara! Enjoy!!

This takes place after 'Just Another Angel Face, Part 3.' Caroline, also known as Cara, went back to her long lost love, Trevor. Laverne has Lenny and Shirley has Carmine. Will everything be perfect?

Scene 1

INT. Wedding Chapel - Day

The bells were ringing and "Chapel of Love" was playing in the background. The long awaited wedding of Laverne and Lenny was in preparation. Everyone was at the church waiting for the ceremony to begin. Laverne and Shirley were straightening up in the dressing room.

Shirley: You look beautiful, Laverne. I'm so happy for you.

Laverne: (smiling) I'm so happy, I'm about to bust.

Shirley: You're getting married...and to a great guy.

Frank knocked on the door.

Frank: They're ready, sweetheart.

Shirley hugged Laverne and they went out into the hall. The wedding song was playing. The door opened wide and "Here Comes the Bride" rang through out the church. Laverne and Frank began walking down the isle. She looked at everyone staring at her at that moment. Then she saw Lenny and smiled. Once they reached Lenny, Frank let go of his daughter and Lenny took her hand. Laverne and Lenny mouthed "I love you" to each other.

Preacher: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to unite Laverne DeFazio and Leonard Kosnowski in the bonds of holy matrimony...If there is anyone here to show cause of why these two should not get married, speak now or forever hold your peace...

Tara: I do!

Everyone: Huh?

Standing in front of Lenny and Laverne was a girl in a black veil.

Tara: Lenny, you can't marry Laverne.

Shirley: Why can't he?

Tara: Because he's married to me and I'm pregnant with his baby.

Laverne: (tears) Lenny, is this true?

Lenny: No.

Tara: Lenny, I'm sorry.

Scene 2

INT. Laverne and Shirley's Apartment - Day (Two Months Later)

Laverne sat in the apartment and drank a milk and Pepsi. "Baby Love" by: Diana Ross and the Supreme's played in the background.

Shirley: (entering the room) Laverne, are you all right?

Laverne: It would have been our two month anniversary.

Shirley: (sitting next to her; puts her arm around Laverne) I know and I'm sorry. Love can hurt sometimes.

Laverne: You're lucky. You have Carmine.

Shirley: I'm sure there's some terrific guy out there.

Laverne: Yeah and he loves Tara.

Shirley: You don't know that.

Laverne: She's having his baby, Shirl.

Shirley: I know that there's not a bright side to all of this. If there was, I'd try my hardest to figure it out.

Laverne: This feels like a nightmare that I can't wake up from.

Carmine knocked at the door and Shirley answered.

Carmine: Hi, honey.

Shirley: Come in, sweetheart.

Carmine: Are you about ready, Shirl?

Shirley: I don't think I should leave Laverne here alone.

Laverne: It's okay, Shirl. You should go out with Carmine...after all, he is your husband now.

Shirley: Will you be okay?

Laverne: Yeah.

Shirley: Carmine, do we really have to go out on a picnic today?

Carmine: Shirl, we've planned this for a week...

Laverne: Go on...I'll be all right.

Shirley: Okay, but I'm calling Diana.

Laverne: Shirl, you...

Shirley: I'm calling.

Shirley called Diana and she told Shirley that she'd stop by and keep her company.

INT. Pizza Bowl - Afternoon

Laverne and Diana sat and talked at one of the tables. Lenny and Squiggy walked in and triggered a lot of feelings in her.

Laverne: Why did we come here?

Diana: Laverne, you are going to have to face him sooner or later.

Laverne: Why now?

Diana: It's been two months.

Laverne: I can't.

Diana: Listen, I was hurt by him when Caroline took him away from me and I had to be strong...for the sake of my sanity later on.

Laverne: It's just not easy.

Diana: I never said it was, sweety.

Lenny stared at Laverne from his table.

Laverne: I want to go home.

Diana: All right, Laverne.

They left and Lenny put his head to the floor.

