Just a Little Bit
By Missy

SERIES: Just a Little Bit


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RATING:  PG-13 (Adult thematic material, language)

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SPOILLER/SUMMARY: It's Squiggy's party, and he wants Lenny to go into the closet with....

NOTES: Inspired by Straylight Run's "Existentialism on Prom Night".




"Hey, Lenny."


"Hey Laverne."


"Uh...I guess we should start..."


"We don't got to."  her voice is sour. 


"No! Everyone'll be able to tell if we don't."


"Geeze!  Don't whine like that - I swear all the dogs in Bloomington can hear you."  She can barely see him in the thin light coming from below the door.


Then there's nothing but blackness as he reaches forward and kisses her.


Her mind wanders.  His hands are nice.  Big, but nice.  The way he touches his waist, she almost forgets that he's icky Lenny from downstairs. 


His tongue is in her mouth - she didn't tell him he could do that - but it 's in her mouth now.  Anne Marie didn't tell her it would feel so...slimy.  Slimy but nice.  Her breasts tingle like they do when she thinks about doing this with Fonzie.


Her hands tangle up in his cowboy shirt - no, Fonzie's shirt she tells herself - plaid running over her nails like a river.  His hands are under her sweater and going up, up.  She wants to rejoice when his palms caress her through her bra.  She wants to laugh - she wants to bless Squiggy for his stupid party game idea.  She can feel something...something...


A white light pierces the room.  "Hey, lovers!  Time's up," yells Hector Kestenbaum.


Instantly, she shoves him away, scrambling to her feet.  Lenny glares up at her, wiping his cherry-colored mouth, a strange shadow passing over his face.  She tears out of the closet and is immediately met by Shirley.


"You didn't let him, did you?"


She looked back at Lenny, receiving his hearty congratulations from Squiggy and Hector.  His blue eyes burn every cell in her body to extinction.