First To Go
By Missy

SERIES: First To Go
PART: one of one
Author: Missy

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CANNON/SPOILERS: None; futurfic
SPOILLER/SUMMARY: Laverne's a cancer survivor; can she deal with her new body?
NOTES: Cancer is a very personal thing to me. It can be survived. My little homage to the survivors of the world.


The mirror told her things would be fine.

The nightdress didn't show what was missing; indeed, it provided ample cover. Unless you looked really hard, you couldn't possibly notice the padding.


He lay in their bed; still boyish, despite those wrinkles around his eyes.

Waiting for her, again.

"Comin'" She called, putting away her toothbrush. Once more, she regarded herself.

Her hair had grown back; not as thick as she had wished, but fine, in a feminine way. Surprisingly fast. Her skin had recovered, as had her spirits. She was grateful, healthy, in the clear.

And petrified.

"Vernie..." His voice held faint impatience. With a sigh, she pulled away from the mirror and entered the bedroom.

She remembered the day of her diagnosis...cancer. Breast cancer. It was her worst nightmare. He had been so strong; throughout the chemo, the radiation...the frightening days after her mastectomy. He had seen her in so many unappealing ways and situations that she was sure he would leave her.

But he had waited with her, held her and the kids up.

The only time she had seen him cry was when she beat her prognosis; when she was declared cancer-free.

She had cried many more times over; an ocean of tears.

Now, holding out his arms, perfectly naked (he was far too excited about tonight, she laughed to herself), tenderness lapped at her heart.

"Baby," He said, "You're so beautiful."

He rarely called her baby. Only when he was very admiring of her (throughout the birth of their first child, he called her baby almost constantly). He hadn't ever had much of a vocabulary in the first place, but his awe of her had seen fit to extinguish the rest of it.

He kissed her throat...her neck and chin...and the straps came down.

She couldn't meet his eyes.

"If you don't...I understand."

He tilted her chin up to meet his gaze, "Vernie...I love you. Do you remember how much?"

She smiled, "Enough to stop me from doin' stupid stuff?"

"Yeah." He kissed her scar; the place where a nipple would have crowned her flesh. He nuzzled her, holding on with both hands. "Vernie." It came on a sigh. "Do you think it matters?"

She sighed, "With someone else, it would."

"There ain't gonna be anyone else." That old jealousy rose between them, and she tried not to laugh.

"Not now."

"Not ever?"


He lay there; heavy in his passion; hot against her thighs. Part of his body insisted upon more, but his mind, at the moment, was in control.



"Promise me..."


"You'll let me die first."

She caught his face between her hands, "Don't say that."

"If I learned something from all of this, it's that I don't wanna live without you."

Tears came to her eyes, "Lenny...Do me a favor?"

"mm hmm?"

"Make me forget."

He did.

The End!

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