Bookends Timeline

Rated PG-13 for adult refferences. This is a Timeline of the Bookends Series written by Shotzette and Missy. Timeline compiled by Missy.


Bookends Timeline:




February 20th: Andrew Mousolini Squiggman born in Pewaukee, NJ


May 10th: Shirley Wilhelmina Feeney born in Milwaukee, WI.  Her father is absent, on a tour of duty for the war.


July 30th: Carmine Antonio Ragusa born in Brooklyn, NY


October 5th: Leonard Mikhail Kosnowski born in Seawall, NJ


November 22nd: Laverne Marie DeFazio born in Brooklyn, NY



August 12th: Paul Davis born in Harvard, New York.



Early Summer: Frank DeFazio is drafted into the US army; Josephine begins to experience shortness of breath.


July 4th: Rhonda Leigh Lee born "in a trunk" (four years earlier than this given date)


Mid-Fall: Lenny's father drafted into service



Early Winter - Mid-Fall: The Kosnowskis move from New Jersey to Wisconsin to be closer to Lenny's maternal grandparents; Renna gets a job working on an assembly line and is injured, leading her to display confusing and frightening mood swings.


November 10th: Patty Klaustein born


Early Summer: The Ragusas move to Milwaukee in the hope of finding better jobs.



Mid-Spring: Squiggman family moves from Jersey to Milwaukee when Helmut leaves Eva


Winter: Josephine goes to the doctor, who tells her a change of climate may be good for her health.  She and Frank begin to plan a move to the cleaner enviroment of Milwaukee, where he has family, when Frank is discharged from the service.



Early spring: Josephine's problems worsen; her doctors diagnose her illness as inoperable lung cancer.  She writes to Frank panicked, and he gets a dispensation to take care of his wife in the undefined number of days she has left.


September 2nd: Lenny is enrolled in kindergarten, meets Andrew Squiggman.  Over eaten worms, they become best friends.


October 5th: Reanna leaves the family on Lenny's fifth birthday


November 22nd: Laverne turns five, finds out her fahter's coming home and that the family is moving to Milwaukee.



Spring: Shirley's parents begin to fight when her father takes another, voluntary tour overseas instead of an honerable discharge from the navy.


Summer: Frank finally obtains an honerable discharge, returns home from  his tour of duty; the family moves to Milwaukee in late August.  Laverne meets Lenny, Shirley and Squiggy; Lenny is immediately enchanted with Laverne.


Fall-Winter: Josephine's illness worsens, distracting Laverne from the first grade.  She is tagged "a dummy", and her issues with the educational system begin.



February 22nd: Josephine DeFazio dies.


March 15th: Jack Feeney returns to his burgeoning family; Lilian makes it clear that they have a marriage in name only.


April 3rd: To distract Laverne from her overwhelming grief, Frank enrolls Laverne in the local Brownie troop; she is kicked out three meetings later alongside Shirley Feeney.  The two girls fill in the lonely holes in each other's lives, and this experience cements their childhood bond, and they become fast friends.


September 6th: Carmine is transferred to Wilkie Elementary when his scholarship to the performing arts school Saint Anne's Accademy is nullified (he's caught making out with a classmate in the cloakroom); on his first day, he meets and falls into love at first sight with Shirley.



The gang attends and graduates from Wilkie Elementary and begins to attend South Adams Junior highschool.  Laverne and Shirley remain close, adding a third friend to their clique, the rich Anne Marie Polanski.  Carmine becomes an all-around athlete, lettering in track.  Lenny and Squiggy start hanging out with Hector Kestenbaum.



Spring: In their senior year of Junior high, Shirley and Carmine begin to date; Lilian Feeney dissaproves of the match.


Christmas: Rhonda Lee is given her first compact; the rest is history.



September: The gang begins attending Filmore High. 


October: Carmine and Shirley make the scene at the Freshman Hop; Laverne goes with her Cousin Guido


November: Disgusting, filthy Tony Picconi tells Laverne the facts of life during study hall.


December: Lenny gets his first (and only) guitar as a Christmas gift



January: Laverne and Shirley are pledges in the girl "gang" the Angora Debs; they add Elanor Steffineck and Terri Buttifuco to their circle of friends.


