A Rock, An Island
By Missy

SERIES: A Rock, An Island
PART: 1 of 1
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SPOILLER/SUMMARY: Lenny is alone, in a playground, during a snowstorm.
NOTES: 100 Words


He stretched out across the swing's body, bowing his legs, feeling the breeze upon his shirt-clad belly.

With eyes closed, he can see the heavy green of the grass in summer, smell the dizzying heat of roasting dirt beneath his feet. It is the same every year as it was when he was a child.

With eyes open, he sees coal-colored snow, heaped around the rusty swing-set.

Nothing in his life will change this afternoon. He doesn't want it to. Lying frozen against the straps, staring into the gray-lined sky, he knows the power of his own loneliness.

And revels.

The End

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