Redondo Beach
By Missy

SERIES: Redondo Beach

PART: 1 of 1

RATING: NC-17 (Explicit M/F/F sexual relations including f/f content, oral and manual sex; Adult Content and language)

PAIRING(s): La/Le/Sh

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CATEGORY: Romance/Drama/SOL


SETTING IN TIMELINE: Post-show canon; set in February of 1973.  Everyone's 35.

SPOILLER/SUMMARY: "You need to be loved tonight." (Laverne/Lenny/Shirley)

NOTES: I finally found a plot for my Laverne/Shirley/Lenny bunny!




It was over.


Shirley looked out on the endless waves cresting out on the ocean, peace in her breast.  January 27th the withdrawal had begun and the boys overseas were finally coming home.


It was the ending to a national nightmare that had deeper consequences than the massive casualty list.  America was not the sweet, innocent place it had been in her twenties, when she and Laverne had braved the consequences and moved cross-country to become actresses.  She laughed to think of her bravery when compared to the mousiness of her recent behavior.


She looked up and down the deserted beach and wondered at the cost of the peace the younger generation had pursued.  Wrecked shacks dotted the beach, once-upon-a-time communes where better societies were set to be built.  Now families and elderly people came to swim.  She hadn't seen a nudist in a good month.


Shirley grinned to herself.  What would Walter think of her now?  He'd always wanted her to loosen up a little...


Her heart darkened a little.  She had been hugely pregnant when Walter had been called to to serve in the war, and had delivered her baby without friends in the base's civilian ward. 


Her little boy had been beautiful, but for some reason he didn't seem a Todd to her.  It was springtime, so she called him Robin.  


After a few months, Shirley began to realize there was something gravely wrong with her son.  The little boy wasn't meeting his milestones; he was floppy and unresponsive and didn't try to crawl.  When doctor after doctor rejected her worries she became frantic.  At last, Walter wrote home, recommending a specialist who diagnosed their little boy as suffering from cerebral palsy.


Shirley had been devastated at first, but she came to realize that while her son would never be completely normal, but he could have a loving, giving life.  She decided to give up on Germany, on living on-base; her frantic missives to Laverne had finally found her best friend in Redondo Beach, where she was living in a commune on the beach busking for her dinner.


With Lenny.


Shirley didn't try to make sense of her best friend's adherence to the New Revolution and her residency in Pineapple Princess Commune.  Shirley knew from Laverne's letters that she was entrenched in the cause, and being met by two long-haired old friends smelling strongly of pot and sweat at the airport proved to be an amusing incident.


Life on the beach was good for Robin; and Shirley had to admit, it was good for his mother.  She liked working at the side of the basically good, and all of Laverne and Lenny's new friends just adored Robin.  He was given the moniker of "Little Dude," and by the time he was three they took him out on boogie boards to the ocean.  Robin was always at his happiest among the waves, frightening his mother.


Shirley tried to remember her little boy that way - not red, feverish and miserable, his body wasted by fever and the meningitis he'd caught from a mosquito bite.  Her friends had rallied around - Carmine had come home from New York, Squiggy had returned with Rhonda from Atlantic City, and most importantly Walter had been there.  The little boy barely knew his father when he passed away, his feeble body too weak to resist the disease.  They had cremated him and returned part of his body to the place he so loved - the ocean...


She remembered Walter's lips against her skin.  "I'm on my last tour, Shirley - I'll be back by October," he'd said before his leave was up.  Shirley had clung to those hopes until two uniformed officers had shown up at the door of Pineapple Princess, grave-faced with the weight of their news.


Her mental collapse had been utter.  Carmine had lost his job in 'Hair' during the long months he'd spent taking care of her; Squiggy and Rhonda had returned to their jobs at the Stardust depleted of cash.  Lenny and Laverne, as they had done when she arrived with Robin three years before, took care of their friend without question or complaint.


Shirley shivered - night was coming.  She made the long walk back to Pineapple Princess alone at the sun set.


In her weaker moments, she missed Carmine; strong Carmine who had nursed her through both of her losses.    But he was in New York, working onstage in a job he loved - and she felt purposeless, drifting in the ether.


The deserted house greeted her, reminding Shirley that most of the residents had disappeared - off to join the establishment, or "kick", though as far as she knew none of Lenny and Laverne's gang were into anything heavier than grass.  By default the hastily-made communal house was Laverne and Lenny's property, and, because it had been fancied up from an old '20's beachside shack, it was the nicest in the area.


Even Laverne and Lenny were getting sick of the "Revolution", but mostly because they couldn't find anyone else who seemed to care.  Laverne spoke wistfully of marriage and children, Lenny talked about picket fences and families, and they both wondered why no one cared about the ERA or civil rights as much as they did about sharing their stashes and their bodies.


