Part 1
By Lauren The Lone Wolfette

As Yet Untitled

The door to the girls' apartment opened and Laverne stopped, one foot in the door, causing Lenny to walk into her.

"Lookit her, Len. This is what she does when Carmine has a class to teach: she sits herself in front of the tv and doesn't move."

Lenny opened his mouth to say something, but didn't get the chance.

"Laverne, I *can* hear you, you know," Shirley said, then sighed. "I can't help it if he has that class on Saturday nights."

"Why don'tcha go out anyway, Shirl?" Lenny suggested. She glared at him and he shrugged. "Maybe ya'd meet some-"

Laverne cut him off with an elbow to the gut. "Len, shut up." She gave him a quick kiss, turned him around, and shoved him out the door. "See ya tomorrow." She closed the door, then went over and sat next to Shirley.

"I still can't figure out this dating thing you two are doing," Shirley said, then paused. "Maybe Lenny does have a point, though. I mean, I haven't gone out with Carmine in weeks, and he hasn't exactly done anything to change that..."

"There ya go, Shirl. You'll go out and make a new friend." Shirley stood up. "Uh, I don't think he meant right now," Laverne said. Shirley ignored her and left. Laverne shrugged and sat back. "Maybe I can get Len to come back down here..."

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