Fourth Chair
Chapter One
By Missy

TITLE: Fourth Chair
PARTS: One of Undetermined
RATING: PG-13 for one adult reference and one mildly salty word; use caution.
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SPOILLER/SUMMARY: Laverne and Lenny's daughter may be a great cellist in the making; one whose intelligence makes them feel both blessed and mystified. Can they possibly let her go to New York alone?


Lenny mopped a dribble of sweat from his brow. His eyes lifted to the blue sky, staring up at the cloudless day in exhaustion. He dropped a wrench back into his toolbox, deciding that now might be as good to take a lunch break. The van wasn't going to get any more fixed, and he wasn't going to get any closer to a nice turkey sandwich.

A screen door led him to the kitchen; blue walls and black floors soothing him as they always did. A smile formed upon his lips at the sight of his wife, humming to herself as she put together a sandwich. Wicked intentions overcame him; as in their childhood play, his teasing took on the form of adolescent desire.

He reached out and snapped her bra.

Laverne nearly dropped her sandwich. "Len!"


She rubbed her behind. "I'm gonna get ya for that."

He wiggled his brow. "I hope."

She lunged toward him, pulling him backward, landing her halfway into the refrigerator. They kissed for a moment before Laverne pulled away.

"Len, this'd be real sexy if I didn't have my butt in the Jell-O."

They righted themselves before she kissed his lips once more. "We gotta get ready to pick up Aria."

Lenny nodded, enthusiasm shining in his eyes. Aria. They had named her on Laverne's recommendation, because the little girl had been born screaming into the world.

As he changed, nerves overtook him. Things had been fine between them when she was younger. In fact, they had been inseparable for most of their youth.

Then she began developing intellectual skills. Incredible intellectual skills that surpassed his own. She read at a sixth-grade level at the age of twelve.

And then she picked up the cello.

He closed his eyes, remembering her playing, knowing how good she was. Feeling supremely jealous of the world, because it was taking away his daughter bit by bit.

But it intimidated him to be around her, deeply. And he only hoped that she didn't notice..

He and Laverne drifted down, to their old beaten-up pickup. Dressed as tastefully as possible, they drove from their split level, in to town, to pick up their daughter.

An art school the world seemed to know Lenny couldn't afford, and was paid for monthly by scholarships.

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