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By Missy

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RATING:  NC-17 (M/M/M/F/F/F anal oral hand mast orgy dp)

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SETTING IN TIMELINE: Late-California Era

SPOILLER/SUMMARY: Laverne tries to give Lenny a special birthday present, but it turns into a community project. 

NOTES: This story is filthy - if the author tells you that, it must be true!  So if you're underage you should not be reading this.  This fic includes m/m and f/f as well as various hetero pairings - and also includes m/f anal sex, among other slightly-kinky activities.  If you are not a grown up - or are a grown-up with whiny tendencies - you should delete this without reading the rest of the document.





"In Oneida County, New York, every man technically belongs to every woman, and every woman technically belongs to every man..."




"What do you want for your birthday?"


Lenny Kosnowski opened one eye and looked at his girlfriend as she lazily stoked his spent cock.  She knew what he was thinking automatically - that it felt lovely, but he really wasn't going to be able to get it up again after the way they had just spent the morning.  Yeah, Len?  I'll show you.  "Blowjob," he finally said lazily and in a somewhat-embarrassed voice, hiding his eyes from the late morning sunlight with his forearm.


Laverne DeFazio snorted, her grip relaxing on him until he whined in protest.  "I give you those all the time," she retorted, then sped up her fist.  


"Yeah, but you're real good at 'em."  His eyes lit up with the sincerity of the comment, and she couldn't help but smile back, then quickly look away.  For the millionth time, she chastised herself against getting romantically attached to him.  They were friends - good friends, long time friends.  God, she should be used to this by now!


But Laverne couldn't deny it to herself; whenever Lenny looked at her like that she melted into a puddle of goo, and whenever she melted into a puddle of goo the entire purpose of their relationship became lost. 


That relationship was embarked upon as an experiment conducted in secret - one three-years-long now - guarded from her roommate Shirley Feeney like a stolen sweet, and one that he managed to hide from Squiggy as well, though he loathed lying and tried often to get her to confess their mutual involvement.


Laverne and Lenny had become lovers -unexpectedly and without much calculation -  during their cross-country move from Milwaukee to California.  The summer of 1963, the close quarters - everything about that trip should have driven their four-way parity apart, but for some reason Shirley, Squiggy, Lenny and Laverne had all began to bond more closely than before, and at an agreeable speed.  Then the Royal Cactus happened..


He had been trying to apologize for his near-violation of their bond under the Arizona moon, as Shirley and Squiggy slept back in the van, exhausted from their own fight.  She had been upset, almost too upset to listen, and their argument had somehow ended with the two of them under the stars in Flagstaff and Laverne losing her virginity on the floor of the desert. 


When they got to California, they both valiantly tried to get on with their lives, as if The Royal Cactus had never happened.  After another week of that act, Laverne felt she had made herself a master actress - her body burned when Lenny touched her hand, but he had no idea what she felt.  


Her act was so good that Laverne nearly fooled herself into believing their love play was over.  When she met Sonny Saint Jacques, actor and stuntman, she was instantly taken in by his rugged good looks and Italian bad-boy charisma.  She mocked herself with the memory of mister perfect one hundred per cent Italian Catholic schoolboy, who had shocked her by shouting Rock Hudson's name at the apex of their first heavy petting session.  Even a Milwaukee moron such as herself knew that something wasn't right about him when Sonny avoided her further attempts at being alone together, but Laverne's experiences with straight and not-so-straight boys was wildly limited.  That fact had been bluntly brought to the light when she caught him blowing their mailman in the hall closet one afternoon.  Bitterly, she thought to herself that the sight had been sort of pleasing, that maybe she could have shared him with other men, if he had only asked before...but the pain of the lies had dissolved any thrill she might have gotten out of seeing something so exotic. Right there in the hallway, Sonny blurted out the truth, his shlong bobbing out for any passerby to see while the mailman ran for his life clutching his pants to his dying erection. 


"I like men, Laverne," he blurted out.  She could only respond that it was impossible.  But Sonny had confirmed it, and explained that he had been using her as a beard - his safeguard against the straight Hollywood community.  His ambitions wouldn't let him settle for minor stunt work - he wanted to be in big-budget movies.  The closed-minded studio system was just beginning to lose its hold over the personal life of its stars - and it was just too soon for him to come out of the closet.  He thought she'd understood - or that maybe she was too naive to understand he wasn't like her other boyfriends.  She liked Sonny - she didn't even really have anything against his lifestyle - but she couldn't lie to herself.  In an hour's time, she had broken up with him - a fact that she hadn't shared with anyone but Lenny- and that very night had fallen back into her only lover's arms and the two of them had resumed...


What was it that they had resumed anyway?  Laverne frowned as Lenny's open face regarded her with desire.  They were friends.  He was very close to being her best friend.  She loved him...


As a friend?


Stop thinking, she ordered herself, trying to force back the light mood she'd instated between them.  They were both trying so hard to fit in with the California mindset of rock and drugs and fun fun fun - and casual sex.  He had reiterated to her at the start that he was a big swinger - the famous Lone Wolf - and he wouldn't be tied down anymore.  Coming from the man who had proposed marriage to her twice when they weren't even dating made Laverne realize how different the times were lately - even if a tiny bit of her grasped that he lied  to protect the heart she had squished repeatedly. 


In her own case, Laverne couldn't quite admit to herself that she was failing miserably as a member of the Swinging Sixties.  Brief affairs - with a married man, with men she picked up at bars - did nothing for her, didn't make her feel as good as she did on leaving Lenny's bed.  She didn't really want to be with anyone else.  She couldn't think of that now...."C'mon, Len," she coaxed playfully, "you're gonna be thirty. There's gotta be something you always wanted to do but you never got to until now..."


"Yeah, you," Lenny leered.  She pinched the tip of his dick and he whined.  "Oww!  Don't break it off, Vernie!"


Laverne went back to her even, slow stroking, but peered so closely into his blue eyes that he started to recoil.  "What's going on in there, Len?"


"Nothing," he said in a tiny voice.


She chuckled.  "Geez..."  she stopped stroking him.  "Is it something disgusting?  Does it got something to do with socks or old toenail clippings or..."


"No!" he cried out, and started to wilt in her fist.  Laverne stopped her ingress, stroking him.


"Hmm..." she kept up the rhythm until he regained some semblance of firmness.  "It ain't a thing, then.  It's a who."  Lenny turned red, but didn't meet her eyes.  She released his cock and felt a flush of blood rush into her head.  "It's Shirl."


Lenny's eyes snapped open - and his cock became harder than a brick.  "Uh..." he squeaked.


"You want to do it with Shirl?" Laverne couldn't stopgap the jealousy in her voice.


He shook his head.


"Then what..."  Her jaw dropped.  "Not just Shirl?  Rhonda and Shirl?"  He shook his head.  "ME and Shirl?"  His cock vibrated like a tuning fork as the words left her lips.  "Len!  That's..."  she bit her lip.  She couldn't call it 'sick'.  No one knew the truth - she and Shirley had been together that way once - when they were very wild and very young... 


Lenny, typically, saw the truth hidden in her eyes.  "You and Shirl..." Lenny's cock slapped his belly dramatically as he realized what Laverne's guilty expression said.  "You did it with her and someone else, at the same time?!  Who..."


Laverne took a deep breath.  "Fonzie."  Lenny's whole face went pale, and he tried to leap from her bed but she dragged him back down beside her.  "LEN!  You know we didn't go all the way!" 


"Why not?" He grumbled.


She opted for the truth.  "He was too big."  She yanked him against her by his slim shoulders when he tried to leave.  "It was back in high school!  We didn't know what we was doing.  He wouldn't fit and I panicked and got all dry, and Shirley was...saving herself for Carmine..."  probably still is, Laverne thought.  "I thought he would kill me if we left him with blue balls.  Fonzie was scary back then, remember?"


"Yeah -  he did all of his swirlies at knifepoint..."


"So he settled for watching us and jerking off while we..." She blushed, and spared a glance at Lenny's cock, which was inches from stabbing into her belly button.  "uh...."


Lenny's eyes were lit with a secret blue fire, a little naughty laugh coming from the depth of his throat.  "While you?  Baked cookies?  What?"  She couldn't bring herself to say it and prayed the minimal number of neurons in his brain would fire and bring clarity to his mind.  Suddenly, Lenny's eyes flared when he realized what she was talking about.  Fiercely, he bit his palm.


"It was just that one time, and we were both drunk..."  And Shirley nearly bit my clit off 'cause she didn't know what she was doing, Laverne thought to herself with a little disgust.  Laverne didn't really go for other girls - she had a fascination with cock and how it made her feel that made even her own pussy feel like a substitute - but with Shirley it was different.  Maybe because she loved her as a friend, maybe because they were attached emotionally.  In any case, the idea of being with Shirley again didn't exactly sicken her.   "We didn't think there was any other way Fonzie'd like us but to do that.  We wanted to be a part of his crowd so bad that we would've done anything for him.  But it was sorta under stress - Shirl told me that she didn't really like it."  Laverne recalled the sharpness of the orgasm Shirley had experienced at her hands and mentally called her best friend a liar.  "I just don't know if she'd go for it again."


Lenny looked at her solemnly, then nodded.  "Yeah.  I never really thought of Shirl like that, and I always kind of thought she was saving herself for Carmine."


"Yeah..."  Laverne shivered as Lenny stroked her hips before cupping her mons.  She knew he could feel how wet she was as he caressed her outer lips - thinking about the past had added to the juiciness he'd stirred up in her earlier.  "Len," she breathed, as he started petting her, "I think I can convince Shirl to give you a little present tomorrow....I can't promise anything outside of her sucking you off, but..."


He went still as a statue.  "You sure?  I don't want her to get mad at you and I don't wanna hurt her or  force her..."


She traced his lower lip.  "Yeah, but that's all I can promise you.  Shirl's...Shirley.  Sex is different for her."  She couldn't admit to Lenny that, despite herself, her values evolved much beyond Shirley's.  Stop it, she chanted to herself.  Let go, be groovy, have fun.  "You gotta promise me something."


He stopped.  "What?"


"If it's her first time..." Laverne moaned as his middle finger slipped deep into her pussy.  "And if we get her to go any further, you gotta promise you won't tear her cherry."


He pouted.  "Aww..."


"Len, she's been making Carmine wait forever.  He's more than earned being her first after sixteen years..."


"I waited that long for you, too."


"But do you think it'd be fair for you to jump in there and...mmm...Len, don't do that, I'm trying to..."  She whined.  His big palm had mashed itself against her clit, adding another dimension to her pleasure.  She rotated her hips and groaned. 


"Don't think," he whispered.  Then he giggled, "unless it's about Shirl's tongue in your pussy..."


"Lenny!" she squawked, but moaned appreciatively when he sunk his fingers back into her sex.  She knew he could feel the dampness he'd left behind and he shuddered pleasantly.  Laverne had gotten on the pill a few months after being in California, and their brave new world of rubber-free sex was still something they were both adjusting to.  "You like that idea, don't you?"


Lenny shrugged.  "I could GET to like it."


