Bloody Kisses
By Missy

SERIES: Bloody Kisses
PART: One of an undetermined length
RATING: R-ish (For bloodletting, character death, and general supernatural/horror themes)
PAIRING(s): Shirley/Carmine, Lenny/Laverne
DISTRIBUTION: To Squeaky, LW, Kai and FG so far; any other archives are welcome to ask, but disclaimers must be included, my email left intact. send a URL, and provide full disclaimers as well as credit me fully. Please inform me if you are going to submit my work to any sort of search engine. Please do not submit my work to a search engine that picks out random sets of words and uses them as key words, such as "Google"
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CATEGORY: Horror, Drama, S/C
SETTING IN TIMELINE: Slip it in anywhere during the Milwaukee years.
SPOILLER/SUMMARY: Carmine learns too late just the lesson Shirley's been trying to teach him for years: don't fraternize with strange women...
NOTES: I've been planning this fic for over a year ;-). Thought it would be interesting to see what kind of a vampfic could come out of the L&Sverse...

It all started with a tiny bump on the back of his neck.

He had forgotten it was there. Then he sucked all of the blood out of the raw pot-roast Shirley had brought to bake for dinner one afternoon. The following morning, the sight of sunlight sent him screaming to bed in pain.

This was not natural behavior for Carmine Ragusa, Golden Gloves champ of Milwaukee. It was abundantly clear, however, that this would be the norm for Carmine Ragusa, fledgling vampire.

He never should've taken up with that nightclub dancer. But she was so blond, big-busted, lovely. No man in his right mind would ever imagine that someone so sweet-looking could ever truly be a bloodsucker.

Well, he'd gambled with his life, and now he was screwed.

A skittering noise echoed through his brain; the key turning in his lock. His breath caught up in his throat. No, Shirl, don't screw your life up. Don't be on the other end of the door.

But she stood there; tiny, quiet, beautiful; she took off the kerchief she'd been wearing about her neck to conceal the twin bite marks that branded her as a vampire's thrall.

"I ain't gonna do it, Shirl."

"I want to, Carmine." She uttered simply, "Don't you see? I love you. There isn't anyone else I ever wanna be with..."

"It's too dangerous," He lamented, "You don't know what it's like to have these powers..."

"I love you, Carmine." She uttered. "It doesn't matter, as long as we're together..." Her head fell back, exposing the delicacy of her neck, "I'm not afraid, Carmine."

He stared at her, overcome by temptation. She was so willing, so completely willing; with a groan, he fell to his feast...

Damning them both. Eternally.

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