Scene 3

Laverne and Shirley's Apartment - Late Afternoon

Diana stayed and gave Laverne a shoulder to cry on. There was a knock on the door and Diana answered. It was Petula Viscardi, their new friend, who had some really surprising news.

Laverne: Hey, Petula, what's up?

Petula: I got my hands on Tara's records and I found out something very interesting.

Diana: What's that?

Petula: She doesn't exist.

They leaned in closer with extreme interest. Shirley entered the apartment.

Shirley: Hello.

Petula: Hi, Shirley.

Laverne: So, Tara is who?

Shirley: What are you talking about?

Laverne: Shirl, shut the door and sit down.

Shirley: Okay.

Petula: Tara is actually a place in the movie "Gone With the Wind." I got ahold of some of her personal belongings, such as, her passport, driver's license and diary.

Laverne: A diary?

Petula: Yes, a quite explicit one at that.

Shirley: Who is she?

Petula: This so called 'Tara Leigh' is...

Laverne: Who? I have to know.

Petula: Caroline Feeney.

Shirley: Cara?

Laverne: That explains the black veil, but I thought she ran off with Trevor.

Petula: Well, that's another story.

Diana: Oh?

Petula: Trevor got into a fatal accident involving...his ex-wife.

Laverne: This is getting interesting.

Petula: I agree. Also, I found that Caroline isn't pregnant, but she is in fact married to Lenny.

Laverne: How?

Petula: The night that he came crawling back to you, he was highly intoxicated and he'd come back from a quickyVegas wedding to Caroline. So, if you had married Lenny, it would have not been legal.

Shirley: I have to talk to her.

Petula: No, we mustn't let on that we know yet.

Shirley: Why not?

Petula: What I've learned from experiences in the past is you must catch them red handed. We should get her off guard...when she's most vurnerable...she should tell us, that way, we can turn the tables on her.

Laverne: Yeah.

Petula: Well, I better be going. I have a million things to do.

Laverne: Thanks, Petula.

Petula: If you need me, please call.

Laverne: Okay...Bye, Petula.

Petula left.

INT. Lenny and Squiggy's Apartment - Evening

Lenny and Squiggy were playing hop scotch on the living room floor. They used flour to make the boxes to jump into.

Squiggy: All right, Lenny...You go first.

He jumped into each square without falling down.

Lenny: I did it!

Squiggy: Good, Len.

There was a knock on the door.

Squiggy: Answer it, Len...I'll finish my turn.

Lenny: Don't cheat.

Squiggy: I won't.

Lenny opened the door and standing there, with a smug look on her face, was none other than Tara/Cara.

Cara: Hello, Lenny. I'm back.

Lenny: Cara, I thought you were...

Cara: Off with my new fella?

Lenny: Well...

Cara: Aren't you going to invite me in?

Lenny: Come in, please.

Cara: (stepping in; notices Squiggy) Hi, Squiggy.

Squiggy: Caroline...you look so hot.

Cara: In your dreams, Squiggy.

Squiggy: That's Mr. Squiggy to you.

Cara: Could we have some privacy?

Squiggy: Sure...uh, I'll go collect some bugs for our mini-race.

Squiggy left.

Cara got close to Lenny and put her hands on his shoulders.

Cara: I'm glad that we're finally able to be alone. You know, Lenny, we never really had a honeymoon. Although, there was that one fling we had before you and Laverne were...

Lenny: Listen, Cara...that was a mistake on both our parts.

Cara: But you said you loved me. I love you.

Lenny: I know, but...

Cara: But what, Lenny Bear?

Lenny: I don't love you anymore. I love Laverne.

Cara: Why would you love her? (puts her arms around his neck) You're my Lenny Bear and I'm your Cara Bear.

Lenny: (takes her hands down and holds them) That's over. That's in the past. I've moved on.

Cara: Have you really?

Lenny: Yes.

Cara: Then you could resist me.