Laverne grinned, her expression smutty.  "I bet you play with yourself and think about me eating out Shirl, don't you?" she made a dirty slurping noise.  "Like a big piece of watermelon..."


"Eww!" Lenny whined, but Laverne laughed, happy to have back their usual teasing quality.  He growled, seeming to realize she wasn't taking him seriously. 


"I think you do," she sing-songed to him.  "Why do guys like to watch girls do it?" she wondered.


"Would you like to watch two guys do it?"  She moaned and bucked her hips. letting her actions speak for her.  "Do you know what that looks like?"  He turned his nose up.  "You been going to the peep shows on the drag?  Me and Squig went to the Majesty instead of the Majestic one day," Lenny shook his head.  "We couldn't get back out fast enough..." his expression continued to evidence disgust, but Laverne noticed that his cock remained nice and hard, and fully extended to it's just-a-little-above-the-national-average-according-to-Masters-and-Johnson length and width. 


"Did you like it?" she breathed.


"No!  I ain't fruity!" he cried out passionately, but his cock jumped up when she caressed it with her sticky palm.  "Did you like what you seen?  WHATEVER you saw?"  She rocked her hips against his hand again, sweat beading upon her brow.  "I think you did," he teased in an annoying sing-song voice. 


"You didn't answer my question," she moaned, releasing the firmness of his cock and lying back, offering him the comfort of her body but too worn out by their morning of lovemaking to do anything but accept him in the missionary position. 


Lenny shrugged as he rubbed against her clit, not submitting to her request in the slightest.  "It's all the same kind of thing.  Twice the girl with no meat in the way.  You can get off and watch them get off and it don't even got anything to do with you..."


Laverne grunted, wondering how he'd gotten so sexually sophisticated.  Then again, Squiggy was his best friend.  God knew what he had taught Lenny...


"So, who do you think about when you play with yourself?" he breathed suddenly.  Laverne opened her eyes and looked up into the lake-colored eyes.  Lately, it had been him, but to admit that would reveal too much of her heart.  "Do you think about me sucking some guy's big cock?" he hissed, and her jaw dropped.  She could tell from the pained expression on Lenny's face that he was only talking that way to turn her on, to please her - and that the idea would probably only appeal to him if he was really, really smashed or something... 


The words had their desired effect and she rotated her hips again, whining as he pulled his fingers free of her pussy and rolled over on top of her.  She nearly felt the tip of him brush her most intimate place.  "Please..." she moaned.


"Uh - uh..." he deliberately pulled himself back and away from her hungry sex, "tell me what you want to see, Vernie.  What do you think about when you're playing with your pussy?"


"Uh..." She bucked her hips roughly.  Now she just wanted to shock him, even if the occasional odd fantasy was true.  "Carmine," she admitted quietly.  "You and Carmine."


It was Lenny's turn to be horrified.  "Me and Carmine?!" he squawked. 


Shit.  She had only recently admitted her brief -and, okay, ongoing - hormonal attraction to Carmine back in Milwaukee to Lenny - she had been feeling maudlin about her relationship with Shirley after some silly fight and had blurted everything out to him while he held her.  There was another strike against their relationship being a reation to The Free Love Effect...


A flash of guilt filled her mind - good Catholic girls don't imagine their lovers and their near-lovers banging each others' brains out while they interfered with themselves.  But the fantasy had come to her a couple of times, and she decided to be honest about it.  Honest and tough.  "You want to watch me and Shirl," she said.  "What's wrong with me wanting to watch you pork Carmine?" she winced at her choice of words and couldn't believe the husky tone she had used to utter them.  Pork?! 


"Pork?!" Lenny said, typically sharing her mind in his unfathomable way.  He shook his head.  "I think I'm turning you into a sex fiend, Vernie..." Abruptly, Lenny's touch was gone, and he hovered over her.  She felt his hot breath against her mouth as he jerked his palms away from her in a gesture of deliberate torture, holding his sex at bay and looking down into her eyes.  When they met, gaze to gaze, he positioned his cock home and joined them in an unbroken stroke.  They both froze in that moment - all others fading from mind and view as they became two lovers alone in their Eden.  Lenny was no expert, no Casanova in bed or out, but he was so good to her that Laverne wondered why she was resisted loving him so hard.  Especially when moments like these screamed volumes aloud to her - and brought tears to her eyes.  "Hey," Lenny whispered softly, stroking her cheek, kissing her lips, "m'I hurting you?"


She shook her head and wrapped her arms around his neck.  Fun, fun - be fun, be light, be like the other girls! He won't stay around if you're not.  "I'm thinking of you banging Carmine.  It's so be-you-tee-ful!" she mock-sniffled.


Lenny cut off her laughter with a sharp thrust.  "Don't laugh about that.  You ask him to do that with me and we'll both end up with our jaws broke."


Laverne shook her head.  "Maybe you don't know Carmine as well as you think..." she pontificated.


Lenny froze.  "You tellin' me Carmine...nah!"  He groaned as Laverne's juicy walls vibrated against his cock at her laughter.  "You're keeping stuff from me, Vernie.  Whattya know that I don't?"


"What I know that you don't," Laverne said, twisting her torso so that her nipples brushed against his chest hair, "could fill up Shirl's Encyclopedia set."  Lenny pouted, and she retracted her cruelty with tender hands.  "Maybe there's some things about you I don't know, either.  That's why we're doing this..."


"To know each other better?"  Lenny grinned, humping her deep and then groaning as she tried to milk him with her inner muscles.  "Why's it got to be me and Carmine?  Don't you wanna watch me and Squig instead?"


"You and Squiggy?!"  Laverne's eyes flew open.  "Eww.."


"Why eww?"


"It'd be like you watching me do it with my Cousin Vito..."  Lenny and Squiggy's relationship was so close that it really did feel incestuous to think of them together - as a matter of fact, so did the idea of her being with Shirley.  She shoved both thoughts away and flexed around him again.


"Whatya mean eww?"  Lenny swiveled his hips; he was riding in her so high that her clit was stimulated by these motions within and without her.  "Think about it, Vernie - Squig's gotta know something about girls.  You ever saw what he does with honey?"


"No, but I bet you've had to wash the sheets afterwards," Laverne said smartly.


"You don't know what you're missing out on, Vernie," Lenny murmured, his hips coming sharply forward as he lost himself to the passion hidden in her body. "Sides...tomorrow's MY birthday..." he reminded her.  "It's my party, and I'll do who I want to," he sang sarcastically, making her laugh, the teasing quality in his voice helping to lock away her deeper emotions.  Then there was no room for words at all as they rocked together, mating in the way of the ancients, wrapped around each other, eyes closed.  "Vernie," he said huskily, "I think I got a conditioner, too..."


She ran her fingers through his longish dirty-blond hair, her fingers coated in the brylcream covering his locks as she cupped the back of his head and drew him closer.  "You could use one."


He stared back at her with steamy, glazed eyes.  "Huh?"


"Never mind," she flexed herself rhythmically around him.  "Go ahead..."


Lenny took a steadying breath.  "If we're gonna do this," he announced, "you gotta promise me..."


"Anything..." She moaned, raising her hips high, feeling her clit drag along his pubic bone.


"Nuuh," he moaned back, his eyes fluttering.  "Promise..."


"What?" She whined, moving her hips in counter-rhythm to his.  Now he was pounding into her body, but she wanted it, gloried in it.  She was getting dangerously close to her third orgasm of the day at his hands and wanted to do any and everything she could think of to make it happen.


Lenny groaned, collapsing against her chest, writhing his hips against hers, frictioning her clit almost too-hard, barely withdrawing as he hammered into her and his passion began to peak.  "No one else gets to put it in your pussy," he breathed harshly, possessively against her ear as the bed screamed and his hips jack hammered against hers.  "Not Carmine, no other guy!  Your pussy's mine.  MINE!" he yelled, his body spasming violently and pouring into hers.


"Yes!" she agreed operatically, her body submitting before her mind could question the fairness of his demand.  The orgasm his squirming produced was so good that it almost hurt, and this time she did sob her pleasure against his ear. 


Thankfully, by the time he returned to his right mind, the tears were long gone.  She remembered Ann Marie's old advice - pre nunnery, post-parking, delivered to Laverne and Shirley as they drank in her wisdom with their virginal seventeen-year-old ears.  If he can make you come like crazy, let him know.  If he treats you good, tell him.  But never let him know if you're nuts about him.  If he figures out that, he'll think he has the right to break your heart, and he'll walk all over you...


She had never followed Ann Marie's advice - and that had gotten her hurt in the past.  Images of Sonny and Ted and Fonzie flashed before her eyes as she reflexively held Lenny closer.  With this man in her arms, she was starting to wonder if it might be a good idea...




"Happy birthday, Lenny!"


Laverne watched in amusement as Lenny closed his eyes and blew, extinguishing all thirty candles with no effort.  As Shirley started cutting up the cake, Laverne glanced around her small apartment at her friends.  Rhonda smiled placidly at Carmine, who was gabbing to her animatedly about his latest audition.  It was clear to Laverne that Rhonda wished she was anywhere but with this group of yahoos.  She had recently begun making noise about moving downtown, closer to her agent; if that happened, Laverne would do half of the packing, just to have the pleasure of watching her leave.  Squiggy hovered nearby, taking pictures with a blinding flashbulb camera he'd found, "in perfect working conditioner", at the dump.  He snuck a snapshot of her as she tried to indulge in a little dip - the photo, she knew, would not be flattering.  When her eyes fell on Shirley, Laverne wondered how her best friend could manage to stay upright.  She had been a basket case for the past week, ever since she had learned that Carmine was dating an extra from the Paramount Lot; a girl twice as young as they were.  From the frantic conversations they had shared recently, Laverne knew that Shirley was scared to death that the world was passing her by and she would be left alone by a world whose moral ambiguities were beyond what she had anticipated enduring.  Laverne felt that it was fish-or-cut-bate time for the young couple - either Carmine would get his way, or Shirley would get hers.  Either way, the tension would be cut, and soon - before they all went mad from it. 


Selfishly, Laverne also knew that Shirley's mood left the door was wide open for Lenny's fantasy to be fulfilled...


Laverne caught Lenny's eye.  She wiggled her brow - he rose his.  Their old I-want-to-be-alone-with-you signal still worked well. 


"Hey,  I'm gonna go get some more soda," she said loudly.  "I think I left a bottle at the boys' place and forgot to bring it down.  Do you want anything, Shirl?"


Her best friend rose from her trance.  "No, nothing thank you," she said, her eyes resting on Carmine, who heard nothing of what was transpiring.


That wasn't what Laverne wanted to hear.  She was supposed to ask for something, then Laverne would head to the boys' apartment.  Lenny would take her up on their signal, the two of them would get going, and then Shirley would walk in.  Oops?  But didn't she want to stay?   Laverne didn't know how, but she'd manipulate Shirley into allowing her to eat her pussy out, and maybe into giving Lenny a blowjob.  Then they would all swear that this had never happened.  "You sure I can't get you a soda?"


"Oh, all right - a root beer, please."


