Valentine's Day Blues
By Shayna

Category: Shirley and Carmine Romance
Summery: After Carmine is turned down by a sexy redhead, and Shirley is turned down by a tall dark and handsome doctor-to-be, they are the only ones left without anyone on Valentine's Day. Or are they?


Opening Scene: Laverne and Shirley’s Apartment

Laverne and Shirley are sitting on the couch talking over coffee.

Laverne: Whelp Shirl, Valentines Day is comin’ up! You gonna do anything’?

Shirley: Oh yes Laverne! I happen to be going out with a very handsome doctor-to-be named Greg. What about you?

Laverne: Well I am going out with Budd Davis!

Shirley: BUDD???!!!

Shirley shirked with disgust in her voice.

Shirley: You mean the guy that used to sit in the corner and pick his nose and do all those nasty things!?

Laverne: Well Shirl, times have changed and he’s different now! I just ran into him on the bus when you went home early because you fainted when Sandy cut her finer open the bottle.

Shirley: Thanks Laverne! I don’t need a recap! I’m starin’ to get dizzy just thinkin’ about it!

Laverne: Anyway! You will really be surprised! He is comin’ over tomorrow after work and we’re gonna go see a movie! Maybe you ca see him!?

Laverne said this with excitement in her voice.

Shirley: Well, he’ll be lucky if I’m here!

Laverne: Fine then! What is you so called “doctor-to-be” Greg like??

Shirley: Oh…. well…. (Starting to daze off with a dreamy look in her eyes)

Laverne hits her in the arm

Shirley: OH! Well he’s handsome, charming, very thing a girl could want in a guy!

Laverne: Yeah yeah! I’ll bet he’s just like Frank Sinatra!

Laverne just rolls her eyes and walks away as she sees that Shirley payed no attention to her comment and is in total dream affect over thinking about Greg.

Next day: Laverne and Shirley’s apartment

Shirley sits eagerly by the phone waiting for a call from Greg that she was expecting. She starts to doze off when all of the sudden the phone gives a big loud ring and she jolts up and answers.

Shirley: (In her sweetest voice) Hello?

Greg: Hey Shirl, um, I’m real sorry but I’ not gonna be able to take ya out on Valentines Day. I kinda…. found… someone else. Sorry.

Greg hangs up before Shirley has anytime to even say anything at all. She sits there with the phone still to her ear with her mouth wide open and a dumbfounded look on her face.

Shirley: (in a soft voice) he…he…he… (now she has a mad tone in her voiced by just realizing what happened) HE BROKE OUR DATE A DAY BEFORE VALENTINES DAY!!! HE BROKE OUR DATE! (starting to get sad) What am I gonna do!!??

She hears a familiar knock at the door. Carmine! She jumps up and walks slowly to the door. She swings open the door and puts on her happy face.

Shirley: Carmine! What brings you here?

Carmine: (looking sad) Oh, just thought I would wonder over here and see who’s happy… er…. what’s going on!

Shirley: Well, as long as you’re here… come in!

Carmine walks in and there is a long awkward silence.

Shirley: Well, come sit down.

They walk over to the couch and sit kind of close to each other.

Carmine: So… how’s it going?

Shirley: Just…. fine….

Carmine: Is something wrong Shirl? You seem… kinda… uh…. down.

Shirley: (getting angrier) I just hate Valentines Day and I hate Greg and I hate…

She starts to realize that she was saying all of this in front of Carmine and didn’t mean to.

Carmine: So you got dumped?

She shakes her head slowly and starts to get teary eyed. She keeps her head down because she doesn’t want to make fool of herself in front of Carmine.

Carmine: Well tell me about it! I got dumped by Laurie the redhead!!

Shirley: Well, I’m real sorry to get choked up on you here Carmine, I am just disappointed and you know how it feels when you are dateless on a special day.

Carmine thinks about how to comfort Shirley. He simply lifts her chin up with his finger and looks into her eyes. He didn’t know what to say, and knew it would be not right and awkward, but did it anyway. He pulled her closer to him and kissed her. After a 2-second kiss, which seemed like and hour to Shirley, they pulled away slowly and looked at each other. Then they started to kiss again. Before they knew it they were making out on the couch and Shirley didn’t even mind. All the sudden, the door came flying open and Laverne, Miss. Babish, Mr. DeFazio. Lenny and Squiggy all came barreling through the doorway. They stood there frozen at the sight they saw. Shirley pushed Carmine off of her and they sat up with a jolt.

Shirley: Hello everybody! I’m so glad you all decided to come over!! Laverne may I speak with you a moment?

Laverne: yeah I think I need to speak to you too Shirl!

They excuse themselves and walk to the corner.

Shirley: Why is everyone here?

Laverne: We were all gonna rehearse the Valentines Day Performance for the Pizza Bowl and were coming to get you but I see you’re kinda busy!

Shirley: Well, why did all of you have to come? Oh nevermind! I don’t even want to know why! Let’s just get of here and rehearse.

Valentines Day: Laverne and Shirley’s apartment.

Shirley and Carmine walk in through the door and Shirley invites Carmine in.

Shirley: I had a wonderful time tonight Carmine.

Carmine: Yeah well I’ve been waiting for what comes after the date!!

Shirley gives him “the look.”

Carmine: Which was… saying goodnight!! Haha!!

Shirley: Well, I guess you can come in.

Carmine comes in more and they both take off their jackets and lay them over the table by the door. They stand there for a moment and look around. Then they turn to each and start to kiss. Shirley jumps onto Carmine and wraps her legs around him and they stager over to the couch. Through the kissing, they start to talk.

Shirley: You…know…we…really..shouldn’t….be…doing…this…

Carmine: Yeah…. I….know….

They both still go on kissing like they never said anything.

Shirley: You…know…maybe…we…should…go…into….the….bed…room….we…wouldn’t… Want…anyone…walking…in…on…us…like…last…time…

Carmine and Shirley sit up and she wraps her legs around him again and he walks into the bedroom through kissing. Before they enter the room, Shirley stops and says:

By the way… Happy Valentines Day!

Next morning

Shirley wakes up and sees Carmine start to wake up also. She looks at the walk clock. It is 3:00 A.M.

Carmine: Shirl? You awake? Boy, what a night huh?

Shirley: Yeah! It was fantastic! What do you want to do now?

Carmine and her look at each other and Carmine climbs on top on Shirley and they start to you know…

Then, a quite Laverne opens the door expecting to see a sleeping Shirley by herself, in her bed.

When Laverne sees wrong she stops!

Laverne: Shirl!

Shirley: Laverne!

Laverne: Carmine!

Carmine: Laverne!

Shirley: Carmine!

Laverne: Shirl!

Shirley: Laverne!

Laverne: Well now that we all know each other’s names…I’m just gonna go and pretend I didn’t see anything and we’ll just talk later Shirl!

Laverne walks out in a daze

Laverne: Shirley… that was Shirley… under the covers… with Carmine.. with nothing on… doing… lucky her!!

The End

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