She was on her way to the privacy of her bedroom when the sound of someone groaning stopped her.


Curiosity brought her to her best friend's bedroom door, where she found Laverne sitting astraddle Lenny, grinding in a way that was overtly sexual and blatantly erotic.


Shirley gasped softly as she watched in the shadows.  Laverne had her snakeish hips wiggling against Lenny's, and they moaned together as she rose up and down.  From her point of view Shirley could only see her best friend's bare back with Lenny's hands at the guitar shape of her hips, and Lenny's face, his eyes closed tight.


They went on in their own world for an impressively long time, rocking against each other, immune to Shirley's presence.  She turned to leave and erase the lovely but improper mental image from her mind when a squeaky floorboard announced her presence.


Lenny's eyes opened widely, saw her face, then grabbed Laverne hard against his chest.  "Shirley?!" he squeaked.


Laverne glared over her shoulder and then turned beet red.  "Shirl!" she whined, groping behind her and grabbing the blanket which had been lost at their thighs.


Shirley stammered for the right words, thought about fleeing, but was rooted in her spot on the floor.  Her friends were talking.


" you think she wants to?"


"Ask her," Laverne was saying.


"You know it's not 'cause I want to..."


"No, she's been so down - this might be what she needs..."


"Hey Shirl," Lenny said, "wanna come in?"


Her feet felt like led, but Shirley made herself walk into their little bedroom.  Filled as it was by a narrow bed pushed up to the left corner of the room and a TV set, their possessions were currently few but the comfort they had in each other was clear in their shining eyes.  The sight of them made Shirley tear up with longing as she mourned for Walter and yearned for Carmine.


Laverne climbed up off of her boyfriend, wrapping her arms around her best friend.  Shirley was unaware of her friend's nudity as she was of the jeans and shirt separating them.  "It's okay - I'm here.."


"We're both here, Shirl," Lenny said.  "Yanno, in case you wanna do it!"


"Lenny," Laverne said sharply.


He shrunk back on the bed and Shirley eyed him.  'Doing it' with Lenny wasn't appealing to her; she considered him childlike in mind if not body.   Her eyes dipped down to his cock, surrounded by dark blond hair and pointing stiffly in the air.  No, definitely not childlike. 


She looked at the other side.  Lenny wouldn't hurt her - despite all of his 'my woman' talk about Laverne her girlfriend was clearly in charge of their love affair.   And it would be nice to be touched in a loving way, by people who cared about her again.   She was on the pill, so pregnancy wasn't an option; even though she wanted another child, a baby with Lenny would be an unworkable situation.


Laverne cupped her chin and looked into her eyes.  "Shirl?" she asked.


Magnetized toward the comfort Laverne offered, Shirley parted her lips and allowed her best friend to kiss her.


Laverne's thin arms embraced her strongly, her small hands running over Shirley's back and stroking gently.  She felt another pair of hands lifting her tee-shirt off, then lightly caressing her breasts.  Laverne's hands slipped down to unbuckle and slide off her jeans - Shirley stepped out of them and into her arms. 


The two women embraced each other in a way that was more loving than erotic, stimulation a side course to the comfort they offered each other.  Laverne guided Shirley to the abandoned bed and laid her down, kissing her neck and throat.  She looked up and Shirley followed her gaze - Lenny stood beside the bed, eyeing Shirley in amazement. 


"You ain't wearing underwear," he said.


She blushed.  "I don't seem to need them out here."


"I can't get Laverne to stop wearing a bra," Lenny's utter amazement made Shirley laugh, while Laverne gave him a sour glare.


"C'mere - we both need you..."


Lenny strode up to the bed and was grabbed by Laverne, who kissed him energetically before maneuvering over until Lenny laid down to Shirley's right. 


She closed her eyes then, afraid to commit to memory what they were doing to each other.  Hands stroked her body, whose she couldn't tell immediately - both pairs were callus-rough from guitars and hard work.  Both mouths were soft, and she distinguished between them by taste - Lenny was licorice, Laverne was chocolate and wine.  And the skin - all of the skin - was silky, or downy in the right places.


Her breasts were warmed by gentle hands, mouths suckling each tip to ripeness.  Hands stroked between her legs, stimulating her gently.  She shyly reached out and brushed against something warm and damp - Lenny's cock, she realized - and took it into hand. 


Shirley finally gained the courage to open her eyes.  She lay at Lenny's right, her hand on his prick, stroking it carefully; Laverne was at his right, her hand on his chest.  Both of Lenny's hands were busy fondling between the legs of his bedmates, but his mouth was occupied with Laverne's - they kissed with shameless desire.


At last, they broke the embrace.  "Bet I can make you come together," Lenny said.


Laverne's green eyes shimmered.  "Wanna try it, Shirl?"


