A Vow
By Missy


PART: 1 of 1



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SETTING IN TIMELINE: alt-canon for "Laverne's Arranged Marriage" with a little callback to "LBYL"

SPOILLER/SUMMARY:  I'll protect you, Vernie. Lenny and Laverne enter into a quickie wedding to keep Laverne from being shipped by Frank to Italy to go through with an arranged marriage (pos-L/L)

NOTES: Another out-of-nowhere drabble.





He watched the girl in white walk toward him with a ridiculous smile on his face.  The dress had been borrowed, and it wasn't flattering to her long form at all, but he thought she was beautiful.   The green eyes sparkled at him through layers of white netting, a friendly look that wasn't quite romantic.


I'll protect you, Vernie.


Squiggy's elbow grazed his ribs.  "Whatt're you laughing at, dummy?" he grumbled.  Lenny felt a wave of pity for his buddy.  Poor Squiggy, he didn't know what it was like to be in love, but more importantly he wasn't taking the idea of Laverne marrying him well at all.  Squiggy would get used to being alone - it wasn't too bad if you spent enough time with friends....


Shirley hung off of Laverne's thin arm, weeping angrily.  For days, she'd been trying to talk Laverne out of this foolishness.  Frank was just bluffing; he wouldn't marry her off to a cheese magnate against her will; he knew her behavior wasn't so embarrassing that she needed to be shipped away to Italy.  He was just kidding about not being able to stop the banns from going through now that they'd been posted; he was just a little mad at her for losing control at Max Shotz' party.  She hadn't been pregnant, had won those shorts in a chug-a-lug contest, and he saw his mistake and was trying so hard to correct it...


Lenny and Laverne knew better.  They'd heard the phone call, Frank's desperation.  There was only one way to stop her from becoming the bride of a stranger who didn't even speak her language...


They met eyes again - his head immediately rose up.  When their hands locked hers were smooth and soft.  Lenny calmed himself - his parent's marriage had been an arranged nightmare, and there was no higher dream than marrying a friend.


I'll make you love me, Vernie, somehow.


The priest had a heavy stutter, but they got through the ceremony in record time.  The kiss was gentle, if not romantic.  After, they walked hand in hand up the aisle together.




His eyes were desperate as they took in Lenny and his best Sunday suit.  Laverne cast sad eyes on her father as if he were a stranger.  "You're too late," she said flatly, and side-stepped him as they headed out of the chapel.


Alone with him in the car, she cried, twisting the ring further down on her knuckle (it was too loose; he'd begged Squiggy to get a smaller size).


"Vernie, we don't have to.  We could get an annulment..."


"It don't matter," she said, looking into the rear-view mirror and wiping her red-rimmed eye.  "What's done is done."  She looked like she wanted to cry again as she eyed the ring.


He added another vow to the one he'd made back in the church.


I'll never make you sorry this happened, Vernie.