February: Lenny and Squiggy become "Junior Minnows" with the Royal Order of the Bass, pledged in by Squiggy's Uncle Oswidge.


May: Laverne discovers the joy and discomfort of being a woman; Shirley does the same the following year.


July: The girls go to summer camp together, and Carmine attends across the river; Shirley and Carmine have their first real kiss in August under the crafts arts table


October: Carmine and Shirley make the scene at the Soc Hop; Laverne goes with her Cousin Angelo



September: transferring junior Rosie Greenbaum pledges the Debs; it's hate at first site between her and Laverne.


October: Carmine and Shirley make the scene at the Junior Prom; Laverne goes with her Cousin Vito


November: Lenny misses a month of classes, thanks to ringworm; Laverne tutors him so that he can catch up with the rest of the gang.



March: Carmine enters the Golden Gloves program.


June: The girls are senior councilors at camp; Shirley makes the painful decision not to go to third base with Carmine - yet...


September 1st: Laverne and Lenny have their first kiss - with each other - at a drive in the day before senior year begins.


October: Laverne meets Arthur Fonzarelli at the Feast of Saint Mary Festival; they become an item.


November: Shirley and Carmine are crowned King and Queen at every social event the school puts together; at the Winter Formal, Carmine has a bottom lip the size of a meatloaf.


December: Rhonda loses her virginity to whats-his-name.



February: Carmine is the Junior Golden Gloves Champion of Milwaukee; he letters in football.


March: Laverne and Shirley begin to wonder about their futures and consider moving in together after high school graduation.


April: Lenny moves in with his sister when his father loses his lease on the family appartment; the complex is soon bulldozed and turned into a park.


May: Laverne goes to the senior prom with Arthur Fonzarelli; Shirley and Carmine are crowned Queen and King of the senior class and named "Most Likely To Marry" in the yearbook.  Lenny goes with his cousin Julia.


June: The entire gang graduates from Filmore High



Regular show canon takes place



Spring: Laverne loses her virginity to Sonny Saint Jacques; he proposes marriage and she rejects him.  When Laverne goes to Lenny for comfort, his frustration with her decisions reach a boiling point; he rejects her as well and is ignorant of the goosebumps she develops when they're together.  They stop speaking civily for ten years.


Summer: Shirley marries Doctor Walter Meaney, becomes pregnant, and moves overseas to be with him; Lenny and Squiggy move to Tarzana together.


Winter: Laverne begins working at the Ajax Space Suit Testing pschility.



Spring: Lenny meets up with Karen Caldwell, his old palentologist flame, at a bar; they begin their own relationship.  Squiggy is drafted into the army; Lenny joins the peace protest with Karen.  Unbeknownst to Lenny, Squiggy has been stationed far out of danger and is a mess hall assistant in the middle of the country - he lies that he's seeing action in Daa Naang.


Spring to mid-summer: Laverne begins an affair with Carmine in their mutual lonliness; it ends civily a couple of months later and he leaves to try out for a part on Broadway. 


April 8th: Shirley gives birth to her daughter, Eileen Jane, in Gethesmene, Germany


Summer: Lenny moves into the Big Rainbow Commune in Southern Callifornia with Mickey, JJ, Breeze, Edwin and Karen; he joins the drug culture but feels completely out-of-place with his new "friends"


Fall: Frank is elected to Burbank city council; Carmine is a sensation onstage in "Hair" 


October: Rhonda gives up acting and moves to Las Vegas with her life's savings.



Spring: Laverne does extremely well in her new job with Ajax and is promoted, but her social life is the pits.  She joins several enviromental protest groups but they prove too extreme in ideology for her; Shirley plunges herself into motherhood and takes several classes in the pottery arts.


Winter: Carmine begins his ten year long stint on the soap opera "Sands through the Hourglass"




Summer: Lenny is arrested at a peace march; Karen loses her grant as a result of her protest actvity


August 2nd-30th: Laverne's grandmother DeFazio passes away of natural causes; while upstate for the funeral she impulsively attends Woodstock - alone.  Later that month she flies to Hawaii for the the wedding of Sonny.


September 19th: Shirley gives birth to her first son, Donald David, in London, England.