Lenny: Yes.

Cara: Could you resist this?

She kissed him with immense passion.

Lenny groaned.

Cara: Tell me. Tell me you didn't feel it.

Lenny: I can't.

Cara: Why not? Not intense enough for you?

Lenny: No.

Cara: Then what?

Lenny: I felt...something.

Cara: What did you feel?

Lenny: Well, two things...your foot on my foot and a tingling on my neck.

Cara: Did the hairs on the back of your neck stand up?

Lenny: (feels the back of his neck) Is that what happened?

Cara: (smiling) Yes, honey bear. Do you know what that means?

Lenny: I should tell them to sit back down?

Cara: No, that means you still love me.

Lenny: I do?

Cara: Yes and I love you too. And you know what?

Lenny: What?

Cara: We're still married. We can be happy and live happily ever after.

She hugged Lenny.

Scene 4

Petula's Penthouse - New York City

Petula sat in her living room sipping tea. She picked up the phone that was next to her and called Laverne.

Petula: Hello, Laverne.

Laverne: Hey, Petula, where are ya?

Petula: As of this moment, I'm in New York.

Laverne: Wow. I have family there. Are you near Brooklyn?

Petula: Within the vicinity, yes. I'm in New York City. I have a penthouse here.

Laverne: Oh, how nice.

Petula: Laverne, I'm here on buisness, but I do have more imformation on Cara.

Laverne: What?

Petula: It's about Trevor.

Laverne: What is it?

Petula: You know how I told you that he had a fatal accident involving his ex-wife...

Laverne: Yeah.

Petula: Yeah, well, you're not going to believe this, but his ex-wife was Cara.

Laverne: (shock) What?

Petula: When she lived in Pennsylvania, her name was Tara Leigh Skyler. She was married to him for 6 months. Unfortunately, he was found dead in his house and Tara was nowhere to be found.

Laverne: Do you think she killed him?

Petula: I can't see any reason why she wouldn't.

Laverne: (nervous) What do you mean?

Petula: He had a trust fund worth a fortune...I'm talking millions. And when the police went inside the house, he was lying dead on the floor...at the end of the stairway. She had a motive. This was no accident...it was planned.

Laverne: Are you sure about this?

Petula: I have her police file right here.

Laverne: Thanks for the scoop, Petula, but I better go.

Petula: I know that this a shock to you, but I asure you that you aren't in danger...

Laverne: What about Lenny?

Petula: Is there any cause to why she would want to go after him.

Laverne: He ain't got any money...but, he is a count.

Petula: That could be the answer. Tell you what, I'll check up on Lenny and get back to you later on.

Laverne: Okay.

Laverne hung up the phone.

INT. Laverne and Shirley's Apartment - Day

Laverne grabbed her purse and left.

Scene 5

INT. Arnold's - Day

Lenny and Cara entered the restaurant. "Since I fell For You" played on the juke box.

Cara: (taking his hand) Lenny, let's dance.

Lenny: This ain't fast music.

Cara: That's why we dance slow, okay? Like this.

She took his hands and clasped them into hers and she put his arm around her waist and hers on his shoulder. She laid her head on his chest.

Cara: Isn't this nice?

Lenny: Yeah. You dance real good. Laverne used to step on my feet.

Cara: Shhh. Let's not talk about her.

Lenny: But...

Cara: Lenny, you love me now...right?

Lenny: Yes.

They continued to dance.

Cara: Lenny, isn't it nice that in about 6 months, there will be a Lenny, Jr. or Cara running around?

Lenny spaced out and thought of what it would be like if he and Laverne were to have children.

INT. Laverne and Lenny's House - Dream Sequence

Laverne put both hands on her stomache, looked down, and smiled.

Laverne: It's a miracle, Lenny.

Lenny: Yeah, it is, Laverne.

Five kids ran into the living room screaming and chasing each other.

Lil Lenny: I'm going to get you, Jeff! Take that!

