Title: Fever

By: Mary Migilicuttie

Category: S/C Romance/ Drama

It was a cool night in July and Shirley and Carmine were walking outside under the sparkling night sky of California. They were holding hands and talking. Lately they became really close to each other. The time was about 9:30 P.M. Shirley knew Laverne was out with one of her boyfriendís and would not be worried. When they were walking, they heard a noise out of the silence. They stopped.

Shirley: Did you hear that?

Carmine: Yeah.

Shirley: I wonder what it was.

Carmine: Probably just an animal or the wind or something.

Shirley: Yeah youíre right.

They started on walking, but when they heard it again. They tried to analyze what it might be. It sounded like a muffled scream, and like someone was trying to escape. They both whipped around at the same time and Carmine started to walk forward slowly as Shirley crept behind. Just then, Shirley felt like something was behind her. She then felt a cold hand go over her mouth and felt the cold edge of a knife poke at her side. The hand pulled her back and threw her up against the wall. Carmine whipped around to find her but didnít see her anywhere. He then felt something hard hit his head. He fell to the ground.

MeanwhileÖ Shirley was still up against the wall with the hand over her mouth and the knife at her side. Whoever this was had another person and they were holding her hands so she could not move. She tried to break free but every time she did, the knife poked into her side more and more until she just stayed still, hoping they would let her go.

She couldnít quite see who the person was because they had masks on. The person who was holding her mouth and the knife looked her straight in the eye.

Person: Donít say a word.

Shirley stared at him with mean eyes.

Person: Now, youíre gonna do as I say, or this knife is gonna go right through you, understand?

Shirley didnít move. She just kept the same mean look in her eyes. Then she felt the knife stick her harder.

Person: I asked you a question!

Shirley shook her head.

Person: Good.

When the person turned his head around to say something to his friend, Shirley bite his hand that was over her mouth, causing him to drop the knife and run backwards into his friend that was holding her hands. This was her get away. When he started to hold his hand she kneed him the gut and pushed them both into a stack of cartons and the stumbled back. She ran off and couldnít see Carmine anywhere. She looked both ways, hoping that the other people would not be right behind her. She then saw him trying to get up over in a dark corner. She ran to him to help and was saying for him to hurry. She heard footsteps behind her and then saw the headlights of a car. While she was trying to help get Carmine up, she felt those same cold hands grab her and as she tried to fight, they threw into the road in front of the car. She saw white and the screeching of the tires, that was it. The people laughed and ran away, leaving, the driver, Shirley and Carmine lying there.

The driver ran over to Shirley and was shaking her. She then saw Carmine and ran over to him to help him up and then ran to the nearest phone to call the police.

It was late and everyone was gathered in the hospital room. Laverne, Frank, Edna, Lenny and Squiggy, and Carmine. They all sat there quiet, all crying. Especially Laverne and Carmine. To Laverne, it was her only best friend. She was like a sister to her and now she might never be that more. And to Carmine, she was the only one he had ever loved so much and he couldnít go on without her.

Soon, everyone was forced to leave, except one person and Carmine and Laverne fought over it. Carmine won. Laverne got a mad look in her eyes and her started to cry hysterically and ran from the room.

Carmine didnít care. There was no one in the room anymore and he turned off one of three light switches, making the room dim. He stood at the doorway and then slowly approached the bed of Shirley. She was in a coma and had severe head injuries. He just stared at her mad at whoever had done this to him Angelface. He then felt the weight of guilt come over him. If he had gotten up and had been strong enough to get up, he could have gotten those people. She wouldnít have been thrown in the street and she wouldnít be lying here in this condition. He sat down in the chair next to the bed and laid his head down on her thigh and cried. He held onto her hand tight and cried. He lay there all night crying and feeling guilty.