Spring: Squiggy meets student nurse and stripper Patty Klaustein at an Army-Navy mixer in Branson, Missouri; they have a one-night stand but don't see one another for a few years.


December 12th: Shirley gives birth to her final child, Michael Walter, in Glasgow, Scotland





August 15th: Laverne and Lenny attend the same protest and unknowingly make out with one another.  Karen sees them and later blurts out to Lenny that she's pregnant; Lenny tries to get her to marry him, but she won't budge.


Mid-summer: Carmine meets fellow soap star Anita Vargas at an industry event and there is an instant attraction; by September she's pregnant and they unite in a quickie wedding on October 22nd.


August 12th: Brandon Shawn Davis is born


September 14th: Squiggy is discharged from the army; when he returns to California he and Lenny fight when Lenny realizes his best friend lied about where he'd been stationed during the war; Squiggy returns and settles in Milwaukee and the boys only start speaking again after Skye's born.




February 20th: After a dificult labor, Skye Ra Kosnowski is born. 


May 17th: Marianne Anita Ragusa is born


July 13th: Suffering from post-partum depression and unwilling to tie herself to Lenny, Karen flees the commune in the middle of the night; after briefly considering adopting his daughter to Mickey and Breeze, Lenny takes Skye and leaves the commune.  Three years of devotion to the protest later, he begins selling ice cream again.




March: After living in his ice cream truck for eight months, Lenny scrapes together enough money for a one-room apartment - Skye takes her first steps on its floor at the end of the year.


October: Carmine and Anita, after attending counciling, decide to split.  Anita gets primary custody of their daughter, alimony, and half of Carmine's earnings.


December 24th: Laverne connects with Edna again; Lenny and Squiggy spend Christmas together with Skye



Shirley and Walter relocate from Scotland to Egypt to Russia to Kentucky; Laverne dates around with no lasting sucess but a lot of sexual pleasure; Lenny devotes himself to raising Skye.  At night he plays at a disco, "Lou's Paradise Lounge" with his backup band, "The New Squiggtones"; Squiggy begins seriously dating Patty when she moves from Branson to be with him - he slips and falls outside of a large supermarket chain; the money resultant from his lawsuit serves as a downpayment for an arcade idea.



May 12th: Laverne and Lenny meet at Lou's; they fall into bed together and immedately begin dating; Lenny and Skye take posession of a Tortiseshell stray they name Bosco.


September 1st: Skye begins first grade; Lenny cries.


September 20th: After years of making connections, Rhonda opens The Glitter, a casino/hotel, outside of Las Vegas.


Christmas Week: Lenny introduces Skye and Laverne; the two don't get along well.  They spend Christmas in Milwaukee and Laverne accidentally gives Lenny's father food poisioning.



February 14th: Squiggy and Patty get engaged.


February 20th: Skye breaks her arm playing on the jungle gym at school and misses out on her awesome clown cake.


May 18th: Frank gives Lenny his blessing to propose to Laverne; Skye bonds with her prospective stepmother.  Laverne and Lenny get engaged.


July 4th weekend: The first Squiggville Arcade is opened in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin


August 30th - October 12th: Carmine discovers his contract with "Sands Through The Hourglass" will not be renewed; Doctor Joe Camallucci falls down an elevator shaft.  They find the body.  Carmine decides to redirect his life by taking primary custody of Marianne and moving back to California to try the audition circuit.



April 12th Weekend: The gang gathers for Laverne and Lenny's wedding; Lenny founds out Laverne and Carmine had a relationship; Marrianne and Skye meet and instantly dislike each other.  Shirley misses the wedding thanks to a family emergency; a tabloid helicopter drowns out Laverne and Lenny's ceremony because they think they're covering Carmine's wedding with a starlet.  Lenny and Laverne are married on the shores of  San Pedro Beach on April 14th.


October: Carmine lands a prominant role in the new nighttime sudser "Lion's Beach;" by the time JR gets shot the show has tanked against "Dallas" and Carmine's starpower goes on the fritz.


November: Carmine's strained finances results in pivate school girl Marianne attending the public Country Field Elementary with Skye - the two girls engage in a monthlong prank war.