"Hey, don't you want cake?" Squiggy asked, licking his lips as he watched Shirley's artistry. 


"Nah - I'm gonna have desert later," she said, glancing at Lenny quickly.  No one seemed to notice this transgression.  "Lemme get that soda."  Laverne grinned, leaving the couch and the party behind.


Quickly, she snuck across the hall and into the boys' unlocked apartment.  Leaving the door deliberately unlocked, she quickly stripped off her black oriental-print dress and lacy black panty set.  Completely naked, she waited for Lenny.


You've come a long way, Laverne, she thought to herself.  Five years ago she had never dreamed she would be standing naked as a jaybird in the middle of the boys' apartment, waiting for her boyfriend to come and claim her for a birthday screw.  Let alone that the boyfriend was Lenny.


Bored, Laverne fussed with the Liz Taylor pinup on the wall - an old shot of her from "Suddenly, Last Summer," in the white bathing suit, which was covered with a dozen stains of unknown origin.  Squiggy had had it forever - had probably used it forever.  She pushed the thought aside and settled down on the bottom bunk to wait.  It would prove a long one, and she hoped that Shirley wouldn't come looking for her before Lenny was there.  Then again, they could always start without, she didn't want to do anything without Lenny there.  She couldn't face her deepest fear, that she had an interest in pussy - particularly Shirley's pussy - and needed an audience to  make it seem more a hetero experience. 


It's not that sleazy, Laverne corrected herself, her hands absently teasing her thick brown nipples.  She really loved Shirley - as a friend, and physically.  She would never entertain the thought of doing something like this with Rhonda, she knew.  The one time she and Shirley had made love - it was lovemaking, not fucking, she knew the difference - it had been tender and sweet despite Fonzie's barked orders and his thuggish presence over them.


Her mind drifted back to that time.  The cloying scent of Jean Nate at her throat, the soft lips on hers - the silky feeling of a creamy breast in her hand, the nipple pebbling and turning dark rose, like her own was doing now.  The strange feeling of another woman's dry pussy on her thigh, quickly flooding with moisture - the way her own pussy did as Laverne spread her lower lips with thumb and forefinger, the thick juices dripping out and coating her fingers as she dampened them and began to push them inside.  The tightness of Shirley's sheath around her fingers - the blunt nails only teasing Laverne's own flesh.  The strange taste of her best-friend's sex as she tongued Shirley  to a quivering orgasm, then her own wild and somehow unwilling climax as she stared up blindly at Fonzie pounding his cock to completion...


The faces were mixing in her mind now - Shirley's sweet face and Lenny's, sour pussy and salty cock.  Her fingers pulled out of her slit and rammed upward through her folds and toward her clit, no longer giving a damn who would walk in, only wanting to come...


A pair of hands suddenly grabbed her breasts, causing Laverne to squeal.  "Surprise!"


"Len!  You almost killed me!"  Damn it, she had been so close...


"Sorry.  I couldn't wait no more."  He plucked her left hand from her breast and pulled it to his already rock-hard cock.


She grinned.  "How long've you been peeping on me, Len?"


"Since you started playing stink finger."


Laverne snorted,  her eyes shooting down to his lap and the stroking of her hand.  He was naked, his cock at full mast.  He'd always wanted to watch her masturbate, and apparently reality was as good to him as his imagination had been.  She took his right hand and pushed it off her breast and down between her thighs.  "I know you can do a better job," she purred.


Lenny grinned, proving her right with a flick of his thumb.  She guided his hand over her clit, leaning back against his shoulder for a French kiss.


"Don't tell Squig we made out on his bunk," Lenny said as they broke it, his middle finger breaching her sheath and working inside her, faster.  Back and forth and back and forth, to the same sort of pumping rhythm she practiced on his cock.  Their movements were so well practiced that Laverne soon regained her old sense of heat, her hips squirming as he finger-fucked her.


"Uh, Len, yes, do it..." her tit jiggled in his palm as she rode his fingers, encouraging every gesture.  He whipped his fingers into and out of her, and when her spine began to go stiff he drew his fingers up through her folds, the tips of his fingers vibrating her clit the same way he would a guitar string.  He touched her the same way she touched herself - and drew the the same reaction.   Laverne buried a squeal in his shoulder, her own hand stroking his cock so hard she could start a fire with the friction.  He knew she was coming, and grinned down at her. 






He stroked her one more time.


"LENNY!" her body crumpled and for an ice age she saw nothing but black.   When she came back to herself, Laverne gave him a sleepy, satisfied grin.  "Good, you didn't come..." she reached down to stroke him, and then met his eyes.


They weren't looking at her.


"We got company," he said, a note of grim finality in his tone.


Laverne's head whipped toward the door, where a woman in a modest red skirt and white blouse stood, her jaw open in shock, blue eyes staring blankly at the sight of her naked best friend stroking Lenny's cock.


"Hello, Shirl," Laverne said.


Shirley stood as still as a statue in the doorway of the boys' apartment.  Laverne worried that she might faint and she disentangled herself from Lenny, rushing over to Shirley and shaking her lightly. "You okay?"


The small brunette shook her head, as if to clear the smoke from her eyes.  Her eyes fell once more on Lenny, and they widened in shock.  "Vernie," she hissed, "how long has this been going on?"


Laverne squirmed under her roommate’s probing gaze.  "It's a long story."


Shirley crossed both arms over her breasts.  "I want to hear it.  Now."


"I don't got the time now," Laverne said, walking back over to the bed.  "I was just giving Len his birthday present."


"His birthday present?" Shirley snapped.  "That's all your virginity's worth to you now?"


Laverne winced, feeling a gulf widen between herself and Shirley.  Lenny piped up defensively, "you ain't being fair to her, Shirl.  Laverne's a good girl!  It took me eighteen years to get her pants off, and we've only been doing it together 'cause..."


Laverne couldn't bear to have Lenny lie about their attachment, even if it was to save her own skin.  "Len, you ain't helping."


"I don't believe it - do you mean to tell me that for months, you've been - been...with HIM?"


Laverne nodded her head.  "It ain't like that, Shirl, it's..."


She turned around, huffing her way out of the apartment.  "Don't let me interrupt your little smut fest!"


Instantly, Laverne stood between Shirley and the door.  "Would you loosen up and get with the times?  Geez, Shirl, you sound just like your mom!"


The words made a solid impact.  Words that were far more hurtful than Laverne's seemed to rise up like smoke clouds in the fire of Shirley's eyes, and Laverne felt a deep regret at hurting her friend, but she couldn't stop now.  She turned around, a gesture that had a strange finality to it.  "Would you mind if I watched?"


"This is a love -in, Shirl," Laverne said defiantly, settling down beside Lenny and taking in hand his now-limp cock.  She rested her head beneath his chin and smiled up at her roommate.  "You come to play or you get out."


"A love-in?" Confusion crossed Shirley's face.


"Uh-huh." Laverne scooted off the bunk and landed on her knees.  She leaned forward, bracketing his knees with her elbows.  She stroked Lenny's cock gently but firmly, watching it rise up again beneath her careful ministrations.  She panted against the tip, giving him the extra stimulation of her humid breath.  When he was fully hard, she peeked over her shoulder at Shirley - her best friend wore a light blush, her eyes grafted to Lenny's cock.  Laverne remembered these first signs of arousal from their buried adolescent memories and gave Shirley an unnoticed and conspiratorial smile.


Lenny grinned proudly.  "Bigger than you thought, Shirl?"


She touched her bright red cheeks and managed a smile.  "It is quite - well..."


"Different from Carmine?" Laverne asked, then flicked her tongue against Lenny's glans.


The sound of her boyfriend's name seemed to seal Shirley's fate.  She sighed, reaching back and unzipping her dress.  "Yes, Leonard's very different from Carmine," she said, a crispness to her tone.  In succession, she stepped out of her short black-and-white checkered dress and cream-colored slip, leaving her in her underwear.  Laverne looked up at her lover - Lenny's eyes had widened in appreciation, and his cock had gotten perceptibly harder.  Laverne took the tip of Lenny's cock into her mouth, concentrating on exciting him to the absolute maximum.  She slurped and swirled her tongue around the burgeoning head of him, tickling over the bulging blue veins leading down his shaft.


A sudden warm pressure against her back announced Shirley's nearness.  She heard a soft sigh and a slippery kissing noise - she looked up, saw Lenny and Shirley kissing, and felt a sudden wave of intense jealousy.  Be groovy, the tape in her head reminded her.  Relax.  Laverne pulled off of Lenny's cock and began to stroke the entire shaft in a firm-but-gentle pumping motion.  "Hey Shirl - wanna help me out?"


Shirley eyes Lenny's cock again as he began to pull the straps of her bra down, exposing her firm little nipples and small tits.  Reservation flickered in her eyes.  "I don't know, I...Leonard, that's nice," she murmured, as Lenny took her right nipple into his mouth and began to suckle.  His left hand supported the small of her back as she arched against his touch and sighed softly, closing her eyes.  When she opened them again, Laverne grinned up at her.


"I shoulda warned you he's good," Laverne said. 


"I know," Shirley sighed again.  Gently, she pushed Lenny away.  "All right, I guess I out.  In the spirit of the day."


"Groovy, Shirl," Laverne chuckled, and momentarily locked eyes with Lenny.  The poor boy looked ready to die - but at least he'd go with a smile on his face.  Scooting over, Laverne made room for Shirley on the floor between Lenny's thighs, and the two women nestled together in a conspiratorial manner.


"What should I do?" Shirley whispered nervously.  Laverne's face must have shown shock too clearly, because her eyes narrowed.  "I've done this before, but not with another woman.  What should I do?"


"Whatever feels good."


Shirley frowned.  "I don't want to step on your toes.  He is your boyfriend..."


Laverne found herself unable to deny Shirley's suggestion.  "Rub his balls a little," Laverne whispered in Shirley's ear, "he likes that."


"Is that a universal thing with men?" Shirley wondered, looking at Lenny's member as if it were as large as an elephant's.


"Hey, whatt're you doing?" Lenny asked, watching the women, his half-open eyes and a light sweat indicating his arousal.


"Just talking strategy, Leonard."  Shirley's small hand encircled the upper, exposed portion of Lenny's shaft and encircling it with her fingers.  She began to stroke in time with Laverne's fist - between the two of them, not an inch of Lenny's cock was left untouched.


Before long, Laverne became discontented with simply touching this man.  Urging Shirley's fist all the way down to the base of his cock, Laverne leaned forward once more and took the head of his shaft between her lips.  Enthusiastically, she took him down her throat, all the while swiping the underside of his shaft with her tongue, though it made her want to gag.  Her chin bumped Shirley's wrist, her lips brushing her friend's fingers.  Without any further communication, the two women moved simultaneously for a few strokes.


"Oh wow," Lenny moaned.  His hands roamed over their backs, through their hair, over their arms and the sides of their breasts.  The tips of his fingers brushed Laverne's nipple, encouraging her to take his cock even deeper down her throat.  She felt like Superwoman as Lenny groaned and involuntarily bucked against her suction, proving her prowess.


