By Missy

TITLE: Vanilla
PARTS: One of One
RATING: NC-17 (Adult Content/M/F)
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CATEGORY: Smut; drama
SPOILLER/SUMMARY: You get what you want, but you never want it again...


She trickles like warm blood over his hands. She is warm and calm, like a heavy spring in first flood.

Her nipples warm, erect, peak. He bites. She sighs. Her legs slowly slump to the mattress. She is sore and enlivened.

She shoves him back, she takes her control. He is surprised. She knows her own aggressiveness. If she knew how little credit he gives her, she would cry.

She bites, she nibbles, she suckles. She does what he didn't expect her to do. She gags and gags, but holds her own.

He is impressed. She swallows.

He goes half-way. He irritates her. She grabs his hand and shoves until his gaudy pinkie ring slams against her clitoris. She finds her orgasm.

She pulls him down on top of her. She winces her pain. She doesn't lie like a rock beneath him. He is surprised, then delighted, then in ecstasy. She quivers beneath him.

It's over. He rolls aside.

She stares at the ceiling.

"Wow, Shirley..." You were really a girl after all.

"Golly, Carmine..." What happens now?

"What did you think?"

"It was wonderful." I'm bleeding. How do you think I feel?

"Yeah, so...why today?" Why today after so many days of turning me down?

She shrugs. "It's your birthday." I gave you what you want. Aren't you happy?

"Oh." How nice of you to give yourself away for a special occasion.

"You're welcome." She kisses his sweaty forehead, stands up, and heads to the bathroom. She is dressed and clean when she sees him next.

"I've got to get home."


"I want to sleep in my own bed." Watch him tell me that it's a morality thing.

"You afraid Laverne's going to find out we..."

"I knew you were going to say that. What's wrong, Carmine? Was I too vanilla for you?"

He stared at her. "No, you were good, you were fine."

"It has nothing to do with being good. I was too plain."


"Thank you." She smiled, leaned forward, then whispered in his ear, "You know, Carmine, what they don't tell you about vanilla?"


She smirked, licked the tip of her finger. "It's so creamy."

With that, she walked out of his life. He had changed her into someone she didn't want to recognize, someone she didn't want to get to know.