December-February: Skye cuts off all of her hair on Christmas morning.  When she returns to school, Marrianne is the only peson who doesn't make fun of her.  When their Brownie troup osticises Skye, the two girls get into a fistfight with the rest of the troup, They get kicked out together and are soon friends.



March: Carmine makes the rounds; his pilots aren't picked up.  He finally lands a job as a reccuring player on the sucessful sitcom "Those Two Dames" as "the cute neighbor nextdoor".


June 12th: Due mostly to Laverne's earning power, Laverne and Lenny buy a house in Escondido, closer to Carmine and Marianne.


September 19th: Squiggy and Patty finally marry at the I Love Elvis Wedding Chappel in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Early Fall: Shirley and Walter return to California with the children when Sargent Meeney takes a desk job; the girls begin seeing each other socially again, but far less frequently and not very closely



May 12th: Frank DeFazio dies of a heart attack.


August 12th-winter: Lou, Lenny's boss at the Paradise Lounge, dies; his daughters sell the rapidly-outmoding disco to Lenny at half-price.  After a brief attempt at turning the place into a cowboy-themed bar (Dead Lou's Paradise Lounge), Lenny converts it into an ice cream parlor, "Lenny's Ice Cream Place" (Meant to be "Palace" but for a flaw in the neon).  He works overtime on creating a "signature flavor" for the place.


July 10th: Rhonda Lee opens "The Ruby" in Tahoe.


October 19th: Rocco Helmet Squiggman is born; Squiggville Arcades opens it second branch in the new Milwaukee Mall, built on the former site of a swamp.


December 1st: Lenny debuts "Knapp Street," a mixture of rocky road and french vanilla.  It does very well.



March: Skye picks up soccar.


June: Marianne takes her first art lesson.


September: Walter sends twelve-year-old Donny and ten-year-old Michael to a strict private school "for their own good"; Eileen continues to attend Mary Mount, a religeous girls' school. 


October: Carmine's spin-off series, "Hey, Dom!" debuts.  It's soon replaced by "Quark", and Carmine rejoins the cast of "Those Two Dames" by the mid-season.


November: Laverne is given senority when Ajax merges with NASA and immediately expriences a mid-life crises.  She and Lenny decide to try for a baby; they start fertility treatments.


December: Bosco becomes severely ill due to pointsettia poisioning.  Though the cat survives, Edna buys the family a new kitten, Eddie, and Skye claims him as her own.



Summer: Karen re-emerges and tries to reassert herself in Lenny's life; when Lenny rejects her influence on Skye Laverne encourages it, causing the couple to fight.  Lenny leaves the family for a week, when he returns and he and Laverne decide to allow Karen occasional visitation with her daughter.


September 9th: Marianne is assigned to be Beth Langschwadt's peer mentor.  Beth will, twenty years from this date, begin dating Marianne's father.


November: The fertility treatments seem unsucessful.  Lenny, feeling his own midlife anxiety, decides to take the Squiggtones out on a tour of local bars.  There are a few promising notes from record exec types, but the old-fashioned band isn't signed.  Lenny decides to disband the group professionally and concentrate on the ice cream parlor.


December 24th: Laverne and Lenny make love under the Christmas tree, right between Skye's new ten-speed bike and a Swiss Colony cheese wheel.



February 12th-18th: Laverne discovers she's pregnant; Skye becomes a woman.


April:   The Rhondettes debut their first troupe at The Glitter; Rhonda invites the entire crew to celebrate with her over spring break, and the boys have an excellent time.  Eileen has her first sip of wine at The Romero, a new resteraunt opened in the lobby.  She's sixteen now, and so profficent at school that she skips two grades and graduates early, much to her mother's pride.  Eileen enters Marqutte that fall.


June: Laverne's pregnancy is discovered to be high-risk due to her advanced age and the fact that she carries twins - the fertility treatments worked after all - and she is kept on bed-rest for the majority of the summer.


July 4th: To alleviate Skye's boredom, Lenny packs her off on a trip to see Karen; she returns home a week early when Laverne goes into premature labor.  Skye spends the rest of her summer with Edna, and they prowl the theatre district and eat ice cream.


July 10th: Elisabeth Jean "Liz" "Lizard" Squiggman is born; her father intially names her "Lizard", which her mother circumvents and changes to "Elisabeth."


