By Missy

TITLE: Fireworks
PARTS: One of One
RATING: NC-17 (lang; sexual content: M/F, Anatomical refference);
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PAIRINGS: I really need to try some Shirley/Carmine, I swear...
SPOILLER/SUMMARY: Happy Fourth! As Lenny tells Laverne...


"I love your pussy."

She glared at him, warningly intoning, "Len..." She hated that word, and he knew that, but he savored it.

"It's a pretty word." He said, softly, then chanted it, "And you're pretty. And you have a pretty, soft Pus-sy..." His hand deliberately traced the pouting outer lips of the soft place he referenced. "Puss-ee." His accent became heavier, his breath causing the already roasting car to become hotter. Despite their total nudity, the heat seemed to penetrate their very skin, sending a vibration through the air.

"Pussy." He whispered once more, before parting her to the glow of the street laps.

She was moistening already; despite her dislike of the word and the lack of preamble, simply being with Lenny at their point in this relationship spread a comfortable buzz through her body. Laverne gloried in it; she rolled her hips, seeking his fingers, which tickled before they stroked.

Their eyes locked; this was another part of being with Lenny that she loved. Totally involved with the act, his eyes were lit with an unearthly blue flame.

She shivered; her moisture grew, and he grinned cockily at her.

"Len." She tugged at his arm urgently. He felt only a tiny bit distant; with her former lovers, oceans had stood between them. Stimulating her was just something they did to get her hot enough to suck them off or fuck them. With Lenny, who actually cared about her pleasure, it was so different from everything she had known that she felt like a virgin in his arms.

It helped that he wanted her so much, and that so few women had touched him before. The end result made him so appreciative of her that she wanted to cry.

"What?" He asked, rubbing her deliberately, knowing that the higher his touch fell, the more pleasure she seemed to feel. "This?" He asked her.

She groaned. She wanted him inside of her, but to keep touching her; she also knew that Shirley and Carmine could keep themselves occupied at the park with their hot-dogs for only so long. "I.." She started.

He lowered his mouth to her breast, his fingers whispering over her clitoris.

Laverne made a noise...a strange noise. It almost sounded as though he were strangling her...well, their position was strange, true. He looked down to see if he was crushing any part of her.

What a picture she made; eyes screwed tightly shut. Hair mussed up. The locket he had given her rested between her firm breasts, which rose and fell as her arousal grew. The olive of her skin reddened slightly about her throat, and he knew that when she came (when; not if. He was calmly sure of that) her skin would turn crimson.

Her nails dug into his rear; enough of an expression of emotion for him. It forced him to lose his grip on her lower body, sending her to the cushion below with a squeak of the springs.

Her eyes opened, and her hand deliberately went to the most sensitive part of his body.

His breath hissed out as she gently handled him. "Well, I love your cock, Len." She said, even though she knew that the word meant nothing to him. She could feel his heart beating, beneath the placid smooth of his skin, the hard, solid heft of him. "So we're even." She squeezed him gently, and his eyes almost flew out of his head.

"Rubber." He choked out. Her fist uncurled around the plastic-wrapped circle.

He applied it by himself, even though she wanted to help him. Her mouth watered, but there wasn't enough time.

A resounding boom and a flash of green light told her that they had about fifteen minutes.

"Y'Know." He said, as his hands slipped smoothly down her throat and to her breasts, "I like more than your pussy, Laverne."

"Mmm?" The heat between them was evaporating rational though; she wanted only to kiss him, hard and brainlessly, until her most sensitive spot was filled with the proof of his desire.

"Your titties are nice." He said, palming them gently; his hands enveloping them. "Cause your nipples always stand out real hard when you show 'em to me."

"Mmm?" She asked, as he experimentally stroked the tips between his fingers, "Yeah?"

"And when I do this.." He paused, to lip the point he had failed to touch in their earlier petting. "You shake. And they get even harder. And it makes me want to suck on 'em..." He pulled it into his mouth, and, true to his word, she shivered. "And I get to see this freckle," He stroked her her ribcage, "Bet no other guy ever noticed." He was right. "And I love your belly..." He wiggled against her, getting her into a familiar position, "Cause it holds me up real nice."

She rolled over, figuring that this might be a more convenient position in the cramped space. An orange sparkler lighted the space between them. His erection, cloaked by the rubber, was nakedly obvious, "How about this?" She wiggled her hips, the moisture he had brought to life within her dripping like honey in the colorful light.

"Your butt?" She nodded, "I like grabbin' it."

She rested her chin on her arms; in this position she was spread wide open for his advance. "Please?" She whispered.

"But, best of all.." He deliberately slowed as a burst of blue and red (it looked like a chrysanthemum, Laverne noticed) appeared over their heads. "Is your pussy." He nudged her lips apart, and she bit down upon her lip, "'Cause it holds me," He slipped into her so easily, almost as if he were a part of her, "So tight." He whispered, like an honest compliment.

She wiggled her hips. "Oh, Lenny...Yess.." hissed Laverne beneath her breath. Lenny, however, was out of words. She felt him withdraw...or try to. In their position, there had been room for him to enter her, but not enough to thrust as strongly as he wanted.

Laverne felt a large hand spread itself across her abdomen, urging her upright, on her knees in front of him. He was half-kneeling on the back of her knees, but she was mindless to any pain. In that position, they could create a small amount of friction. He parted from her and re-entered, kissing her bare neck.

He talked throughout the entire event, telling her how beautiful she was, how tight she felt, how good she was, and how lucky he was that it was him with her.

She ground against the pressure, and the little bit of velocity he had seemed to vibrate through her. She squeezed him with her internal muscles, never wanting the pleasure to stop.

His hand tightened on her abdomen, the other finding her breast, roughly massaging it. She tossed her head backward, resting it against his shoulder, trying to work her hips against his stroking. The friction stopped and he rubbed his hips against hers, creating an entirely different heat.

The sky was on fire with red and gold and copper-colored sparks; her breathing intensified. All she could her were Lenny's words, "Sweetie" and "Baby" and "Honey." She WAS his honey, and honey was when she felt like; smoothly flowing over him. The rubbing was so intense that it seemed to set her ablaze.

It ended swiftly, as the sky exploded. She fell apart first, going entirely limp as the first wave hit her. Then she stiffened, nearly falling over with the intensity of those first contractions. "God!" She uttered, overwhelmed.

In the distance she heard "YesYesYes...God!"

The pulsation came from him, from the sky, from herself.

The world throbbed with life.

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