An End Of Summer Trip to Chicago
By MsConanOBrien

Chapter 1: An End Of Summer Trip to Chicago
*The story begins in the Happy Days Cunningham's house*

Marion is running franticly around the house trying to gather all everyones things together for the trip to Chicago. They are going for a week down to Chicago so Richie can visit the colleges and the boys can go to some games.
"Richard! We are going to miss the train!"
"Im coming Mom! Dont forget we still need to wait for Potsie and Ralph!"
The door bell rings, but Marion is too busy doing last-minute work, she doesnt hear it. Rings again.
"Dont worry, Ill let myself in," Ralph says with a smile.
"Oh hi boys. Sorry I didnt hear the bell. Have a seat will you?"
"Hey Mrs.C, need any help?" Potsie asked.
"No, thats fine Warren, I just need to find my sweater."
You mean this one?" Ralph asked, picking up a sweater from the kitchen table.
"Yes! Thats the one! Thank you Ralph."
Richie and Joanie come downstairs with their suitcases.
"Ok, everyone, Howard is in the car ready to leave, lets go load up the car. Fonzie will meet us as the station." Marion says.
Everyone heads outside and the door is locked. The gang is now headed to Chicago.

Laverne & Shirley are waiting for the train to Chicago to come by. They are headed down because they had one a Shotz Brewery Contest for a two week vacation at the hotel will also be going to the football game.
"Shirley, we've been here for two hours now! When will the train get here?" Whined Laverne.
"Well, we wouldnt've had to have been here so early if someone whose name I wont mention wanted to see all the University of Illinois proffesors get off the train!! To which I will remind you that they were all over 50!"
"Oh come on Shirl, I saw one who looked 40! And I saw the way you were--hey! Theres Fonzie!! Hey Fonzie!!"
The girls waved and called out to Fonzie, in which he rushed right over to see his to favorite chicks.
"Hello Laverne, hello Shirley. What brings you two lovely ladies here?"
"We won a contest from the brewery and are headed to Chicago for a coupla weeks." Laverne answered.
"Chicago? No way! Im headed down their too. Im going with the Cunninghams for a week. But hey uh, listen, I gotta go wait for them down at the other end. Ill catch you two later."
"Ok, bye Fonzie."
Fonzie gave both girls a kiss and went down to the other end to wait for everyone else. When they finally met up with them, they boarded the train and were on their way to Chicago.

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