August 1st: After three days of labor, Laverne delievers identical sons: Frank "Frankie" Joseph and Andrew "Andy" Anthony Kosnowski.  Though both are premature by a month and have problems with their airways, they slowly grow to health and return home on their original due dates.


September 1st: Marriane concludes a nightmare summer with Anita in New York, but discovers an outlet in design; Marianne and Skye begin attending Kennedy Junior High.



March: The Rhondettes break a Las Vegas Magazine record for Most Performers Naked Onstage In a Revue At The Same Time; the plaque she recieves is displayed on Rhonda's desk for the rest of her life.


April 10th: "Those Two Dames" tapes its final episode; Carmine is forced to seek child support from Anita when no other jobs immediately surface.


April 18th: Seventeen-year-old Eileen Meeney becomes pregnant at a fraternity party - due to her being passed out, she's unable to identify who her child's father is.  She manages to pull herself together and stop drinking when she finds out she's expecting.  Her parents are aghast - and she refuses their help and drops out of college.


June: Michael announces to his parents that he refuses to return to private school; Walter's outrage drives a wedge between himself and his youngest son.  Michael is sent to public school to complete his education; Donny returns happily to military school.  The family begins to splinter as Eileen's belly grows larger.


September: Skye and Marianne begin attending Pallisades High.


October: Marriane begins dating Jimmy.




January 12th: Caitlyn Sara Meeney is born.  Her father is not specified on the birth certificate.  Laverne and Shirley finally begin to get a little closer with the birth of Shirley's first grandbaby, her devistation all-consuming; Eileen refuses to let Shirley see her granddaughter for months after her birth.


February 12th: Eileen drinks her first beer in less than a year.


July 4th weekend: Eileen crashes her car into a sound deafening barrier; her license suspended, she caves in to the begging of her mother and moves back into the Meeney's house in Sherman Oakes.


August 10th: Rhonda opens "The Pearl" in Atlantic City


October 31st: Shirley looks into getting Eileen into treatment after she finds two empty bottles of wine hidden in the trash.


November: Skye's soccar team just misses making state.



March: Pilot season is unsucessful for Carmine; he makes arrangements to move to New York to try his luck on Broadway, taking Marianne with him for her senior year.  Marianne and Skye are devistated by their separation.  Marianne contemplates sleeping with Jimmy but changes her mind. 


June 8th: Bosco dies of old age and is interred in the Kosnowski's backyard.  Over the years, he's joined by Tippy the turtle, Stinky the lab/sheppard/what have you mix, and two frogs named Bart Simpson.


August: Skye spends summer with Karen in New York - she comes home early.  Lenny and Laverne are relieved; the boys spend a few weeks with Edna.


September 12th: After a year of unsucessful sobriety and odd jobs, Eileen Meeney dies in a car crash.  With her death, her parents' marriage is all but over, but they assume custody of one-year-old Caitlyn.





Spring: Patty retires from nursing to foccus her energies on Squiggville; .


June: Skye graduates near the top of her class from Pallisades high as Lenny cries; Marriane graduates from Madame Fournier's in New York.  The two girls rent a beach house on the Jersey Shore and Marianne loses her virginity after a house party; Skye cocoons and wonders at how different she is from Marianne.  She briefly meets with Karen but is even less able to understand her biologial mother.


September: Frankie and Andy enter kindergarten; so does Liz; Skye has orientation at Cal State; so does Brandon Davis.


November: Carmine makes his Broadway re-debut in the cast of the Fantastiks; the show gets an award for Best Revival at the Tonys but Carmine's shamefully overlooked.




Spring: The Rhondettes mark their hundreth performance at the Glitter; Rhonda celebrates by getting rid of her leech of a personal finance manager. 


Summer: Skye and Brandon meet during their summer internship in the mail room of Capitol Records; they gradually begin a relationship.  By August, Skye's moved into Brandon's off-campus apartment, and that fall they teach soccar together to the underprivilaged.  Lenny is not pleased with his daughter's choice in men.


Fall: Liz Squiggman begins her lifelong campaign against "the man"; Frankie glues his teacher's rear-end to her seat; Andy gets check plus-pluses across the board.


