Title: Firefly

Category: Romance/other

Summary: Shirley uses a cowboy to help win the one thing in life she wants badly.

(This all takes place in California. Also, somethings, like songs, might not exactly fit the time, but the mood.)

P. 1-

Shirley is at a restaurant with Carmine and they were both quiet. Shirley felt s if she were going to fall asleep right in her food and Carmine thought he was going to kill himself if someone didn’t say anything. Then, the song "Firefly" by Ateens came on and people got up to dance. Carmine walked to the side of table where Shirley was.

Carmine: Would you like to dance my darling?

He had a sly smile on his face.

Shirley stood up and he led her out to the floor. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he put his arms around her waist. They danced in silence for a while until Carmine couldn’t take anymore. Right when Shirley thought she was going to fall asleep standing up, he spoke up.

Carmine: Shirl?

Shirley jerked her eyes open and her head went up straight.

Shirley: Yeah?

Carmine: …nothing…

Shirley: Are you sure?

Carmine: Well… are you having a good time?

Shirley: Of course… are you?

Carmine: I guess.

Shirley: What do you mean you guess?

Carmine: I don’t know… I mean… things just aren’t…

Shirley: What?

Carmine: They aren’t…fun anymore.

Shirley: So you’re not having a good time?

Carmine: Well… I am… but I’m not.

Shirley:… yeah…ok well… what do you want to do? You wanna leave?

Carmine: Well… no it’s not that.

Shirley: What is it then? Is it me? Is it us?

Carmine: Yeah. We just… we aren’t like we used to be. We don’t things and have fun. He always do the same thing.

Shirley: No we don’t. The other night you took me that barbecue place and then the night after you took me-

Carmine: See… we always do the same thing. We always go out to eat.

Shirley: Then we’ll do something else.

Carmine: Shirl… I don’t think you see what I’m saying. We’re boring. We do the same thing and we never get any closer.

Shirley: Well… maybe we need… time…

Carmine: You mean… apart? Like… date other people?

Shirley: Maybe it would help. You think?

Carmine: Yeah… let’s go.

He dropped his arms and pulled away from Shirley. She dropped her arms and stood there for a second the turned around to catch up with Carmine. She wished this wasn’t happening, but it was and it was her fault anyway. She was the one who suggested it. And maybe it would help. So she went on with him.

P. 2-

It was Saturday afternoon and Laverne and Shirley were messing around in the kitchen. Shirley was telling Laverne about the other night with Carmine.

Laverne: Well… maybe it will help things.

Shirley: Yeah… but what if it doesn’t? I mean, there are many other beautiful girls out there with blonde hair and big boobs with long legs. What would Carmine want with me? What would ANY man want with me?

Laverne: Come on Shirl! Don’t feel sorry for self-just because you’re short and you have brown hair and a bra with socks instead of cleavage…

Shirley turned to face Laverne with a mean look on her face and her hands on her hips.

Shirley: Thanks a lot Laverne.

Laverne: Sorry…look Shirl… you’re cute! You know you are! You can get anyone ‘cause you’re sweet and you’re cute! So don’t worry! Carmine will see that once he starts to date those floozies, they don’t want a relationship… all they want is one thing… and if they don’t get it, they don’t want anything to do with them. He will come crawling back to you because he’ll need the love and the care you give to a person. So shut-up and help me here.

Shirley bent down to help Laverne with whatever she was doing. Right then, the doorbell rang. They both looked at each other. Shirley had on a pair of dirty jeans and a plaid shirt that wasn’t tucked in and a dew rag on her head. Laverne had on a pair of cut-offs and an over sized shirt with holes and stains and her hair in a messy ponytail.

Shirley: Fine… I’ll get it!

Shirley took the dew rag off her head and fixed her hair so it was back to normal. She dusted herself off and then answered the door. And there, stood the most gorgeous looking man Shirley had ever seen. He was in a pair of nice blue jeans, cowboy boots, a light blue shirt that was tucked in and buttoned down to his lower chest so it was almost completely open, and he had a cowboy hat on. He had soft blue eyes with blonde hair and was about 5’7. He was holding a package.

Cowboy: Um… hi there!

Shirley almost melted when she heard his country accent.

Shirley: Hello. Can I help you?

Cowboy: I was hopin’ so ma’am. See… I’m tryin’ to get to this address and I can’t seem to find it. Do ya think ya can help me find it or give me some better di-rections?

He handed her a piece of paper with an address on it. The address on the paper was Carmine’s. It was in the building and Shirley decided she would walk him to the apartment.

Shirley: Sure… um… I’ll walk you. I’m not to good at giving directions. I wouldn’t want you to get lost.