Slowly, she pulled up and off, leaving only the head of his cock in her mouth.  She flicked her tongue rapidly against the head before taking her mouth away and offering it to Shirley.


The brunette hesitated.  "Come on, Shirl," Laverne coaxed, running her palms over her friend's smooth shoulders, "it don't taste bad."


She eyed Lenny.  "Are you quite sure?" she wondered dryly.


"Aww, come on," Lenny whined.  "I took a shower and everything!"


Laverne smiled brightly and nodded when Shirley looked back at her for confirmation of this.  The brunette nodded her head, squaring her shoulder and bending her head.  Laverne aimed Lenny's cock at her bow mouth.


Shirley experimentally flicked her tongue against the head - a small sigh of relief, undetectable to anyone but Laverne, escaped her lips as she took his cockhead into her mouth.  "Mmm..." she mumbled, leaning down, making soft grumbling noises as she took as much of his prick as her throat would allow. 


Laverne sat back, watching her friend work.  Shirley obviously had some sort of experience in cocksucking, but her technique wasn't sophisticated.  Halfway in her journey down Lenny's shaft, she choked, eyes bulging.  Quickly pulling off, she swallowed hard.


"Okay, Shirl?" Lenny worried, running his hand over her arm.


She nodded, coughing a little, and then returning with even more determination.  On her next pass, she took him entirely down her throat.  After a few rapid up-and-down strokes, she pulled off and offered Lenny's prick back to Laverne.


They rapidly traded his tool back and forth, like a gigantic lollipop, subtly competing with one another for depth and speed records as they tried to shove his cock completely home.   Their hands tickled the uncovered portions of his shaft.  When Laverne next looked up at Lenny, she saw a man immersed in hog heaven, a huge dopy grin on his face and his eyes very glassy with passion.


He was getting close - she could tell by the subtle tension in his jaw, the way his hands were clutching ineffectually at the green army blanket beneath him.  Reaching beneath Shirley's straining jaw, Laverne found and reached Lenny's balls and began to rub them gently.  The chain reaction was instant - his eyes went wide and he pulled at Shirley's shoulders, trying to hilt himself down her throat.  Poor Shirley couldn't take it and she pulled off until only his head remained in her mouth.  Quickly, Laverne began flicking her tongue up and down Lenny's exposed shaft, then grabbed the heft of it with her left hand and milked it hard.


"Don't stop, Shirl," Laverne encouraged quietly.  "He's gonna come." 


Lenny was robbed of the ability to tell her that much.  His eyes rolled back in his head and he groaned loudly,  grabbing the backs of their head as bucked and creamed into Shirley's mouth.


Laverne watched Shirley's eyes bug out in alarm as Lenny flooded her mouth.  To encourage her friend, Laverne slipped her right hand down, between Shirley's thighs and began to massage her mons in a soothing way, then pushed aside the white cotton of her panties to explore her pussy.  Shirley seemed to ignore this stimulation, remaining focused on her ministrations until Lenny collapsed in a sweaty pile on the bunk.  Then she pulled the tender head of his shaft from between her lips and sat back on her heels, and Laverne withdrew her right hand.


"You wanna Kleenex?" Laverne asked.  Shirley shook her head, then swallowed slowly until she could gasp in a fresh breath.  Laverne grinned, slapping her friend on the back.  "Way to go, Shirl."


"Yeah, thanks a million," Lenny gasped.


Shirley smiled weakly.  "Thanks for inviting me to your love-in.  It was an...interesting experience."  She began to search the room for his discarded bra, but Laverne steered her over to the bunk.


"It ain't over yet," Laverne announced.


Shirley glanced nervously over to Lenny's lap, where his spent cock had begun to go limp.  "But he..."


"You oughta know by now, Shirl," Laverne grinned, leaning in for the kill, "we don't need guys to be happy."


"But - but..." Shirley sputtered - her protests were cut off by Laverne's kiss.  Her roommate began to melt against her, the silky press of soft skin against her own so different and exotic that it made Laverne's pussy contract.  Her hands began to slip gently down Shirley's back when the sound of a doorknob turning ruined the mood.


"Hey Shirl, where are you?  Rhonda's waiting for the soda  -"


A powerful shove nearly knocked Laverne to the floor.  Rubbing her sore rear end, she saw Shirley's wide eyes looking be.


And Carmine's confused expression.  "What the hell's going on?" he wondered, a dangerous look in his eye.


Laverne was instantly on her feet, flowing with the situation.  "Hi, Carmine," she grinned weakly.  "welcome to the love-in." His eyes darted from face-to-face.  Then he burst out laughing.  Wounded, Laverne crossed protective arms over her breasts.  "What's so funny, Ragusa?" she snarled.


"Shirl, what's really going on here?" he asked his girlfriend.  "Is Len hemming your dress?"


Lenny began to wildly bob his head, clearly trying to avoid a beating, but Laverne cut in.  "We're having a love-in, Carmine," Laverne said, sitting down on the floor once more, keeping her body firmly erect so that she projected authority from her vulnerable position.  "It's for Lenny's birthday."


The danger in Carmine's eyes flamed to life.  "You sunnuvabitch!" he said, menacingly approaching Lenny.  Shirley threw herself between the men.


"Just what are you upset about?"


"Gee, Shirl, I dunno!  I guess it's cause you're wearing white after Labor Day!" he snapped.  "I've been trying to get you to go all the way since we were sixteen!  Lenny asks you to take your pants off and you do it in a New York minute!"


"For your information I haven't gone all the way with Leonard or with ANYONE," Shirley said firmly.


"Yeah, and even if she did you don't got a right to be mad," Laverne said.


"I don't got a right to be mad about my steady girl stepping out on me?" Carmine snapped.


"No, not when you're stepping out on her!"


Carmine glowered at Shirley.  "You told her?"


"Shirley tells me everything.  She's my best friend and we don't keep no secrets."


Carmine stared a hole through Shirley's face.  "All right, I guess we're even.  And I can get with this," Carmine began to remove his dinner jacket, then his white shirt, much to Lenny's discomfort.  As Carmine unbuckled his pants, Lenny turned away.  "Where were you?"


"I," Laverne said, lying flat on her back on the floor and spreading her legs, "was just about to ball your girlfriend."


Shirley's face wrinkled distastefully at the term.  "Ball me?"


"Yeah - I was gonna ball you," Laverne said, reaching out for her best friend.  "See," she said, as Shirley knelt between her thighs, "we were gonna kiss, and I was going to suck your tits, and you were going to eat me out, remember?"


Shirley flushed.  "If you want to put it crudely, we were."


"Then let's get the party started."


Shirley was the one who initiated the first kiss, a satiny stroke of tongue on tongue.  Valiently, Laverne blocked out the eyes watching her, concentrating on Shirley's wants and desires.  For what seemed like ages they made out, stroking each other with open palms up and down.  Shirley squeaked softly as Laverne rolled her onto her back, kissing her more aggressively, filling both palms with her small, sharp-nippled breasts.  Laverne massaged the soft mounds, making wide circles with her fingers toward the nipples.  Shirley arched her back, shoving her tits into Laverne's palms.  When Laverne began to roll them between her fingers, Shirley moaned loudly.


"Damn, she's turning on big," Carmine noted, with the casual attitude of a zoo customer.


"Hey, Vernie!  Suck on 'em!" Lenny cheered.


"Yeah - Laverne likes sucking on things.  The whole neighborhood knows that."


Lenny's response came out thickly.  "I guess you don't know nothing about sucking at all, do you Carmine?"


"I think you know more about how Laverrne gives head than I do," Carmine suggested.


"Maybe," Lenny said, cagey.


Irritated by their chatter, Laverne broke the kiss.  She didn't want this experience with Shirley to be like the last one.  "This is a love-in, boys,"  she said causally.  "Either play or get out."


"What the hell does that mean?" Carmine asked Lenny.


"It means if me and Shirl are gonna show you how much we like each other, you and Len've gotta do the same for us."


Lenny's eyes bugged out.  "I don't like Carmine that much," he blurted out.


"I don't fuck guys," Carmine added.


"I don't fuck girls," Laverne retorted, "but I make exceptions for people I love."


"I don't love him!" Carmine protested hotly.


"Won't you do it for me, Carmine?" Shirley purred. 


"He'd better do it for you," Laverne grinned, "or me and Shirl'll go have some fun in Rhonda's apartment by ourselves."


Lenny and Carmine traded a look.  "You got any Vaseline?" Carmine asked, looking down at the dry head of his cock as it poked its way out of his boxers.


"Top drawer, next to the rubber chicken," Lenny said.


Carmine scrambled out of his boxers and rummaged through the dresser, finding the Vaseline and returning it to the bed.  Laverne watched as he daubed himself gingerly with it.


"Sorry fellas," Shirley teased.  "If you don't go further, we don't go further."


Carmine grimaced, awkwardly putting his hand in Lenny's lap. "I don't believe I'm doing this," he complained.


Lenny placed his hand on Carmine's thigh with far less disgust.  "Aww, shut up and pretend I'm Sandra Dee or something."  He grabbed at Carmine's cock and the dancer nearly leaped out of his skin.  "Relax," Lenny urged.


"Okay, Sandra," Carmine responded.


Laverne admired Carmine's toned, hard-muscled body, certainly a contrast with Lenny's softer form.  "That's better," Laverne teased.  Before returning to task, she whispered, "if you don't wanna do this, tell me."


Shirley closed her eyes spreading her legs in surrender.  Then she returned her mouth to Shirley's.


Having the boys somewhat distracted did a world of good for Shirley's inhibitions.  She kissed Laverne breathless, urging her friend's head lower and her mouth to her left nipple.


Laverne took her time - lazily, she circled the areola with her tongue, blowing a cool breath of air across her steamy skin.  Shirley dug her fingers into Laverne's scalp, all the encouragement Laverne needed to take the nipple into her mouth.  She kept her tongue in the action, the suction still gentle but firm.  Knowing her own body well enough, Laverne stopped before the task became mundane, switching breasts and stoking Shirley's belly with her right palm.


Her best friend moaned softly, and Laverne progressed to the next step, her hand snaking through the dark fluff on Shirley's mons before gently parting the soft candy-pink labia wide.  Shirley's hips arched off the floor, bobbing instinctively.  Laverne, careful to keep her nails away from anything sensitive, began to explore the soft crevice until Shirley's moans took on a tone of frustration.  She rubbed and stroked, brining her friend's thin lubrication to the fore.  Laverne took her wetness as a cue, sliding her fingers through the folks and then down, pressing one finger carefully into the clingy sheath.


Almost immediately, she met with resistance - confirmation of Shirley's virginity.  She wasn't disappointed, only worried - how far could an orgy go if one of the participants was still untried?  Pulling her finger free, Laverne got down on her hands and knees, holding Shirley's pussy open.  Awkwardly, she flicked her tongue around until she found the familiar nub of her clit sticking out strong and bold.


When her lips touched Shirley's pussy, her friend seemed to lose all control on her inhibitions.  She cried out, one hand clutching her own breast, the other in Laverne's hair.  Laverne smiled at her friend's open desire - then she began to lap at the twitching folds surrounding the clitoris.