Winter: the Kosnowskis fly back to Milwaukee and spend the holiday with the Squiggman clan; Skye perms her hair to disasterous results.





Summer: Brandon proposes after a Lazer Zepplin show; Skye tells him she wants to wait until they have jobs and are settled before they marry.  They decide to "go steady."  Skye takes an interest in marketing.  Frankie gets his first toy guitar; it's love at first site; Marianne completes an internship at Mirabella.


Fall: Rocco's put in the "gifted" class at his school for his advanced mathmatic skills.  Donnie is shipped overseas as part of the troop buildup leading to the Gulf War; Michael skips college and tries to become an organic fruit farmer.


September 14th: Edna Fahen Zimmerman Smith Richardson Miller Babbish DeFazio Arcola DeFazio dies at the ripe old age of 95.




March 29th: Rocco Squiggman is sent to juvenille hall for reselling #2 pencils to his class at a markup.


May 12th: Barb Feeney dies of a stroke


June 10th: Andy pitches his first no-hitter in a little league game.


July 4th: Brandon and Skye announce their engagement; their parents are not happy.   Lenny is molified when Skye explains that she's not gettng married for the next couple of years.


December 20th: The Kosnowskis spend Christmas at "The Pearl"; Laverne introduces Antony to her sons.




April 12th: Skye and Brandon graduate from USC; Skye takes an entry-level position with Capitol Records.  Brandon takes a retail position at a small independent record company, and they get a small apartment together.


May 27th: Marianne graduates from RISDI and gets an entry-level position doing ad copy with the New Yorker.


August 1st: Caitlyn and Andy meet at Andy's eighth birthday party; it's not exactly love at first sight.  Frankie does experiences love at first sight - when he gets a Gibson with a Marshall Stax amplifier.


August 18th: Carmine's opening night in "Sweeny Todd".


September: Donnie fights with the first battalion heading into the Gulf.


October 8th: Liz gets her first detention.




Spring: Frankie figures out how to turn up the volume on his amp.  Hearing is lost.


August: Caitlyn asks Shirley where she came from.  Shirley manages not to faint.


September: Skye gets a promotion; Brandon takes a management job at The Icing at the Galleria; Marianne takes a position with Mirabella


November: Lenny's blood pressure comes back elevated; he "blames" it on Frankie; Laverne forces him to take it easy.




February 14th: Skye and Brandon become formally engaged and start planning the wedding; Karen instantly tries to interfear in the arrangements after missing the last two years of her daughter's life.


March 12th: Jack Feeney dies of a heart attack in Singapore.  He'd never met his grandchildren.


September 30th: Frankie's asked to compose a song for the school Christmas pagent; "Santaz Slay" shows his love of Nirvana and his ability to get an entire week of detention in one fell swoop.


December: Frankie asks for a tattoo for Christmas.




April 10th: Liz begins a weight loss program.


July: The Kosnowski, Davis and Squiggman families vacation together at Piney Point, California.  Lenny and Paul find they have nothing in common, to their mutual dismay.  Frankie and Rocco are instant best friends; Liz is home with the mumps.


September 10th: Oleg Kosnowski dies.  His son is inconsolable for weeks.



A full two years of stablity; Sweeny Todd runs and Carmine finally gets a Tony nomination; Lenny scoops his thousandth ice cream cone; Squiggy is named top booster for the Fonzarelli for Governor campaign.




June-December: After 20 years of service, NASA gives Laverne the gold watch treatment.  Feeling at a loss, Lenny suggests they take their savings and expand the ice cream into a pizza place.  After three months of red tape and four more of construction, L&L's Pizza and Ice Cream opens and becomes a raving success.  Plans for Skye's wedding finally begin to take shape.




May: Marriane is promoted to an executive position with Vogue.


August 10th: Sweeny Todd closes.


September 22nd: Skye and Brandon marry at a soccar field in San Francisco.  Frankie plays the reception with his father; the back catalog of  Metallica gets a workout.  Andy dances with Caitlyn for the first time; Liz tries to get Frankie to hold her hand.


October 14th: Carmine opens in "Chicago" as Billy Flynn.


December 25th: Skye announces her pregnancy at the first joint Davis/Kosnowski Christmas celebration




March: Liz gets her first tube of black lipstick.  She soon joins the club scene and tries to polish her carm on strangers.