Cowboy: It would be my pleasure miss.

She yelled to Laverne who had her mouth open at the site of the cute guy at the door and stood there as Shirley shut the door.

When they stepped out, she put his arm out so she could lock arms with him. She gently slipped it in his and they walked on.

Shirley: So… are you from around here?

Cowboy: No… I live in South Carolina. I came here to visit a friend on mine. Carmine Ragusa. You know him?

Shirley: Yes actually I do. We are really good friends.

Cowboy: Well ain’t that quaint?

Shirley: Yes!

Cowboy: Say, what’s you name?

Shirley: Shirley Feeney. What’s yours?

Cowboy: William Jackson. But my friends call me Billy. You mind if I call you Shirl?

Shirley: No! My friends call me that too! Well, this is it!

Billy: Well I thank you so much! Hey, do you think it would be all right if I stopped by your place and took you out one night?

Shirley: Sure that would be great! Just come by any time!

Shirley came back through the door and saw Laverne standing there with the same look on her face.

Shirley: Laverne? Laverne?

She shook her and she finally came out of her funk.

Laverne: SHIRL? Did you see that hot guy at the door? Oh my gosh he was to die for!

Shirley: I know, and he said was gonna come back by to ask me out sometime!

Laverne: Oh you lucky dog!

Shirley" But the bad thing is, he’s friends with Carmine.

Laverne: Oh too bad for you I guess I’ll have to take your place!

Shirley: Oh no! Like I said, Carmine and I are taking time off so that means I can date other man and he can date ugly women. So this is ok…

Laverne: Oh I see… you want to make Carmine jealous because it’s his friend?

Shirley: I do not! Well… sorta! I mean, it would help get him back… but Billy is really nice and I think we would have fun together!

Laverne: Oh so now you’re on a first name bases? So let me get this straight? You wanna use Carmine’s friend to get him back? What if you really like this "Billy" guy?

Shirley: That won’t happen! HE’LL probably have to go back from wherever he came from before I get to like him that well.

Laverne: Oh come on Shirl! You know how you get! He’ll end up asking you if you wanna come with him and you won’t want to make him feel bad so you’ll say yes and end up making the biggest baddest decision of ya life!

Shirley: You’re so… pessimistic and sure of your self! You don’t know that! I have a mission and I’m gonna stick too it! So don’t tell ME what’s gonna happen with my life!

Laverne: Ok then… 20 bucks says you’ll fall in love with him!

Laverne stuck out her hand to shake.

Shirley: All right then, 20 bucks says I’ll win Carmine back and I won’t fall in love with him!

Shirley stuck out her hand also and the shook.

Both: Deal!

P. 3-

It was about 8:30 P.M. that night and Shirley was sitting on the couch in some nicer and more comfortable clothes. She had on some nice blue jeans and a sweatshirt with a shirt that had collar, which was showing around the neck of her sweatshirt. She was reading a book when she heard a knock at the door. Laverne was up stairs organizing her socks, so Shirley got up and answered the door. It was Billy.

Shirley: Oh hi Billy!

Billy: Hey Shirl! Um… I know it’s kinda late, but I was thinkin’, Carmine and his friend Lisa were gonna go out and asked if I wanted to go and if so I could bring someone. So I was wonderin’ if you wanna go with me?

Shirley: Um… sure… where are you going?

Billy: We where just gonna take a walk and then walk by the dock, they’re having a party, so you might wanna bring a bathing suit.

Shirley: Well, give me a second to change and get ready.

Billy: Oh, well, what you have on is fine. It’s kinda chilly at times so you’d be better off wearing that. Just put your bathing suit on and you’ll be fine.

Shirley: Ok… be right back. Come in and sit down.

As Shirley walked up stairs, she was thinking to herself that she didn’t really like Billy. She didn’t like how he told her that she would be ok and told her what was what. She knew he meant no harm… but she didn’t like it. As long as she didn’t like it, she was ok. She also thought about the opportunity to get Carmine.

Shirley came down the stairs and she was ready to go.

Billy: Ok, you ready Shirl?

Shirley: Yeah, let’s go.

They walked out the door and were on their way.


As Billy and Shirley walked up to Carmine’s apartment to pick him and his "girlfriend" up, Shirley got nervous.

Billy: You ok Shirl? You look kinda… pale or something.

Shirley: Yeah, I’m fine.

Billy knocked on the door and Carmine opened it as Lisa walked behind him ready to leave. When Carmine saw Shirley he was stunned.

Carmine: Hi Shirl. What are you doing here?

Shirley: I’m going with Billy. He was so sweet to ask me to go with you all of you. You don’t mind right?

Carmine: Um… no…

He was till stunned.

