Enjoy the script!

Laverne is sick and Lenny is at the apartment taking care of her. Lenny just sits back and sighs. After about 5 minutes of her being in the bathroom Lenny knocks on the door.

Lenny - Are you ok? (he can hear her crying softly)

Laverne - I don't know.

Lenny walks in and finds Laverne sitting in the bathroom crying and holding her stomach. Lenny sits next to her and hugs her.

Laverne - ::said through tears:: Oh Len, my stomach hurts so much.

Lenny - It's gonna be ok. You'll be ok.

Laverne throws her arms around his neck and just cries. Lenny carries her back to her bed he sits down and gently lays her on his lap. He holds her close to him. He feels her pain. He really likes her a lot. He plays with her hair and kisses her forehead. He assures her she is going to be just fine. He looks down at her and thinks to himself how beautiful she is. He sees that tears are streaming down her face. He kisses her cheek and as he lifts his head, he looks deeply into her eyes. She looks up at him and looks deeply into his eyes. She is just about to say something when she sinks into a laying position. Lenny is on top of her. Laverne is confused and doesn't know what's happening between them. He passionately kisses her lips and begins to move his lips down her neck. Her hands move down to the collar of his jacket. Their lips touch and they kiss each other fiercely. Laverne peels Lenny's jacket off his shoulders and then rips his shirt off. She glides her hand around his chest and begins to kiss his shoulders. He runs his fingers through her hair and they have another long kiss. He brushes his fingers against her cheek and along her neck. Then he unzips the nightie. She undoes his belt and then his jeans. She slides them off his legs. He peels the nightie off Laverne and kisses her neck and shoulders. Her hands move up and down his back. The next thing we see is Laverne in her nightie again, and Lenny in his boxers, asleep, under the covers. He looks down at her adoringly. He falls back to sleep. He eventually wakes up. He sees Laverne laying next to him with her arms wrapped around him. He kisses the top of her head and hugs her. It suddenly dawns on him about the time. He gently glides her hands off of him and tip toes to the nearest clock. He sees it's 10:15 and figures he better go before Shirley comes back. He quietly walks into the bedroom and colects his stuff. He figures he should let her sleep. He leaves the apartment.

Later, Shirley is standing at the door taking to Dave.

shirley: Thanks Dave for a wonderful evening! We should go out again some time again. Bye!

Shirley closes the door and just leans against it with a big smile on her face. Laverne finally wakes up and looks around and thinks 'Where is Lenny? Was I dreaming?'. She sits up and scans the room for him but he is no where in sight. She feels something under the covers with her. She pulls out the mysterious item and discovers it's Lenny's "Lone Wolf" jacket. She could hear Shirl calling her anme soshe hides it under the covers again. Shirley enters the room, but didn't see the jacket.

Shirley - Hi. How are ya feeling?

Laverne - ::thinking:: I'm just fine.

Shirley - I hope you were't lonely home alone and by yourself with no one to take care of you.

Laverne - No, I wasn't lonely at all. How was your date?

Shirley - It was wonderful! He was sweet, sensitive, caring, trustworthy, and just plain wonderful! What if he's Mr. Right?

Laverne smiles.

Shirley - Have you ever met anyone that met that description?

Laverne - Actually yes.

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