Shirley let out a wail, her head falling back.  Laverne knew she was greedy for an orgasm but she held back, enjoying making her wait.  "Please," she muttered breathlessly.


Laverne spared the boys a glance - they were pumping one another's shafts eagerly, apparently uncaring that the touch rapidly bringing them to climax came from a man.  The sight and scent of those shiny cocks, dripping with precum and Vaseline, turned her on far more than Shirley's pussy.


"Please!" Shirley's moans brought her back to the task at hand.  Returning to her task, Laverne began to lick the exposed folds harder and harder, finally sucking directly on Shirley's clit.  "Vernie!  Oh!"  her friend squealed, spasaming hard, bowing forward like a reed as she came to climax. 


For long moments afterward, Laverne kept her mouth on Shirley's trigger, giving her soothing and occasional licks until she finally came down from her high.  The thighs clutching her ears went loose and jelly-like, the stomach muscles relaxing.  Laverne surfaced, licking her fingers more for the boys' benefit than Shirley's.


"Good as you remember?" Laverne whispered.


Her response was a flying tackle, as Shirley pressed her to the ground and smothered her with kisses and caresses.


Laverne relaxed utterly beneath Shirley's touch.  Shirley was frantic to please her, and the strength of her suctioning mouth hardened her nipples, stiffened her clit, whetening her pussy.  Her thick nipples soon shone with Shirley's saliva, her pussy stuffed with two of her friend's fingers.  When another began to circle her anus, Laverne gasped.


No one had ever played with her butt before - when Lenny had brought it up once she'd found the idea disgusting - but somehow Shirley's little finger plumbing her backdoor made her loosen up even further.  She was done for by the time Shirley began to imitate upon her clitoris the rites they'd enacted so many years before.  It suddenly mattered that this was her best friend working her over until she reached a thigh-quaking climax - that the person touching her seemed to be enthusiastically enjoying what was happening.


When Laverne regained her bearings, Shirley sat between her thighs, looking somewhat lost and bewildered.  Smiling, Laverne sat up, wrapping her arms around the girl and hugging her tight.  What Shirley had done for her body was an act of love - what she had done to Shirley's body was mostly done to arouse the boys.  Still, the act had been one of lovemaking - one just as intimate as the one she'd experienced with Lenny.  If only Shirley was a man!  "I love you," she whispered.


Shirley's eyes were just as bright as she pecked Laverne on the cheek.  "I love you, too."


From the bunks, a round of applause began.  The girls watched their boyfriends as they whistled and applauded, and they shared a glance and a roll of the eyes before getting up and walking over to them.


"I guess you liked the show," Laverne suggested.


"I think they liked it a lot," Shirley added.


"Ohh yeah," Lenny enthused.  "So, now that we're ready to go, what do you girls want to do?"


"It's your birthday, Len," Laverne reminded him.


Lenny shrugged.  "Wanna play in the tail on the donkey?"


"Since Len don't have any good ideas, how about a daisy chain?"


"Daisy chain?" Laverne asked.


"Like this," Carmine said, lying down on the floor.  "I lie down over here," he lay prone on the floor.  "Shirl, get over her and lie down on your belly, with your face in my lap."  She did so, though her face was not precisely in his lap rather than hovering over his plump erection.  "Now Len, you go lie down and put your face over Shirley's pussy."  Lenny grabbed Laverne off the bunk, his hands around her waist - his brute strength arousing her as he led her over to join the chain.  "DeFazio, put your big mouth to good use on Len over there, and I'll take care of you."


The old, forbidden thrill made her tremble.  "That's the last time you give me an order, Ragusa," she said, spreading her legs over his open mouth.


Carmine laughed at her retort, the vibrations of his tongue causing desire to course through her pussy.  "Okay,

ladies and gentlemen," he said, in his best announcer voice, "link the chain in one, two, THREE!"


The next five minutes were a whirl of orgasms to Laverne.  THIS was what a love-in should be, she decided during a second of coherency - fun, laughter, silly games - no commitments, no hassles.  Carmine's technique was dogged and insistent, compared to Lenny's, which was languid and playful.  As the circle continued onward, Laverne realized that Carmine also tired pretty easily.  The gaps between orgasms widened further and further.  Laverne thought to herself wistfully that Lenny could probably eat her pussy for hours and hours without end or complaint.  She knew that Carmine would probably break up the circle in a short while.  Laverne looked over to her best friend.  Even Shirley was having fun as she deep-throated Carmine with ease, her hips wiggling in rhythm to Lenny's tongue.  She watched them, enjoyed them while she sucked Lenny's cock and spasmed with the occasional climax until, predictably,  Carmine detached his mouth from her pussy.


"I don't wanna come in your mouth, Shirl," he told his girlfriend, and Shirley surfaced, a look of surprise on her face.  Lenny's mouth was thoroughly glued to Shirley's pussy - when Laverne stopped sucking his cock, he stopped eating her. 


Shirley blushed.  "All right," she sat up beside Lenny.  Without meeting Carmine's eyes, she said, "what do you need?"


"A slice of cherry pie."


Shirley's eyes widened.  "You don't mean to ask me"


Carmine's reaction was pure contempt.  "You wanna be in an orgy and stay a virgin?"


"I - I'm not sure..."


Carmine rolled his eyes.  "There's the Frigid Francine I know." 


Laverne glared at Carmine.  "Shut up!  She don't have to do it with you if she don't want to!"


"Who says I don't want to?"


Laverne's head whipped to the left, to see Shirley stripping off her panties and lying down, her legs spread and her pussy opened before Carmine.  "Fuck me, Carmine.  I'm ready."


Her consent affirmed, Carmine went about the business of preparing himself with the studiousness of an intern.  "You on anything?" Shirley shook her head.  "You got rubbers, Len?" Carmine asked.


"Second drawer, under the roller skates."


Laverne scooted over, cradling her best friend's head on her lap.  "Shirl," Laverne worried, "you sure you wanna do this?"


Doubt danced in her friend's eyes, but her chin was resolutely firm.  "Yes.  It's about time I joined the swinging 60's." 


"But you've been waiting for your wedding night for years.." Laverne pointed out.


"I know."


"And you're gonna end up losing it here?  On Lenny and Squiggy's floor?"


"You don't understand, Laverne," Shirley said, watching Carmine apply a rubber to his solid, nicely-sized erection.  "If I don't, he'll dump me for sure this time.  But if I do, maybe..."  she couldn't continue the sentence, her cheeks pinkening with hope  The truth slammed into Laverne like a ton of bricks - Shirley was doing this to keep Carmine with her, away from ushers and playgirls and the fresh-faced girls sniffing after him.  She was evolving before the relationship could die.  It felt wrong to Laverne, but Shirley was mistress of her own fate.


Out of the blue, there was prince charming, between Shirley's knees, nudging them apart.  "Hey," he said playfully, "I got you something."  He opened his right palm, holding out a little toilet paper rose.


Shirley smiled wanly.  "Where did you get that?"


"I found it in Len's dresser," he scooted closer to her and added, "you can back out any time you want, Shirl."


"I know you'd stop if I asked - but I don't want to.  I want you to make love to me."


Laverne smiled despite herself - to Shirley, what they were doing was still lovemaking, no matter the location.


Carmine pressed the rubber-sheathed tip of himself between Shirley's thighs - instinctively, she widened them and raised her hips.  "You gonna stay there?" he asked Laverne.


"Yeah," she took Shirley's hand in hers.  "If it hurts too much, I'll make him stop," she added  with a great sense of foreboding she watched Carmine slip himself into Shirley's warmth, inch by inch.


There was a brief pause, a murmur of discomfort from Shirley and a comforting squeeze from Carmine upon her breast, then he reared back and pushed forward.


"Ouch," muttered Shirley, but she raised her hips until he penetrated her entirely.  Laverne stroked her friend's temple, not watching the action but her best friend's face.




"I'm fine," Shirley laughed, the sound a little watery.  "Geeze - it was just a little pinprick."


"Little?" Carmine remarked, sounding hurt.


"Oh, hush," she swatted his arm lightly. "Now, how does one do this?"


"Learning to fuck," Carmine said gravely, "is like learning to dance.  Slowly when you're starting to learn," he demonstrated, sliding easily in and out of her opened pussy, "then faster."


"I...see..." Shirley licked her lips, moving in the rhythm, apparently enjoying herself.


Laverne looked away from the scene, feeling as if she were witnessing something private and personal that was none of her business.  To her amusement, she saw Lenny picking at the blanket instead of playing with himself.  He looked up, and they shared their mutual discomfort with a smile.  She gently let go of Shirley, and her friend propped her head up, to better kiss Carmine.


"Man," Lenny said lightly, fondly, "you sure screw like a dancer."


"You saying I'm a sissy?" As if to prove he wasn't, Carmine started to jam himself into Shirley hard and fast.


"Ow!  Carmine!" Shirley reprimanded.


"Sorry, Angelface.  I forgot you're new at this." 


There was a cold politeness in Carmine's tone, and Shirley's face turned a subtly grey shade.  Laverne realized she couldn't watch them consummate their relationship.  The light tone she'd intended was lost in the silent battle they were conducting with every parry and thrust of their hips.  Laverne began to find the old blanket just as fascinating, and the room fell to silence, abandoned to the sound of Shirley and Carmine's panting rapidly reaching pitch and tempo in a series of animalistic moans.  Laverne returned her attention to the scene when she felt a warm presence hovering over her body and was nearly bopped in the nose by Carmine's fist.  He was standing over the bed and peering around it, holding the bottom of the rubber to the base of his dick.


"You got a wastepaper basket?" he asked Lenny.


Lenny shook his head.  "You'd better flush it."


Carmine grumbled, heading off to the bathroom.  On the floor, Shirley sat up, looking dazed and somewhat discontent.


"You okay, Shirl."


She shrugged.  "It was an experience," she repeated her earlier words.  Somehow, Laverne wondered if this was her code for "I hated it."  There was an air of sadness about her, and of finality, though Laverne couldn't name the source of her disappointment.  "I'm sort of sore," she added.


"Why doncha come over here and I'll kiss it better, Shirl."  Lenny chuckled.  "I ain't gonna go down on you or nothing, considerin' you're bleeding and all..."


Shirley looked down at herself, wide-eyed.  A trickle of blood had run it's way down her thigh, and she let out a squeak of dismay. 


"There're towels in the bathroom," Lenny said.


"I am NOT putting one of your towels on my..." she blushed and rushed to the bathroom, nearly knocking Carmine over as he emerged.


"What's wrong with her?" Carmine asked.


"Nothing," Laverne smiled.  "Too bad you came, Carmine - I'm starting to feel a little bit frisky," she announced.


"Yeah, you wanna little more?" Carmine teased. 


"I wanted you to fill this," she spread her knees and hunched her hips, "with a little cock, but it looks like a windsock."


Puffing out his chest, Carmine grabbed Laverne by the hand and pulled her to the floor.  "Gimmie a couple of minutes.  Len, take care of Shirl for me?"


"Sure thing."


