By Missy

PART: one of one
Author: Missy
RATING: PG-13 overall, for dramatic angst.
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CANNON/SPOILERS: California era; perhaps, post-cannon. AU timeline, definitely.
SPOILLER/SUMMARY: Now, at last, was the time to bring about the family they had dreamed of.
NOTES: Ever looked at your word-of-the-day calendar and been inspired?...


Ready...she knew the meaning of that word.

They had been so unprepared before; one sharp, sweet moment of lust and then it had been over. Or so she had assumed.

Of course, neither of them could stand to stay separate; he could not resist her taste or touch. And so he returned; sneakily, when Shirley was out with Carmine, or snored so deeply that a little noise from the living room wouldn't awaken her.

Of course, they had taken precaution; of course, the condom had broken and sent them into a panic. Weeks of anxiety had resulted in their worst fear; a dead rabbit.

He was responsible; almost painfully responsible. No child of his would suffer from being denied, and the baby that grew beneath the breast he had drawn pleasure from would not be denied. He proposed to her, not to make her an honest woman, but because he loved her.

And because she wanted to be an honest woman, she had accepted.

When her body had rejected the child, they had broken down together.

She expected him to leave, to reject her, because their love had been built on the shifting sands of the pregnancy. But he had stuck by her.

It wasn't then that she realized she loved him. On her wedding day, she did; when he kissed her.

And when he wore two condoms on their wedding night.

She smiled; it would take five years before science caught up with the young lust of America, and she went on the pill and discovered the joy of sex without all of that latex between them.

They had waited upon having another child; waited for years, for their job situations to improve. Finally he sold some songs, and she got a job working security at a packing plant. She came home smelling of green beans, but he loved her, still.

She couldn't believe how their love had grown over the years, when it had begun foolishly. But he had turned into a nurturing, caring man; loved her with a crazy intensity that demanded reciprocation.

She loved him, now, so deeply that the idea of marrying another man seemed preposterous.

They moved, finally; into a big studio apartment in the suburbs. Looking out of the window brought the sight of trees growing from grass, not concrete. Flowers bloomed, and she smelled lilac upon waking every morning.

Planning had been involved this time; they were, perhaps, the first generation to ever actively plan for the conception of a child. Not just plan; schedule, regiment.

Tonight would be different; tonight, in the golden glow of candlelight, as he washed their dishes in a tiny sink, she knew, in her heart, that magic was afoot.

He smiled when he saw her spread across the bed. Her arms were wide open as he lay down beside her on the bed.

There were no calendars now; no timers. His hand went to her zipper and his lips found hers.

"Izit really OK?" He asked.

She smiled, "More than OK." She kissed him. "I'm ready."

This time she would conceive of a boy, she was sure of it; a boy with blue eyes and blond hair who would love loved baseball. She would not fail him, because she was not afraid to bear his child into the world. Ready...she understood what that word meant. Release, acceptance:


"I love you..." She said, and her words were lost in the torrent. She loved him. She loved him...she...loved...him...

He parted from her, using that moment to draw her dress from her body.

"Whattid ya say?" He asked.

She smiled, wrapping her arms around him, "I love you, Lenny."


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