Lisa: Um… Carmine… are you going to introduce me to your friend here?

Carmine: Oh yeah. Lisa, this is Shirley Feeney. I’ve known her since… a really long time… and Shirley this is Lisa. We just met a few days ago.

Shirley stuck her hand out to shake with Lisa. Lisa shook her hand. Shirley had to act like she didn’t care that Carmine was out with Lisa. She had to be careless.

Carmine: Well, let’s go.

P. 5-

As the night went on, Shirley was getting tired of Billy. She liked his good looks, but as for personality, it stunk. He talked way to much for her. She thought about the night at the restaurant with Carmine and how she as about to fall asleep. She felt the same way now. If this got anymore boring, Shirley thought she was going to have to grab Carmine and beg for him to take her back. But when she saw that Lisa and Carmine we laughing and having a good time, Shirley thought that would not be the right idea.

She decided to get things started and turned toward Billy and pulled him towards her and they started to make-out. Shirley knew this would get Carmine. When Carmine saw, he looked at Lisa and started to make-out with her too. Billy and Lisa were surprised at this sudden attraction.

Shirley saw that Lisa and Carmine where making out so she wanted to make it hotter. She stared to lean back on the ground until Billy was on top of her making-out. Carmine saw this and did the same thing. Lisa was on top of him too. Right in the middle of things, Shirley and Carmine looked at each other and then away again. Finally, Shirley decided to stop things.

Shirley: Well… look at the time. Why don’t we go to that party at the dock?

Everyone agreed. When they all got up Shirley and Carmine gave each other mean looks. They finally arrived at the dock and there were people dancing and talking. Just having a good time. There was a fire so there was enough light. Shirley saw Lisa take off her shirt and Shirley knew that she couldn’t top what Lisa had. She decided to keep her shirt off or she would look like a dork. Carmine and Billy both took off their shirts too. Shirley noticed that Billy had a much more attractive build than Carmine and that made her feel like she wasn’t the only one that wasn’t as attractive. She still had on her sweat shirt and her button up shirt on under that, so she took her sweat shirt off and rolled the sleeves up to her other shirt and buttoned the collared shirt down at little bit farther.

They were all sitting there while Billy talked and talked. Then the song "Firefly" came on. The same one that Shirley and Carmine danced to the other night when they decided to split for a while. They both looked at each other. Carmine got up.

Carmine: You wanna dance Shirl?

Billy and Lisa looked at them.

Shirley: Sure.

He put his hand down to help her up and she grabbed it gently. Billy and Lisa were shocked and watched them dance with their mouths open. Shirley put her arms around his neck the way she did that night and he put his arms around her waist the same way he did before.

They listened to the words.

"Firefly come back to me, make the night as bright as day.

I’ll be looking out for you. Tell me that you’re lonely too.

Firefly come lead me on, follow you into the sun.

That’s the way it ought to be.

Firefly come back to me."

Shirley felt as if she wanted to say that to Carmine. She wanted his back. Carmine thought the same.

Carmine: Shirl… I’m sorry about the other night. I don’t think that there is anyone else on this earth that is like you. I can’t have a real relationship with anyone else because people these days only want one thing. And I want someone who will give me the love, care and the time of day. You always do that. And to top it off you’re pretty and cute. You look like no one else. So, if you forgive me, I… I want you back Angelface.

Shirley smiled and looked down. Shirley remembered what Laverne said to her earlier. It was the same thing Carmine had just said. She should have known that Carmine wouldn’t be like that. She looked back up into his eyes.

Shirley: I feel the same way. I mean, I just can’t go on thinking that we weren’t together and I was with some cowboy that talks too much. It just doesn’t seem right with anyone else.

He smiled. He leaned down to kiss her on the lips and they stood still kissing in the moonlight.

Lisa and Billy saw this and got up and left mad. Shirley and Carmine saw this and laughed. They looked back at each other. They started to talk.

Carmine: I can’t believe you came with Billy.

Shirley: ME? He’s your friend!

Carmine: Yeah you’re right.

He started to unbutton her shirt until it was down to her lower chest and her top to her two piece was showing a little.

Shirley: I’m not surprise you went Lisa.

Carmine: Why?

Shirley: Well she’s got everything. Breasts, legs, a tan… blonde hair… I mean… she’s everything a man would want.

Carmine: Well you’ve got all that!

Shirley gave him a look that said "yeah right."

Carmine: You do! You have breasts! Really! You do! They’re not too big and not too small! And you have legs that thankfully aren’t longer than mine, because then you’d be taller than me! And you a slight tan, and you’re hair is the same color as mine, so that works perfectly.

Shirley: You always know how to make me feel better!

They smiled at each other.


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