May: Rocco is offered a scholarship with MIT; he turns it down to stay in Milwaukee with the family and soon takes over the accounting for Squiggville, but moves out of the house.


July 10th: Marie Shay Davis is born at Cedars


September: Thirteen-year-old Caitlyn transfers to Pallisades High; Andy is somewhat astonished to discover his "kid sister" has grown and the fifteen-year-old develops a raging crush on her.




May 30th: Marianne becomes a blind item in the New York Daily News when she pitches her lover's belongings from the window of her 250th floor  Trump Towers suite on finding him in her bed with a forty-year-old yogurt heiress..


August 10th: Squendolyn Squiggman has her first nervous breakdown in the middle of her second divorce.  She's confined to Calmwood Medical Institute; Squiggy quiely visits her and pays all of her bills.


November 20th: Andy's crush on Caitlyn stars to effect his game; the Pallisades Pirates end the season 20-3; the three all state championship final games.


December 24th: Carmine asks Marianne for the first time when she's gonna settle down


December 31st: At the Kosnowski's millenium party, Andy tries to kiss Caitlyn; she gives him the "let's just be friends" speech.




Spring: Frankie forms the band "Speedbump"


May: Skye's job requires her to move across the country; the move is put on-hold when a merger takes place.   She discovers she's pregnant again.


August: It's discovered that Squiggy has a mild arythmia; Rocco moves back home to help take care of the family.


October 15th: Leonard "Leon" Paul Davis is born


November 11th: Arthur Fonzarelli is voted mayor of Milwaukee.


November 30th: Andy's fifteenth homer of the season results in the Pallisades Pirate's 12-10 victory in the State Championships.  They lose to Saint Louis in the American quarter-finals.


Fall: Speedbump disbands




April 14th: Liz graduates from Filmore High; two months later she gets her first band, "The Manglers" under contract.


May 20th: Andy and Frankie graduate from Pallisades high -Lenny cries-. Frankie asks for a tongue piercing as a graduation present; his parents won't budge.


June 6th: Skye and her kids leave for New York; Andy takes Caitlyn to her mother's grave for the first time.


Summer: Caitlyn stays with the Kosnowskis while her grandparents go to New Zeland; she and Andy try to research her father's whereabouts and narrow down the possibilities to three men.  In the end, Caitlyn decides not to take the final step by contacting any of them; she and Andy grow closer.


Fall: Andy goes to USC on a baseball scholarship; Frankie goes to the San Franciso School of Music, but soon becomes homesick and leaves college. 


December 24th: The Kosnowskis go to New York for Christmas; Frankie gets his tongue pierced and suffers for it; the Meeneys have a worse season when Walter and Shirley fight.  Left alone to do Christmas Eve dinner, Caitlyn roasts a bag of turkey guts and panicks, calling Andy for support.  Laverne and Shirley get closer as they commiserate.





Week of April 17th: Andy invites Caitlyn to spend spring break with him at his deserted dorm.  They have a good time and grow even closer.  Just before she boards the bus back home, they share a kiss.


May 20th: The Squiggmans move into their McMansion in suburban Milwaukee.


Summer: Frankie forms "FiireBallz"


Autumn: Liz forms "Squiggman Tallent Agency of Milwaukee, Proper" (STAMP)


December: Caitlyn spends Christmas break with Andy and the Kosnowskis - Andy gives her a set of ink pens, encouraging her drawing talents.




April 10th: Shirley and Walter briefly attend marriage counciling.


June 4th: Caitlyn graduates from Pallisades High; she and Andy spend time alone as she's visiting colleges in San Francisco but don't go all the way.


July: Squendolyn's brief release from Calmwood is aborted when she tries to comit suicide.


July: The Kosnowskis visit the Davis' - they stay for Marie's fifth birthday


August 12th: Caitlyn undergoes orientation at The San Francisco School of Design.


September 20th: Marie begins kindergarten.


October 9th: Fiireballz plays the San Francisco Jam Fest; Frankie's parents experience (and immediately dislike) crowd-surfing




April 10th: Marianne swears off cigarettes.  She starts smoking them again three days later.