It was the morning and Carmine had woken up. He left the room for a while to wash up and Laverne went in to see her best friend. She sat there at her bed. She looked at Shirleyís soft face, which was now covered with bruises and cuts and bandages. She touched her face as if doing so would heal everything and she would wake up. Nothing. She just lay there lifeless. Laverne felt the tears coming down. She felt mad. She wanted to kill whoever had done this. Her friend who was this close to dyeing was laying in a bed in a coma, and not speaking to her. She wanted to make this person pay. She had so much she wished she could have told Shirley, now she couldnít say it. She didnít know her best friend was. She couldnít find her. She wondered if anything would be the same. What would she do without her? Her life would never be the same. She missed her, and never wanted to leave her sister like friend.

Laverne heard the door open and it was Carmine. He saw her crying and he walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder. She didnít move. He felt the tears roll down his own face and them Laverne turned around and looked at him. She saw his pain, and felt it too. She hugged him and they stood there in the sadness of the room.

Soon everyone was in the room sitting around crying. They heard the door open again and it was the doctor. He had news. When the doctor walked in, he felt the sadness and everything else that went with the possible losing of a friend and loved one. He just stood at the door and looked at their poor faces. All these people and all these sad faces. He had to get Shirley back. He now made it his goal and if he could get her back, he would feel proud and he would know he brought back someone who was truly special to them.

Doctor: UmÖ I donít mean to interrupt, but I have some news.

Their heads went up and they looked at him hopefully. He was disappointed that it wasnít good news.

Doctor: Well, I just wanted to tell you all, if Shirley here wakes up, she might now be the same Shirley.

Laverne: What do you mean? You mean I wonít ever get to see and be with my same best friend and she wonít be like she was?

Lenny: Yeah, we wonít get to joke around with her because she wonít be the same?

Frank: And I wonít be able to think of her as the same Shirley that was like a daughter to me?

Edna: And I wonít get to think of her as a good friend anymore?

Carmine: And I wonít getÖshe wonítÖweíll never be the same?

The doctor stood there and shook his head in disappointment again.

Doctor: But there is a possibility that she might be just fine! So we have to hope for the best! I want to let you all know that I am trying my best to get her back. I am devoting my work to this woman and I will, get her back. Thatís a promise.

He turned around and left.

Now it was about 11:45 P.M. and Carmine stayed at the hospital again with Shirley. He sat far away in a chair looking at her as he did the night before. But now he wasnít thinking, he was just staring.

As he was watching, he saw her head move. He jumped up and held onto her hand. He paged the doctor who came running in and Carmine repeated her name. She finally opened her eyes and looked at him. He smiled and she did too. She realized where she was and remembered what had happened. She reached up to hug him and then they kissed. The doctor came running in then. They pulled away and they both had tears in their eyes. Carmine ran out to go call the others.

The doctor now was satisfied and was happy he had succeeded. He checked her out and everything was okay. They ran some tests and found that nothing was wrong. She just had some cuts on her face that was now healing. They decided to let her stay in the hospital for a couple more days just to make sure everything was ok.

It was now about 10:30 P.M. and Shirley was asleep when she heard the door slowly open. She opened her eyes and saw the doctor standing there. He was about 5í8" with blond hair and blue eyes and had a nice build. Shirley thought he was very attractive. He stood at the door for a second then made his way over to Shirley. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her for second before he said anything. Then he finally spoke up.

Doctor: Shirley, I just wanted to say that I am glad you are ok.

Shirley: Well thanks, but why are you so glad? You donít even know me?

Doctor: Well, I know. I just saw all the sadness when you were lying there. All you friends standing around you watching you thinking there was no hope. I just wanted to tell you you are a very special person. Shirley: Well I would like to thank you doctor, for saving my life. If it werenít for you, I wouldnít be here.

They stared at each other for a moment and then he leaned in as if to give her a kiss. She pushed him back.

Shirley: Um, I think a simple "youíre welcome" would be fine doctor.

Doctor: Youíre right. Iím sorry, and youíre welcome.

He got up and walked away, running into Carmine. The doctor gave him a mean look and then walked out. Carmine just shrugged his shoulders and walked over to Shirley. He sat down on the bed.