By the time Shirley had cleaned herself up, Carmine and Laverne were making out on the floor - and Laverne barely noticed her friend's return.  She abandoned herself to Carmine's slightly-rough handling, and their old love-hate desire resurfaced to prepare her.  She didn't expect tenderness or consideration with Carmine - he nearly bit her nipples as he sucked them - she only expected a good, hard fuck and an orgasm.  There was an air of lacidasical about him, as if he didn't care who he was playing with.  Roughly, his fingers slammed up into her pussy without warning and she cried out.


"Laverne?" Lenny worried.  He had spread Shirley out over the bottom bunk and had been kissing her inner thighs.  Shirley and Carmine traded looks that hinted of competition - there was an unspoken evenness in this trade.


"She loves it," Carmine said, and to prove his point, he began to finger-fuck Laverne with abandoned.  Laverne was so loose and well-prepared that she could only moan her acquiesce and begin banging her hips back, slamming herself onto Carmine's fingers.  This was the sort of sex she liked but was somewhat afraid of - the spice of roughness.


He shoved her onto her back, and then flipped her onto her stomach.  She felt the hairy, damp pressure of his groin against the spread of her pussy.  "Have you ever had it in the ass, Laverne?"


She blinked in disbelief at the question.  "Lenny tried that once.  I said no."


He was putting on a rubber.  "You'll love it."


"No," Laverne said sharply.  "I won't."


"Come on, Laverne..."




"I won't hurt you.  And if you say 'stop', I'll stop."


She felt his fingers tracing the starfish pucker of her nether hole.  Laverne shuddered at the sensation - what he was going to do to her would probably hurt a hell of a lot more than the little tickle.  "If I say stop, stop.  Or I'll beat the hell out of you."


She felt something chilly and slick being smeared upon her.  Vaseline, she recognized from the smell.  Sighing, she tucked her head upon folded arms, staring morosely into space, keeping her butt positioned mid-air.  "Okay," Carmine said.  "Here it comes!"


Laverne braced herself for an intensely painful sensation, but was only rewarded with the sensation of being spread and then filled with something firm.  As he began stroking in and out of her, Laverne decided that the being fucked in the ass wasn't exactly a turn-on for her - especially when it was combined with no other stimulation - but it didn't hurt.  It was just weird. 


"Fuck yeah," she heard Carmine mutter, "tighter than any pussy."


Laverne waited out Carmine's thrashing as he fucked her.  Bored, she began to play with herself, then winced as she rubbed a sore area upon her clit.   The things women do for men, she thought.  She was aware of Shirley's soft, muffled cried and realized Lenny had brought her to climax - how, she couldn't tell, as she was facing a very boring-looking wall.  Abruptly, Carmine's thrusting became wild and less automatic - an orgasm was approaching, definitely not hers.  Suddenly, he bucked hard against her and began to spasm, grunting a few more 'yeahs' as he emptied himself into the rubber.  Then he slumped forward and pressed her to the floor under his squat weight.


As he recovered, Laverne chuckled to herself about her old, forbidden fantasies about Carmine.  If she'd known back in Milwaukee that he'd choose to fuck her up the ass instead of consummating things the traditional, romantic way, she would have laughed herself sick - and hightailed it up to the boys apartment to get a piece of Lenny.


Carmine finally climbed off of her, allowing Laverne to roll over and catch her breath.  He was looking down at her, his eyes filled with masculine pride.  "Tell me that wasn't the best thing you ever tried."


Laverne smiled wanly.  "It was an experience."


Carmine shrugged, standing up and heading over to the bathroom.   When she looked at the bunk beds again, Lenny and Shirley were lying still, watching her with still-amazed, wide eyes.  Embarrassed, she held out her hand.  "Can somebody help me up?"


Lenny was over beside her in a second, helping her to the bunk and setting her down.  The sensation of sitting, she realized suddenly, would never be the same again. 


"What did that feel like?" Shirley whispered.


"Weird." Laverne replied honestly.


"I hope he doesn't ask me to do that." Shirley's eyes flared.  "You don't think he would, would he?"


Laverne nimbly avoided the question.  "I wonder what Rhonda and Squiggy are doing."


"Maybe they can hear us through the vents and they're having their own fun," Shirley suggested. 


"Not exactly!"


Lenny instinctively hid himself behind Laverne as Rhonda peeped around the doorframe. 


"Hi ho!"  she grinned, taking in the scene with sagacious eyes.  "Rhonda was wondering where the party went, but she didn't expect this."


"Hi.  We're having a love-in," Shirley explained.


"A love in?!" Rhonda chuckled.  "How quaint! Love-ins are so very 1964!"


Laverne gritted her teeth.  "It's for Lenny's birthday."


"Uh huh," Lenny said, sounding embarrassed by the entire concept now. 


"I guess that means," Rhonda said, unzipping her glittering golden gown.  She shimmied out of it showily, kicking it aside, then reached behind her, unclasping a black silk under wire blouse and then shimmying out of her panties,  "that I have to take my pants off or get out."


Jealousy made Laverne's body pulsate as Lenny gaped at the sight of Rhonda.  She was the very image of sculpted, American perfection - huge vanilla ice cream tits with strawberry nipples, a trimmed bush - probably dyed to make the cuffs match the collar, she decided - all on a set of too-impossibly-long legs.


Before she could breathe a word of question, Lenny was on his knees, mauling and sucking on Rhonda's breasts and nipples.  Rhonda giggled, sounding all the more like Marilyn Monroe.  "Oooh, that tickles."


"I thought I heard that voice!" Carmine chuckled, emerging from the bathroom. 


"Hello, Carmine," Rhonda cooed.  "Perhaps you could...take care of Rhonda downstairs?"


"Okay!" he was on his knees in an instant, then onto his back.  With a strange gesture of elegance, Rhonda squatted over Carmine's face, and he commenced eating her, rejecting Lenny's touch from her breasts.


Laverne and Shirley watched the act with a mutual sense of detachment.  Perhaps it was because every giggle, coo, sigh and moan that came from Rhonda sounded theatrical - her lashes fluttering like a starlet in the throes of heat.  As her hips moved in feverish circles, her skin remained icily perfect, her pupils perfectly focused and her skin dry, as if freshly powered.  When she reached climax, the sounds were definitely artificial, definitely fake.  The duration of her arousal and climax seemed to suit Carmine just fine - it was very quick.  Laverne couldn't believe that Rhonda had the guts to fake one at an orgy and broke into sarcastic applause for the performance


Rhonda stretched like a kitten, as if she had had a good nap instead of a good climax.  Then she climbed off of a laughing Carmine.


"Strawberry," he praised, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand, "I like it."


"You shouldn't use flavored douches," Shirley said absently.  "Ladies Day says they cause bladder infections."


"Rhonda doesn't subscribe to Ladies Day," said the actress, as if that invalidated Shirley's opinion.  With a predatory smile, she turned her eyes to Laverne.  "Laverne you look a trifle bit...tense.  Perhaps you could benefit from some TLR?"


"That means tender loving Rhonda!" Lenny grinned innocently.


"Yeah, Len, I got it," Laverne stood up, grabbed Rhonda by the hand, and then led her to the bunk.  Suddenly realizing where she sat, the actress seemed ill-at-ease.


"You don't mean to party with Rhonda on Andrew's bunk bed?"


"If it's good enough for Shirley, it's good enough for you," Laverne shoved Rhonda backward onto the bed, then crawled over her body until she could squat over her face.  "Now be a good girl and eat me while Lenny fucks you."


Lenny nearly fell over himself getting to the bunk and climbing in, so eager was he to do it with the starlet.  Jealously, Laverne saw Lenny's hands shake as he applied the rubber.


"Oh no no," Rhonda smiled, stilling his hand.  "No rubber for Rhonda!  She's on the pill!"


That was said with such lofty pride that Laverne couldn't resist taking the actress down a peg.  "I'm on the pill, too!"


"Yes, Rhonda's sure you are," she said in a condescending manner.


Laverne rolled her eyes and cupped the back of Rhonda's skull in her hand, mashing the starlet's face into her pussy.  She was promptly subjected to a technically adroit but passion-free clit job, and as much as Laverne tried to concentrate on the feelings, there was no love or warmth behind Rhonda's actions and those facts alone cooled her ardor.  She may not have liked what she'd done with Carmine, but she had to admire his enjoyment of the act.  She looked up from Rhonda's vanilla-colored body, locked eyes with Lenny - the poor guy was thrashing away trying to get some kind of reaction out of her pussy. 


"Hey Laverne," Lenny said, just loudly enough for Rhonda to hear, "don't use none of those flavored douches.  I think they make your pussy numb."


His disapproval caused a flurry of motion in Rhonda, caused her to eat more passionately and buck up into Lenny's hips when he stroked inward.  But Laverne's body was stubbornly sensation-free to every appeal Rhonda made. 


"Kiss me," Laverne smirked.


"Why?" Lenny asked.


"'Cause I want you to kiss me, dope!" Lenny complied, and she clung to his flexing shoulders, but even this didn't improve the sensations.   "You can do better than that, Rhonda," Laverne coaxed.  "I just got screwed in the butt and I think I deserve a little sympathy..."

"You loved it!" Carmine insisted stubbornly.  He had Shirley pressed against the bedpost behind Lenny's head and was screwing her, using the post as a ballast.


"Yeah, I sure did," Laverne snorted.  Concentrating on Lenny, she reached over and began to play gently with his nipples.


Abruptly, Carmine began to jar Shirley's body against the post, rocking the whole bed violently.  She clung to it, groaning, her eyes fluttering as she came to a climax.    They hung limply against the side before flopping companionably to the floor - when he pulled out of Shirley, Laverne noticed that Carmine remained rock-hard.


"Hey Carmine," Lenny said, pulling out, "you want some of this?  I think I'm done."


"Sure," Carmine said, dissentangling himself from Shirley and pulling off the rubber, which he flicked into an empty pizza box sitting on the boys' kitchen table.


Rhonda shoved Laverne off of her and onto the floor.  "Done?!  No one is ever DONE with Rhonda - Rhonda simply moves on to the next conquest."


"Conquest this," Carmine suggested, jamming himself into Rhonda's pussy.


"Oooh!  Fuck me!  Fuck me hard, daddy!" she squealed.


"Eew," Lenny muttered, turning back to the girls.  "C'mmer, Vernie,"  Lenny flopped down on the floor and helped her climb over his body, until his cock sunk fully into her pussy.  "Ride 'em cowgirl, baby," he ordered.


"Yee-ha," she retorted.  On top was one of Laverne's favorite positions, and Lenny always made it exciting by swaying his hips on her down stroke, causing his cock to rub up against new and exciting places inside of her pussy.  She responded by lunging downward against him, long and hard, driving the firm thick length of his cock as hard as she could into her churning pussy.


"Hey Shirl," she heard Lenny saying.  Her friend had been sitting alone, her head against the bedpost, seemingly wiped out by their activities.  Laverne opened her eyes to see Lenny wiggling his tongue at Shirley.  A soft giggle sounded, and Shirley crawled over to Lenny, spreading her legs wide over his face.  Lenny quickly looked up at Laverne, wiggling his brows before burying his face in Shirley's snatch.


