Fond Memories: From Andy Squiggman The Moth Boy To Carmine The "Little" Ragoo

On a pretty dull evening Laverne is looking through boxes of old junk that are in the closet. Shirley is on a date with Carmine so she figures there's nothing better to do...

Laverne: I don't believe it! It's our 3rd grade picture! I haven't seen this since I stuck it in this box years ago! It's when me and Shirl first met everybody... There's Fonzie, Carmine...

She starts reminicing aloud talking to no one in particular.

We zoom out and our next scene is a cute little house with a cute little girl walking up the sidewalk. Yep. It's Laverne. And the house belongs to none other than her best friend, Shirley.

It is a crisp fall morning, the first day of 3rd grade for Laverne, Shirley, Lenny, Squiggy, and everybody else we know and love. Shirley's mother answers the door and invites Laverne in...

Shirley's mom: Shirley's almost ready, Laverne. It's so nice that you two are walking to school together. Why don't you go up to her room and see what's keeping...

Shirley walks down the stairs.

Laverne: Hey Shirley! Ready to go?

Shirley: Ready as I'll ever be.

They leave her house.

In the next scene we see them in their classroom. All of the L&S characters and Fonzie are there as kids.

Shirley: Eeew! Did you see that icky boy with the moth collection? I heard his friend call him Squiggy. What kind of a name is that?

Laverne: Ignore him, just sit down.

Carmine: Wanna sit by me, Angelface? I'm Carmine Ragusa.

Laverne (mumbles): Well I guess he doesn't think we have cooties! He called you Angelface!

Shirley: I know! Should I?

Laverne: Sure, I'll sit across from ya, by... (reads a boy's nametag on his desk) Arthur.

Arthur: Well, you're no Lucy Berkhof, {Mentioned in Happy Days ep "The Time Capsule" - "See that lipstick stain, that's Lucy Berkhof. I was 7, she was 16, and did she learn fast!"} but you'll do. Whoa! (Gives Laverne a kiss) And call me Fonzie.

Laverne (whispers to Shirley): There sure is a weird bunch of boys in this class.

Squiggy: Hello! I'm Andy Squiggman.

Shirley: Eeew! It's the moth boy!

Teacher: All right children! Class is beginning. Andrew, Leonard, why don't you go sit by Rosie and Anne Marie?

Rosie and Anne Marie: No! Don't make us sit by them!
Teacher: Now girls, let me tell you a little about kindness...

Laverne (tunes out and starts talking to Shirley): Fonzie kisses pretty good, for an 9 year old...

Shirley: Already getting smutty! I'm not listening to this! (starts humming)

Laverne (whispers louder): Well what about this: That Rosie is pretty ugly, heh?

Shirley: Laverne, aren't you listening to what Miss Davis is saying about kindness?

Laverne: No. Besides, I heard her bragging as we came in that she's going to marry a doctor, and be extremely rich. Boy is she full of herself!

Shirley (whimpers): I want to marry a doctor, am I full of myself?

Laverne: No, you're hoping, she's bragging. There's a difference.

Shirley: Oh, I suppose we're thinking way ahead of ourselves, anyway, aren't we? It'll be years before we're married, right?

Laverne: Right. If we even get to...

Shirley: Of course we will! Now we better listen, I don't want to get in trouble.

They go back to listening, and just in time. Miss Davis is starting to explain their project.

Miss Davis: Now, I found a system that I find helps children learn each other's names. Take a piece of construction paper and cut out the first letter of your first name, then it will give everyone a clue what your name is without telling them! Pass the paper and scissors around and when you finish I'll give you a piece of tape to stick it on your shirt or sweater.

She grabs a bucket of scissors and some paper and it starts going around the room.

Squiggy: This is dumb!

Miss Davis: I heard that, Andrew.

Shirley: I hate cutting out s's, they always come out looking funny.

A few minutes later.

Laverne: I'm done!

Miss Davis (handing her some tape): Great job, Laverne!

Laverne puts the L on, the first of many. One by one the rest of them finish and after that they start a math lesson and soon it's time for recess.

Laverne: I hate that Rosie! She said my L was stupid!

Shirley: Now, Vernie, calm down. Let's go play.

Laverne goes and climbs the jungle gym while Shirley gets a swing.

Rosie: Hey Feeney! Get off my swing!

Shirley: Um, Rosie, I do believe I was on it before you got here. There's another one right over there.

Rosie: So! I want that one! Give it to me!!!

Shirley: Now I don't like fighting. Let's compromise...

Before she can finish Rosie picks her up and tosses her into a mud puddle. Shirley starts that high-pitched whining sound. Laverne sees what's going on and marches over.

Laverne: And what do you think you're doin'?

Rosie: Whatever I please.

Laverne: Oh Yeah?

Rosie: Yeah!

Laverne: Well, I don't like it. That's my best friend you just shoved in the mud!

Meanwhile Carmine is using his jacket {embroidered with "Little Ragoo" on it} to wipe off Shirley.

Rosie: Big deal, she was on my swing. (a crowd is starting to gather) And if you're not careful you're gonna end up there too. I'm going to grab that L and rip it into tiny pieces.

Laverne: Touch my L, sweetie, and your teeth go down the street! {she couldn't hit quite as hard back then}

Rosie: Oh yeah?


Laverne: Looks like you're saved by the bell.

Rosie: I'll get you later, DeFazio.

Laverne (sarcasticly): Oh, I'm so scared!

They all head into the classroom for another project, this time it's a wordsearch. Once again Laverne and Shirley start talking.

Shirley: Thanks for what you did Vernie, but you got yourself in trouble.

Laverne: Nah, I can handle her!

Shirley: That's what I'm afraid of.

Laverne: Forget it, Shirl. Everything's going to be OK. I'm gonna grab the pass and get a drink of water.

She leaves and starts walking down the hall. Just then an arm from out of no where grab's Laverne's and pulls her in to a little corner.

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