Lil Lenny got out his toy pistol and became shooting at him.

Lil Lenny: Ka-Pow! Ka-Pow! You're dead, Copper!

Jeffrey: No, I'm not. I'm wearing a protective vest! So, ha! (pulls out his gun) Ka-Pow! (laughs) I win!

Anton: I don't think you'll get away that easy...I'm an Indian chief and I declare war on the village! (makes Indian sounds)

Anton chased everyone around yelling, "I'll scalp you all!" Suddenly, one of the little girls started to cry.

Lizzy: (crying) Mommy, mommy, I'm scared. I don't want to be scalped.

Lizzy crawled into her mother's lap.

Rita: I'm not scared. (rolls up her sleeves) I'm Samantha Stevens and I'm going to turn all of you creepy boys into my slaves.

Rita began twitching her nose.

Lizzy: (crawling out of Laverne's lap) I'll be Jeanie.

She crossed her arms and nodded her head.

Lenny and Laverne watched as their kids played together.

Dream Seqence ended

"This Old Heart of Mine" by The Isley Brothers, was playing on the juke box.

Cara: Lenny, where did you go?

Lenny: I'm right here.

Cara: (smiles) This is where you should always be.

She embraced him and they continued to dance.

Scene 6

INT. Pizza Bowl - Day

Laverne walked in and rushed over to her father who was making a pizza.

Laverne: Pop, have you seen Lenny?

Frank: No, but you gotta taste this new sauce.

Laverne: No thanks.

Frank: Taste it.

Laverne: I'm not really...

Frank: Taste it!

Laverne: Okay, just a little taste.

Laverne opened her mouth and a glob of sauce landed on her shirt.

Laverne: Pop, look what happened. You got sauce of my white blouse.

Frank: I'm sorry, muffin. There ain't no one who will say you ain't Italian.

Laverne: Now I have to go back home and change shirts. Pop, if you see Lenny, tell him to stay put. I'll be right back.

Frank: Okay.

Laverne left.

INT. Arnold's

Tara and Lenny were still in a strong embrace. Diana walked in with Fonzie at her arm. "Dedicated To the One I Love" by the Shirelles, played on the juke box.

Fonzie: Hey, this place is all wrong. Slow music needs an added touch. (hit the wall with his fist and lights went dim) Now that's more like it. Shall we dance, Diana?

Diana: Okay.

As she was dancing, she looked over at Cara and Lenny.

Cara: Lenny, how would you like a private party of our own... (kisses his neck) ...at my place.

Lenny: Well, I promised Squiggy I'd help him wash his moth collection.

Cara: (talking in a southern accent) Now, silly...everyone knows that you don't wash moths.

Squiggy: Squiggy says that clean moths mean good luck.

Cara: Tell you what, I'll give you a spouge bath and then later we can play hospital. You can be the doctor and I'll be the lonely widowed patient from Georgia.

Lenny and Cara snuck out of there.

The song ended and Fonzie and Diana sat down in one of the boothes, but first, Fonzie changed the lighting back. A few people had entered Arnold's and the song on the juke box changed.

Fonzie: How was your day at the library?

Diana: It was quiet, but I'm happy I only had to work the morning shift.

Fonzie: Yeah, then you wouldn't be here with me. Did you know that I have myself a Phister Memorial Library card?

Diana: Yes, you showed it to be a few times when you came into the library.

Fonzie: It is a great card. I can check out as many books as I want... Knowledge for The Fonz.

Diana: I enjoy reading.

Fonzie: Of course you do. You're a librarian.

Diana: (smiling) I guess you have a point there.

Fonzie: How do you like this side of the tracks? I do see you mostly with Laverne and Shirley, am I right?

Diana: Yes, I do like Laverne and Shirley. They're my friends.

Fonzie: Those are two great girls.

Diana: Fonzie, why did you ask me here?

Fonzie: I like you.

