I Threw Rice At Your Wedding
By Missy

TITLE: I Threw Rice At Your Wedding


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PAIRING(s): L/Fonzie; Mentions Fonzie/Other (Ashley Pfister)

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SETTING IN TIMELINE: Milwaukee Timeline

SPOILLER/SUMMARY: "I'm all right with it." (past Fonzie/Laverne)

NOTES: Inspired by another fic entirely, Pat's Happy Days Futurescript.  In it, the gang attends Fonzie's wedding and Squiggy catches the bouquet.  In this one, Fonzie's marrying someone entirely different, but it's sort of inspired by it.




It was over.


Laverne brushed stay flecks of rice off of her black skirt as she and Shirley wedged themselves into the front seat of Lenny and Squiggy's truck.  It had been a nice wedding, formal and tasteful.  Ashley and Fonzie were a perfect pair, and even she, one of Fonzie's ex's, thought so.


Everyone had told her she was holding together remarkably well, as if they expected her to break down at the least wind.  She couldn't fathom why - sure, she and Fonzie had dated on and off for years, but she'd never expected to marry him.


Why, she couldn't precisely say.  She'd never tempted herself with the image of herself as Missus Arthur Fonzarelli, mother to his children - it had seemed so unattainable.  FONZIE had always seemed so unattainable.


Who knew that some woman would be able to drag him down to earth and make him mortal. 


And everyone thought that person should have been her.


Laverne knew that their personalities were too strong.  When they weren't fighting or making out she found herself staring worshipfully at him, and adoring your husband to the land of the immortals wasn't something to base a marriage on.


She glanced over at Shirley, who was still dabbing her red-rimmed eyes with a lace hankie.  She had been denied Carmine and even her chance at the bouquet, which Squiggy tapped impatiently on the knee of his tuxedo, dusting the cab of the truck with petals.


It was Lenny's look that caught her.  A flicker of concern in his eyes, he said softly beneath Shirley and Squiggy's irritated whining.


"You're gonna be okay, Vernie?"


She didn't have to think.  "I'm all right with it."


His shoulders relaxed, a smile formed on his lips.  Eyes twinkled brightly at her, and her heart throbbed.


Maybe she'd be doing better than she ever dreamed.