The Imperfect Man, Part 1
By Missy

SERIES: The Imperfect Man
PART: Teaser of ?
RATING: PG-13 (Some dark humor)
PAIRING(s): That's what I haven't decided yet (See notes)
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SETTING IN TIMELINE: California years, post "The Mummy's Bride".
SPOILLER/SUMMARY: When Laverne is given the impression that she's one week away from being killed, she makes one last, desperate search for love (And yes, this is a black comedy)
NOTES: I'd actually like to hear people's opinion on who I should pair whom up with in the fic, or if there should be pairings at all. When you post feedback for the fic, please give your opinion on this.


A set of chicken bones rattled their way across the table. Her eyes settled on them and remained foccused, even as the incense prickled her sensitive nose.

"Ahh..." The voice was sad but restrained and filled with melancholy, "You have suffered much in your life. Your stockings run and your mascara drips."

She mouthed the cotton candy in her mouth, "I dunno; That's sorta over-dramatic.."

"Silence! Your life is hard but it has been good to you." The woman rubbed at her forehead, as though conjuring up better thoughts, "I see...a train."

She stared blankly at the woman, "I'm goin' back to Milwaukee on a train..."

"Next week! A horrible crash!" The woman shook her head as the girl's nails dug into her chair.

"Do I make it?"

The woman looked into the slim girl's eyes, "I cannot tell you." She put her crystal ball back into the valise from which it came.

"What?! Ya gotta!" Her hands dug into the folds of her flesh.

"There are some things a psychic cannot divulge. You understand." Quickly, the woman ducked away from the girl's touch. In shock, she left the tent, not even noticing it when she bumped into her best guy friend's current plaything.

"Woah, watch it, Laverne," He steadied her faltering footfalls, "Ya almost spilled yer slush all over Candy."

Laverne dimly recognized the blond as yet another Squignoski find; dumb as a box of rocks but perfectly serviceable. She smiled feebly.

"Sorry there...I just got my fortune told..." She shook her head, "Nevamind. I gotta go.." She rushed off, not even noticing as her cotton candy dragged its way across the ground.

He would have chased her, but instead he ducked into the fortuneteller's tent. Reigning in his anger, he wondered, "What did you tell the girl who was just in here?"

The fortuneteller sighed, "Not as much as I would have liked to," She shook her head, "It's a pity you know."

"What is?"

"That there's no kind way to tell a person that they only have a week to live."

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