A Virgin's Manifesto
By Missy

SERIES: A Virgin's Manifesto
PART: 1 of 1
RATING: PG-13 (Adult thematic material)
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CATEGORY: monolouge
SETTING IN TIMELINE: Post-Mummy's Bride.
SPOILLER/SUMMARY: "You Thought You Were The Bomb? Well Yes, So Did I" -Shirley doesn't rationalize, she just lives.


Gee, I guess you think there's something wrong with me for waiting for so long.

I don't think so. As much as Laverne might tease me, I know I made the right decision. A girl can wait and a boy can wait. When they don't, it leads to trouble.

I'm certainly not going to moralize; Laverne is my best friend, and I love her deeply and would rather walk through a burning building than hurt her. But when she's lauded for dating everyone and I'm condemned for leading Carmine on, it's sort of a double-standard, no?

I don't think anyone's noticed that I do more than tease Carmine. The things I've done for that boy...which a lady doesn't' discuss in public...would make sailor blush. We were even going to...'go all of the way' a few times, but it just never happened for us.

I do love him. No one else seems to understand that. I love him a lot, and I want to be married to him.

I just want someone to wake up with in the morning. And that's my decision.

The End!

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