She hadn't considered the possibility of an orgasm - she'd wanted physical love.  Lenny's hand and Laverne's presence gave her the courage to reach for the acme again.  She nodded her head, nestling it comfortably beside Lenny and closing her eyes.


Laverne's rapid moaning and the thick, tense length of Lenny's cock, the smell of sex filling the room, the heady sensation of being spoiled by two people at once, was enough to bring Shirley to the edge.  "Ooh," she squealed, nearly instinctively adding Walter's name to her call.   A weight lifted off of her as she let go and flew beyond her own sorrow to the release of nothingness.


When she returned to herself, Lenny was climbing between her thighs.


She considered sleeping with him.  It would be safe, emotionally and physically.  But she just didn't feel that way about him.  "No," she said simply.


Lenny was clearly crestfallen.  "Aww," he remarked.


"Sorry, Len," she said, patting his arm.  I just don't like you that way was an inappropriate thing to say at a time like this, but it was the way she felt about him.  "I can't imagine us doing that together."


Lenny gave his girlfriend a pleading look, and she mock -sighed.  "Okay..."


With a growl, Lenny rolled over to his right, pinning Laverne under him and maneuvering between her legs.  She chuckled at his eagerness and rose up to meet his inward thrust.


Having never seen another couple make love - much less her best friend and her boyfriend - Shirley watched their mating with interest.  Besides the obvious passion between them there was clearly love and friendship, clear in the shine of their eyes and the laughter as they rolled together across the bed.


They reached the apex of their passion against the wall, holding each other tight, heads on shoulders and arms around backs. 


Laverne's loud, satisfied moaning filled the room, accompanied by Lenny's groaning.  At last they were still, and as Shirley recalled their performance she mused that they complimented each other very well.  Secretly, she hoped Lenny would propose soon - they deserved to be together, to have a bond cementing the love between them.


Laverne kissed Lenny's chest before nudging him off of her, and he rolled off of her, lying sideways against the wall.  Shirley noticed a glimmer of white dripping from between her girlfriends' spread legs as she squirmed over and between Shirley's legs, kissing her breasts briefly before kissing her belly.  She hovered above Shirley's pussy, begging for permission.


She nodded.


Her girlfriend's tongue was gentle, flicking gently against the swollen bump of her clit.  Shirley allowed herself to drift on through the waves of orgasmic pleasure, running her fingers through Laverne's long, auburn hair. 


She sat up partway, scooting her bottom closer to Laverne's plunging tongue; it gave Lenny a chance to get behind Shirley, rubbing her breasts.


Lenny held her up as the pleasure washed through her, making her feel comfortable, if not loved.  And it reminded her of what it felt like to be alive, to feel the vitality of rushing blood and the throb of sweet desire.  When the waves ceased, Laverne surfaced, wrapping her arms around Shirley's neck.


"I love you, Shirl," Laverne said simply.


"I love you," Shirley replied.  "The two of you."


Two pairs of arms wrapped around her, two naked bodies pressed against hers, holding her tightly.  Shirley allowed herself to be absorbed in the warmth, her eyes closed.


For the first time in her life, sex felt like a warm hug.




She lay between them on the bed, feeling hands slipping over her to the moaning of the ocean went on outside the window.


"Don't feel bad about tonight, Shirl," Laverne said. 


"Yeah," Lenny said.  "We just wanted you to know someone still loves you."


"I couldn't give you back Robin or Walter, but I could do this little thing for you," Laverne said, the whist in her voice obvious.


Their words made Shirley smiled sadly.  "Thank you.  I knew you both loved me," she said, "but as friends."


Laverne shrugged her shoulders, looking over at Lenny, "love makes us do crazy stuff," she reached out and took Lenny's hand.  "Do you feel a little better, Shirl?"


She nodded.  "Definitely." The warm bodies she was sandwiched between made her feel complete relaxation.  "I'd forgotten what it felt like to feel love, to give love - even basic physical affection.  You both reminded me," she kissed Laverne's cheek and Lenny's arm.  Silence filled the air.  "I guess tomorrow I'm going to have to buy a ticket."


"Shirl, it wasn't that bad, was it?" Laverne worried.


"Not to get away with you - to see Carmine," she grinned and closed her eyes.  "I'm gonna thank him."


"Lucky Carmine," said Lenny, his tone hinting at the raunchiest of thoughts.


"Lenny," both women warned together.


Instead of backing away he snuggled more firmly against Shirley's back, wrapping his arm around the two of them. 


"Just remember, Shirl," Laverne said, "no matter what happens you can come back.  We'd be happy to have you any time."


Feeling more loved than she had in weeks, Shirley snuggled down between the two lovers.  She vowed to remember that when she was out in the world, with her faith in Carmine's love the only tool to guide her around the strange world of New York City.