Carmine: What was that about?

Shirley: UmÖ nothing.

Carmine: So when are you getting out of here?

Shirley: Iím not sure! Soon I hope.

Carmine: Me too. Look, Iím really sorry.

Shirley: What for? What did you do?

Carmine: Well if I hadnít been a woss I would have gotten up to save you and this wouldnít have happened.

Shirley: No Carmine, it wasnít your fault.

He got up and looked at the ground.

Carmine: Yeah it was Shirl, and you know it. I feel terrible. You could have been killed, and it would have been my fault. I was the one who thought we should have gone out that night, I was the one who was too weak to get up and save you, it was all my fault, and you died I donít what I would do. I donít know what Iíll do now knowing that I let this happen to you!

Shirley: Just shut up and kiss me.

Carmine: What?

Shirley grabbed his arm and pulled him over her and they kissed. When they stopped, they looked into each otherís eyes.

Shirley: It wasnít your fault!

Carmine: Well if you really donít think so!

They smiled.

It was the next day and the day Shirley was supposed to go home. She was walking down the hallway with everyone when the doctor stopped her. He grabbed her arm and everyone stopped to listen to him.

Doctor: Shirley, I need to tell you something.

Shirley: What?

He looked at everyone. He saw Laverne, Lenny, Squiggy, Rhonda, Carmine, Frank, Edna, and Sonny.

Doctor: Um, can I talk to you in private?

They walked around the corner.

Shirley: What is it?

Doctor: Well, while we were running tests, we found thatÖ wellÖ youíre pregnant.

Shirley: WHAT? How did this happen?

The doctor gave her a weird look.

Shirley: I meanÖ thank you!

Doctor: Iím going to give you the name of another doctor that specializes in that stuff and you can talk it over with her.

He handed her a piece of paper and she walked back to everyone.

Laverne: What, whatís the matter? What did he say?

Shirley: IímÖ IímÖ.

Lenny: Cancer?

Squiggy: Lethargic?

Rhonda: Diabetic?

Carmine: Shut everyone and let her talk!

Shirley: No, I donít have cancer, Iím not lethargic and I donít have diabetes. IímÖ pregnant.

Everyone looked at Carmine. He looked at everyone and then at Shirley.

Carmine: How did this happen!

Everyone looked at him again.

Carmine: I mean, who? We neverÖ I meanÖ you did this behind my back didnít you!

He got mad and didnít give her a chance to answer and he ran out.

They all stood and looked at her. She pushed everyone out of the way and ran after him, but she was too late.

It was about 10:30 P.M. and Carmine was sitting in his apartment all alone thinking. He had said that he loved Shirley plenty of times and said he didnít know what he would do if she died. Now he wishes that that car should have killed her while it had the chance. He felt betrayed. He then heard the phone ring.

Carmine: Hello?

Shirley: Carmine?

Carmine: What do you want?

Shirley: We need to talk. Iím coming down there.

She hung the phone up before he could say anything. After a few minutes, he heard her knock. He walked over and opened the door.

Carmine: What?

Shirley: You didnít give me a chance to explain to you.

Carmine: Fine.

She walked in and they stood at the door.

Shirley: You honestly think that I would betray you like that? You think that, I, Shirley Feeney, would actually go out and get pregnant by someone other than you? How could you think like that?

Carmine: What?

Shirley: You donít even know who the father is! If you gave me a chance you might not be in this way.

Carmine: So then who is the father?

Shirley: You.

Carmine: When?

Shirley: You remember that night when it was really late and we were over here and we went up stairs. Then you turned off the lights and it was rainingÖ

Carmine: Oh yeah! Iím sorry... I-

Shirley: Oh please!

She pulled his toward her and kissed him. They stood there forever and then they headed up stairs. Then they stopped.

Carmine: Can someone still have sex if they are pregnant? S

hirley: I donít know, but we can!

They started kissing again and then went into his room and closed the door.

To be continued

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