"Oooh," Shirley sighed.  Laverne just grinned, cupping Shirley's tits as she began to screw Lenny in earnest.


The tableau didn't shift for quite some time.  Lenny's lazy willingness to build up orgasms in women drew Laverne and Shirley separately to the edge of orgasm over and over again, only to yank them back with velvet hands.  On the bed, Rhonda and Carmine fucked roughly - Laverne watched them briefly, noted how noisy they were, and then the redness of Rhonda's skin, the slackness of her jaw, the wild motions of her hips.  Carmine had some how found Rhonda's kink, and he was exploiting it for all he was worth.


Suddenly, Laverne felt soft, feminine fingers parting the upper portion of her labia, tickling and teasing her clit.  She locked eyes with Shirley - beautiful blue eyes, she was a sucker for them - who winked at her before rubbing her clit evenly, gently, but carefully. 


"Ohhh, come with me, come with me," she ordered Shirley, but from Lenny's speeding hips he took this as some sort of signal as well.  Shirley's blue eyes widened and she began to undulate more violently - Then she lurched forward into Laverne's arms, one hand still on her friend's jiggling pussy.  The two women locked mouths, wailing as one - experiencing something neither of them had felt before, a simultaneous orgasm.


When  her body stopped throbbing, Laverne could hear Lenny mumbling to Shirley  "Can't- eeth!" 


"Shirl," Laverne panted, "get up.  You're smothering Len."


"Sorry, Leonard," Shirley apologized, climbing off of him and looking down to see the red-faced blonde wipe his mouth on his arms.  "Good gravy, I'm exhausted," she said, plopping back onto her rear end.


"S'OK, Shirl."  he panted.


"No it's not," Laverne pointed out.  "You didn't come."


Lenny grinned lazily, tucking his arms behind his head.  "Why doncha make me?"


Laverne sped her stroke.  "When you put it like that...."


"Hey Laverne," Carmine called from the bed, pulling out of Rhonda.  "Room for one more?"


"You didn't come?" Rhonda cried out, a near-accusation.


"Sure, Carmine."  Secretly, Laverne gloried in the attention they were lavishing on her.  "You wanna take the backseat?" she wiggled her rear end at him.


"Nah - I gotta try some of that pussy."


Laverne and Lenny locked eyes.  She raised an eyebrow, questions dancing inside.  He sure as hell didn't need to give her permission to fuck someone else - he had apparently fucked Shirley and definitely fucked Rhonda without a complaint from her  - but Laverne took the word she'd given to him very seriously, even if they had both been lost in passion at the time.  Lenny took a deep breath, then pasted on a social smile.  "Sure," he pulled out of Laverne.  Sore as she was, Laverne walked over to the bunk beds - Carmine sat at the edge of the bottom bunk, arms and knees spread and a Hollywood grin on his face.


"Don't I need a rubber?" Carmine asked.


"Nope.  I'm on the pill."


"You didn't lie about that?"


"Nope."  she sheathed him easily, then bounced experimentally upon him for a couple of strokes.  Pausing, she looked over her shoulder, where Lenny waited with a dripping cock.  "Come on, birthday boy - give it to me!"


Lenny chuckled - a low, naughty sound.  She felt his heat behind her and the tip of his cock piercing her well-lubed ass.  Laverne sighed in pleasure.  Carmine's cock in her pussy seemed to take away the strange feeling of having another in her ass - instead it doubled and tripled her pleasure, instead of mitigating it.  wrapped her arms around Carmine's shoulders, her legs around his waist, Laverne allowed the boys to set the rhythm and pace, filling her to the brim with rock-hard prick in every stroke.


Beside and around Laverne, things moved.  Rhonda flounced to the floor, coaxed Shirley into trying some trick she'd done at a party once - they lay prone on the floor, Rhonda's long leg trailing up Shirley's torso as they rubbed pussies, Rhonda's left leg curled up and around Shirley's hip, their clits rubbing and their labias frictioning together.  Laverne was aware and yet unaware of it all, but the amount of cock being pounded into her was enough to obliterate reality.  She began to come sheerly from the mental thrill it gave her.


"Fuck me!" she bellowed at them both, eyes squeezed tight to block out the rest of the world.  "Who else could fuck me this good?"


Something warm and wet caressed her cheek abruptly, interrupting her reverie.  "Len, I toldya not to lick me like that."


"That ain't me."


Laverne opened her eyes to meet a couple of hair-coated knuckles and something soft and damp pressed against the side of her face.  She looked up to see two dark eyes watching her, trying to gauge her reaction.


"Hello," said Squiggy.


"Ugh," she began to ram herself down onto Carmine as hard as she could.  "Not here, not now."


"Hey, Squiggy," Lenny said lightly.


"Hey, Len," said Squiggy as if this happened every day to the two of them.  "I see the orgy started without me!"


"It's not an orgy!" Laverne panted.   "It's a love-in!"


"Love in, shmove-in.  Now close your eyes and open your mouth and I'll shove something into it."


"Classy," said Laverne, but she took Squiggy's prick into her mouth anyway.


The fact that she was sucking Andrew Squiggman's cock barely registered with Laverne at the moment.  She was filled to the brim with flesh and she could care less who it belonged to, as long as it stayed hard and kept pleasing her.  In her frantic heat, she no longer distinguished  what body part belonged to who.  As long as it made her come it was all right.


And she was coming - coming at a blinding speed, squeezing Lenny and Carmine to death and nearly choking on Squiggy.  The climax so obliterated her consciousness that when she came back to herself she was alarmed to see something long and maroon-colored hovering between her eyes like Damocles' sword.  "Wouldya get that footlong outta my face?" Laverne complained.


"That ain't no footlong, Laverne," Lenny announced.  She could see his blue eyes shining, like a proud father.  Laverne -barely - wrapped her fist around the thing pressed to her forehead and pushed Squiggy back a little.


She got a good look at what she was holding and shrieked. 


"What's wrong - ain't you never seen a real man?" Squiggy teased.  Laverne could only babble inanely.


"It - it's...Squiggy, this can't be real.  I can't fit all that back in my mouth!"  For, truthfully, Andrew Squiggman brandished the biggest cock she'd ever seen in her life.


"It's a family trait," he bragged.  "My Pop always said to me, 'son, if you can't measure it with a yardstick, it ain't Squiggman.'"  He flopped down on the bed beside her - totally nude, she realized with a start, and hairy as a black bear, and shouted, "so, who wants to ride the Luuuuv train with me?"


Her mild panic - a panic that was ruining the orgy - made her push Lenny back, freeing him from her ass.  Then she climbed off of Carmine and sat down beside him.  "Sorry, Squigg - I can't."


"I wasn't talking to you.  Rhonda?"


Rhonda had disengaged herself from Shirley at Laverne's warning shriek.  She stared at Squiggy's tool, her legs instinctively squeezed tightly closed.  "No way!"


Squiggy's face fell.  "Oh.  I...see." 


"I'll take care of you, Squig!" Lenny offered brightly, but Squiggy shoved him away.


"Whattya think I am, a fruit?" He got up, grabbed his pants, a sadness in his eyes.  "I guess I'll go back to your place and finish eating Len's cake..."


"Andrew," Shirley said quietly, "you didn't ask me."


Squiggy turned around, surprise on his features.  "Why would you wanna do it with me?  It ain't like you like me or anything."


She guided him to the bottom bunk - which Laverne and Carmine quickly cleared out of - and sat him down.  "You would be surprised to find out what I like, Andrew," she said softly.  "Besides, you looked so sad..."


Shirley bent over Squiggy's body, kissing his lips softly.  To no one's surprise, Squiggy responded quickly, but to everyone's surprise he began to run his hands gently over Shirley's soft body, rubbing her breasts and stroking her upper arms.  In silence, Laverne watched from the floor as Shirley kissed and caressed Squiggy back, her tenderness in equal measure.  The affection between them was palpable, and stunning to everyone, apparently even the participants themselves.  They seemed to be lingering in a private paradise that no one else should witness, or could fathom.  Laverne was reminded of the way she felt about Lenny and felt an uncomfortable heat crawl across her face.  Shirley was making love to Squiggy the way she should have made love to Carmine.  Why would Shirley want to be with someone who looked like Squiggy, when she could fuck Carmine until she was blue in the face?  Laverne was stricken flat once more by the truth - it was an act of love.   Shirley was making love to Squiggy out of pure love.  And he was doing the same.  Laverne rested her face against Lenny's chest and sighed to avoid dealing with the weighty truth.


"Ohh!" Shirley cried.


"Hurt?" Squiggy asked.


"Noo..." Laverne opened her eyes to see Shirley take Squiggy's cock into her pussy slowly, carefully, lovingly, until she amazingly reached the root.  Their eyes were locked together as they began to rock back and forth, up and down, lips meeting briefly from time to time.  Suddenly, they shifted positions, Shirley lying flat out upon the bed and Squiggy re-entering her in the missionary position.  They seemed to take an eon to get where they were going - and when they did Shirley fell over  the edge first, a soft squeak exiting her mouth as she clung to Squiggy's shoulders.  Squiggy's own climax was reached with a moan and a sharper, deeper thrust.  Then he came to rest upon Shirley's body with a deep sigh.


"Squiggy," Shirley muttered sleepily, "I love you."  She cradled his head against her breast and closed her eyes.


Then they were both asleep.


The four other members of the orgy stared blankly at the bed, at what they had witnessed.  That it was above the ordinary went without saying, that it was extremely private and personal obvious.  The light mood Laverne had strived so hard to keep had been shredded beyond repair in those simple words "Squiggy, I love you". 


Laverne came out of her shocked daze, seeing Carmine staring pale-faced at the bed.  Lenny, at her left, looked just as worried, but of course for a completely different reason.


Rhonda broke the tension, standing and shrugging.  "Since this orgy has turned into a big yawn, Rhonda will take her leave."


"Okay," Laverne shrugged.


Rhonda crept about the room, carefully picking up and putting back on her garments.  "Rhonda just wants you all to know she's moving to Beverly Hills on Monday," she smiled brightly.  "Thank you so very much for the surprise goodbye..."


"It wasn't for you..." Laverne continued.


"And what a clever way to sneak it by me - Lenny's birthday!  What cards you are!" bright eyed, she grinned.  "Keep in touch.  Especially you, Carmine."


Both men watched Rhonda exit the apartment - Lenny with a less-than-fond look and Carmine with one somewhat dreamy.  When she was gone, the dancer seemed to realize where he was.  "I guess I should go to my place and take a shower."  He stood up and began to gather his clothing.


Laverne's eyes brightened.  "I wouldn't say that...would I, Len?" the possibility of having her fantasy instantly brought Laverne back to throbbing life.  She reached over for Carmine and began to lick the tip of his dick, bringing it back to life, holding him in the depths of her throat and then suckling upon him, gently.


Making eye contact with Lenny, Laverne rose her brows, darting her eyes from Lenny to Carmine.  By some miracle, after she did this five times he finally figured out he was supposed to do.  Retrieving the forgotten tin of Vaseline, Lenny snuck up behind Carmine, slipped to his knees, and lubed his fingers.