May 5th: Squiggville Arcades opens in the Mall of America


June 8th: Rocco is arrested when he becomes a patsy in a money-laundering scheme.  After blubbering his way through his arraignment, he's is put on house arrest.

August 30th: L&L's Pizza sells its' 1,000th pie.  


October 8th: Brandon is promoted to a management position at  Tower Records.




May 10th: Andy graduates from USC with a solid baseball record; his final slide into home plate results in a tricky right knee, and he's not scouted out by the major leagues.  He decides to concentrate on getting a job using his degree - Sports Journalism.  He and Caitlyn make love for the first time in her room at the Meeneys' after the ceremony.


October 18th: Carmine has a heart attack; his new girlfriend Beth saves his life.


November 24th: The gang gathers for Thanksgiving at Lenny and Laverne's house.  Skye is manipulated into inviting Karen to the celebration - she brings Benji, Laverne's date from the march she made out at with Lenny.  Karen brings up that incident and only succeeds in wrecking her relationship with Skye.  Andy tells his parents about his new job as a sportswriter in San Diego - and Caitlyn announces she's going to  move in with her boyfriend after she graduates.  Walter storms off in a huff.  Carmine brings Beth to meet Marianne; she leaves after her past with Marianne is revealed.  Carmine and Shirley commisserate - he tells her about his heart attack - and they wind up in bed together.  Lenny accidentally spies them making love.  Frankie and Liz and Rhonda and Paul meet and spark.


December 18th: Rocco's trial results in an aquital.




Spring-Summer: Frankie and Liz corrispond; Paul flies to Las Vegas to spend time with Rhonda; Skye and Brandon begin to fight over money; The Meeneys attend marriage counciling once more and then decide to divorce; Squendolyn is released into Squiggy's care.


July 19th: Stephane 'Sonny' St. Jacques dies of a massive stroke.


August 14th: Just under forty years of marriage later, Walter and Shirley split up.  Shirley begins to commute to New York to see Carmine. 


Christmas Vacation: Paul and Rhonda tell Brandon they're going to move in together, Paul giving up his senority at NYU and moving to Las Vegas; Skye mistakenly believes she's pregnant; Squendolyn comes to live with the Squiggmans; Frankie and Liz share their first kiss, though her influence does his career no help - they make no decision about her being his agent when they get trapped together in a blizzard; Marianne and Rocco meet and spark; Squiggy buys Lenny and Laverne cruise tickets in celebration of their upcomming 25th Anniversary; Carmine proposes to Shirley, but she turns him down.

December 28th: After a long discussion with Skye, Brandon quits his job at the Virgin Megastore and they go to work putting finances together to open their own record store, Downtown Vinyl, an emporium centring on vintage sounds. Skye gets a promotion and opts to work out of the house; they decide to move to the more echonomical Long Island.

New Year's Eve: Brandon and Skye celebrate their upcoming move and store opening; Rocco chaparones Liz and Frankie to a New Year's Eve party at Crobar in Chicago - Marianne gets the kids in even though Liz insists she has an in with the woman running publicity. Marianne later takes Rocco's virginity and they struggle with the idea of just being friends; Rhonda decides to take a job with Donald Trump in New Jersey so that Paul can be closer to his son and grandchildren; Squiggy and Patty spend the evening at a dinner with Fonzie; Carmine, Shirley, Lenny and Laverne spend the evening together, discovering Sonny's death, Laverne demands Lenny take a check-up.


MID-JANUARY: Laverne discovers she has high blood pressure and must learn to relax to avoid a stroke; Lenny must lose ten pounds to stave off diabetes.

FEBRUARY: Carmine begins a run on Celebrity Big Brother; winds up missing Easter when sequesterment stretches on.

EASTER: Laverne and Lenny host an Easter celebration at their house; Andy and Caitlyn announce they're going to buy a condo together. Frankie broods about his talents but his father encourages him not to give up on his music; Liz runs away from home and shows up on the Kosnowski doorstep; Shirley spends Easter alone in New York arranging a surprise for Carmine; Rhonda and Paul spend Easter with Skye and Brandon, and Brandon finally hashes out his issues with Rhonda - Marianne calls Skye and informs her she's in love.


Liz and Andrew move out.