Diana: Why do you like me? I mean, I'm not as pretty as most of the girls you're with.

Fonzie: I find you very attractive...and The Fonz don't lie.

Diana smiled.

Scene 7

INT. Laverne and Shirley's Apartment -Afternoon

Laverne was buttoning up her shirt in the living room when the door opened.

Shirley (yelling) Laverne!

Laverne: I'm right here, Shirley. You don't have to yell. I'm not deaf.

Shirley: Oh, Laverne....I'm glad I found you.

Laverne: What is it?

Shirley: You'll never guess where I've been.

Laverne: Where?

Shirley: The nursery.

Laverne: (face lit up) The nursery? Shirl? Are you...

Shirley: Oh, heavens no. I'm talking about a plant nursery.

Laverne: Oh.

Shirley: I was there looking at gardenias and tulips. You know how I love plants, Laverne, and I saw these lonely looking lilies...

Laverne: Come on, Shirl, I ain't got all day.

Shirley: Oh yes, well, you'll never guess who I saw on the way home.

Laverne: Who?

Shirley: Caroline and Lenny...hand-in-hand. They were coming out of Arnold's.

Laverne: Arnold's? But Lenny never eats there. Him and Squiggy always go to the Pizza Bowl.

Shirley: Laverne, do you want Lenny back?

Laverne: You know I do.

Shirley: Well, what's stopping you?

Laverne: Shirl, Lenny is married to her.

Shirley: Does Lenny love Caroline?

Laverne: I don't know. I guess he does if you saw them holding hands. (brief pause) I think I need to get some air.

INT. Pizza Bowl - Night

The Pizza Bowl was closing and the place was pretty empty. Only Laverne, Shirley and Diana were left. Laverne was finishing up her Pepsi, while Shirley and Diana helped clean up their table.

Laverne: I wish I had some milk to go in this Pepsi.

Shirley: Laverne, if you would like to go home, we'll finish up here.

Laverne: I can't.

Shirley: You shouldn't drown yourself in milk and pepsi. How about after we clean up, we bowl. Sound fun?

Laverne: No, I'm not in the mood.

Diana: I know this hurts, Laverne, but you are going to have to snap out of it. Give it some time. I know that Lenny still loves you and if he's the Lenny I know and grew to love, he'll come back to you.

Laverne: But he's married. Lenny isn't one to go back on a promise.

Cara walked into the restaurant, but stopped when she heard Laverne talking about Lenny.

Laverne: I don't really understand what's drawing him to her. I know she ain't pregnant.

Tara: (thinking to herself) How did she find out? I guess she's smarter than I gave her credit for. I have to think of something fast or I could lose Lenny forever.

Tara left the Pizza Bowl.

Scene 8

INT. Laverne and Shirley's Apartment - Day

The phone rang and Shirley picked it up.

Shirley: Hello?

Petula: Hello, Shirley.

Shirley: Petula, where are you?

Petula: I'm stuck in New York City at the time. I'm trying to get a flight out, but there's too much fog. Um, anything new happening in Milwaukee?

Shirley: Well, Lenny and Caroline are together.

Petula: Oh, dear. I wish I could be there.

Shirley: Are you all right?

Petula: I'm fine. I'll call back later, okay?

Shirley: Okay.

Petula: Bye.

Shirley: Bye.

Shirley hung up the phone.

Laverne came out of her bedroom and hurried to the front door.

Shirley: Where are you going?

Laverne: I'm going upstairs to tell Lenny that Tara is Cara and she's not pregnant.

Shirley: No, Laverne! You can't do that!

Laverne: Why not?

Shirley: Because...it's lunchtime and I fixed your favorite.

Laverne: I can't eat anything. I'll see you later.

Shirley: (grabbing Laverne's arm; hysterically) No, Laverne, don't go!

Laverne: Shirl, get your hand off my arm or I'll bite it off.

Shirley quickly let go of Laverne's arm.


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