Carmine's squawk of surprise nearly made her choke on his cock.


"What the hell are you doing, Kosnowski?" he growled


"He's just doing something I asked him to do," Laverne grinned, letting go of Carmine and reclining, legs spread.  "Me and Shirl had a lot of fun tonight with each other.  But you boys've barely touched each other..."


"We already talked about this!" Carmine said, his voice coming out in a slightly higher pitch as Lenny began to probe Carmine slightly more deeply.


"Yeah, but that was before you did me up the butt," Laverne smirked, spreading her legs even wider and.  "I think turnabout is fair play, Carmine," her fingers slipped between her thighs and she began to stroke herself, slowly.


Lenny and Carmine shared a nervous look.  "It don't make you homo," Laverne added, "if I'm watching."


Carmine shrugged.  "Yeah - as long as I'm not queer.  I mean, it's an orgy and..."  his voice died as Lenny shoved his cock, full-bore, into Carmine's waiting ass.  "Christ!" he muttered.  "Warn me!"


"Mmm," Lenny hummed thoughtfully.  Carefully, he began to stroke in and out of Carmine - and Carmine, preceptibly, began to relax. 


"Does that feel good?" Laverne purred.  "Does it feel good, having his big cock in your tight little ass?"


"I don't - mmm...yeah..."


Laverne watched as Lenny increased the pace - any prospect of tenderness disappearing in his slamming force.  "You like that, Ragusa?" Lenny asked, grabbing Carmine by the hips.  He was plowing the hell out of the smaller man, and Carmine grabbed onto the bedpost to keep from falling over.  "That's for the time you kicked me in the head when we were playing dodge ball!  This is for when you trapped me in my locker in seventh grade!"


"Yeah?" Carmine was half-laughing.  Lenny was revenge-fucking him and he was enjoying it! "What else are you gonna punish me for?"


"Shut up and get fucked!" 


Laverne had stopped playing with herself.  The gentle fantasy she'd had of the two men pleasing one another had disappeared under the near-violence of what Lenny was doing to Carmine.  This was a dark part of him, the part she knew existed but had never really met up with before.  She was somewhat horrified by what she played witness to but couldn't stop watching.  It was less of  turn on and more of a train wreck, and she looked at a peacefully-slumbering Shirley and Squiggy to right the world.  It was then that she noticed white streaks marking Shirley's inner thigh, pale evidence of the fact that the sex she had had with Squiggy was completely unprotected.  Worry filled Laverne.  When Shirley re-entered her right-of-mind it was going to be an ugly scene.


Lenny had reached around and grabbed Carmine's prick, rubbing it firmly.  "You do love this."


"Yeah," Carmine snarled.  "I love it.  I love your cock.  I love cock."  He opened his eyes, gazed unseeingly into space - his body jerked as he shot all over the inside of Lenny's palm. 




Laverne wheeled around to see Shirley sitting up in the bed, Squiggy's arm loosely draped across her lap.  She was pale and wide-eyed, watching Carmine get screwed by Lenny.  Laverne saw Shirley's entire countenance change from sadness to emotionless, the light in them diminishing as she teared up, not in reproach for the act, but for what they all knew; she had lost in Carmine.


"Shirl," Carmine moaned.  "Please..."  But he was trapped by Lenny's hips, which hammered their way through a guilty climax.


Numbly, Shirley disengaged herself from Squiggy and took several blind, unseeing steps.  Laverne reached out for her.




Gently, she shook off Laverne's touch.  "I need to take a shower," she said to no one, then  stumbled out the door.


"Shirley?" Squiggy muttered, awakening once her warmth had left.  Seeming not to notice Lenny pinning Carmine against the bunkbeds or Laverne standing nude in the center of the room, Squiggy stumbled to his feet and followed the brunette out the door.


Within seconds, Carmine struggled his way free of Lenny's collapsed body.  Lenny stirred to life, and the guilt in his eyes said everything about what Laverne herself felt.  "Hey, Carmine, I'm sorry..."


Lenny's answer was a punch to the jaw.  "Let me go, you fag!"


Lenny shoved the smaller man toward the door.  "I ain't no cigarette, Carmine!"Lenny snapped at him, rubbing the side of his face.


Laverne could care less about what Carmine was saying, her mind entirely focused on Shirley's haunted look. "Shirl!" she yelled out, starting for the door, but Lenny stopped her.


"She'll be all right."


"How can you be sure?"


"She will.  She has Squig now."


The slamming of the front door seemed to loosen something inside of her.  Reality closed in, and her guilty mind began to chant to her that she was a whore who had wrecked her best friend's greatest dream and best chance for happiness in one night.  She was a whore.  She should run to Saint Francis', fall on her knees and pray a novenas until she felt pure and whole again.  She was a whore....Then warm arms disrupted her self-abuse, encircled her, pulling her close to his heart.  She unloaded her emotions, accepting the gentle rocking of his body and allowing herself the release of sobbing against Lenny's chest.  They had a connection that went beyond what they had done, and Laverne couldn't help but acknowledge it fully.


Keep it light?  Who was she kidding?  She loved him.


Lenny gently pushed her backward, rubbing away her tears, kissing her forehead.  "Your face is leaking," he teased her, his voice low and soft.  His sweetness only made her feel worse.


"How can you touch me?" she asked him.


"'Cause I like to touch you."


"Even after what I did?"


Lenny frowned.  "You're the same girl you was this morning."  She looked into his beautiful eyes and knew he was speaking the truth.  "Why are you so sad?"


"I'm a horrible person, Len," she sniveled.




"I wrecked Shirley's chance to be a virgin on her wedding night."


Lenny shook his head.  "Was I just at a different orgy?" despite herself, she laughed.  "You didn't make Shirley do nothing she didn't want to, Vernie."


"It meant a lot to her, Len.  She didn't think being a virgin made her special or anything - it was just that she believed in commitment and one person forever and ever until death, and tonight wrecked that."


Lenny shrugged.  "She'll get over it."


"You don't know Shirl that well."


"She will get over it, Vernie," Lenny insisted.  "Squig don't care if she ain't a virgin."


"She's not gonna marry Squiggy," Laverne muttered glumly.


"Will she?"  Laverne looked at Lenny in surprise.  "I think she figured out something about Squig tonight."


"I think we all figured that out," Laverne muttered.


"Besides that," Lenny rolled his eyes.  "I think she figured out she likes him."


"Does he like her?"


"He's always been crazy about Shirley."  Unspoken thoughts thickened his voice. 


"At least someone really is.  She did it with Carmine tonight 'cause she thought it'd keep them together."


"I think she and Carmine are through." Lenny pointed out. 


"I'll say," Laverne sniffled. 


"And that's good for him, Vernie.  I think he ain't the guy for Shirl.  I don't think any girl's the right girl for Carmine."


"He seemed pretty happy with Rhonda."


Lenny shrugged.  "Yeah, maybe if she buys a strap-on they'll get together.  Shirley don't need him.  She's got plenty of people who love her," Lenny's eyes glimmered.  "Like you."


"Yeah, but not that way."


"I noticed.  That's too bad, 'cause I think she likes you that way," Lenny blushed, "the same way I feel about Squig."


Laverne's eyes widened.  "You like Squig the way Shirl likes me?"


"Yeah - but he ain't ever gonna feel that way about me, the same way you ain't gonna feel that way about Shirl," he looked down at his lap and began playing with the invisible blond hair on his thigh.  "'Sides, there's someone I love even more than Squig."


Laverne's stomach sank.  She knew this day would come - for all of his bravado and insistence on independence,  Lenny often talked often about having a steady girlfriend, falling in love, and having a family; someday in the near future, when he was no longer "the :Lone Wolf", he would say.  Someday had apparently come.  "What's her name?"


She heard Lenny gulp.  "You know her.  You see her every day."


Laverne wanted to throw up.  She wanted to purge herself of the foulness of day and go back to Sunday, when she and Lenny had been two lovers together alone in their life's oasis.  "Do I work with her?" she tried to keep her voice from shaking, reminding herself that she had no right to be upset, that what they had shared together was batting practice, nothing more or less than that.




"Did you meet her on the beach?"




"Does she work at Cowboy Bills?"




"You're in love with Sabriana Boush, again aren't you?"




"Maria?" Of course - the girl was pretty, tiny and blonde, nothing at all like Laverne.


"I don't know no Maria."


"Then who is it?"  Lenny turned away.  "You owe me that much, Len - just tell me who it is!"


"You don't wanna know."




He stood up, walked away from her, looked out the tiny kitchen window into the dark night.  "You remember what you used to say when we were kids back in Milwaukee, Vernie?  You used to be jealous of me and Squig.  You'd say 'boy, I wish I was a guy.  If I could have all the fun you have without getting in trouble, you couldn't...'"


"...Keep me home on a Saturday night," Laverne parroted back.  Knowledge began to awaken her.


"And now you got that chance, Vernie," Lenny said softly.  "You could vo-deo-do-do with the whole Navy and you wouldn't get in trouble, thanks to the pill." He turned back to her and walked toward her.  "I don't mind settling for being with you sometimes, but it ain't fair of me to tie you down when you're just starting to live out your dream."


Tears blurred her vision.  She stood and met him halfway.  "Who said this was my dream?"


Lenny recoiled a little.  "But you said..."


"I've already spent time with other guys, Len.  Between the time we first did it and the time we started up again, I played around a little.  But none of that stuff made me happy - not the way I thought it would." She wrapped her arms around his neck and rested against his shoulder.  "Back in Milwaukee, I thought all I wanted was a couple of good times, a little fun, and some laughs.  But the older I get - the more time I spend with a swell guy who actually loves me," she felt him stiffen under her skin and then relax, "the more I remember how much I want to fall in love."


Lenny held her face between his hands.  "Are you sure you and me is what you really want?"


"Tonight proved it better than anything could!  I hated watching you with Rhonda and Shirl.  Hell, I even felt jealous about Carmine."  That made Lenny laugh.  "I guess I ain't a free-love kinda girl, Len.  What I really want is you."


"Good," Lenny squeezed her fiercely.  "Cause all I ever wanted was you."  He let go of her and walked over to the bunks.  "Bout time you came around!" he teased her, and then she laughed through her tears.


She watched Lenny use a stepladder, climbing up to his bunk.  "Can you stay here tonight?"


"Yeah."  She heard two doors slam loudly down the hallway.  "I think Shirl wants to be alone tonight."


"Squig, too....I think."


Lenny helped her up to his bunk and found it to be surprisingly clean and cozy.  He tucked her under the covers and spooned his body against hers before turning out the small lantern he'd kept glowing on the top bunk for "ambulance".  She relaxed against him, leaving the tensions of the day to seep out of her skin and her mind to wander off to sleep.


He spoke again abruptly.  "Vernie?"




"In case you was wondering - the girl I'm in love with is you."




"They might make you think you're happy - yeah, maybe for a minute or two.  They can't make you laugh - they can't make you feel the way that I do" - Everclear, "I Will Buy You a New Life"