Christmas Stories
By Katie

Christmas Stories

by Katie

Archiving: A/U New York Series, LAS/WKRP Crossover. I'm only using Johnny. I'm moving him out of Cali just after he got fired for saying booger on the air.

One Shot. A fluff piece I came up with while still in the holiday spirit. All three stories take place on Christmas Night.
Rated: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own characters from Laverne and Shirley or WKRP in Cincinnati. I am my own character.

Kosnowki Home: Lynbrook, Long Island: 1974

She smiled as she stood in the doorway of the nursery. Laverne counted her blessings as she lovingly watched her husband sing their newborn daughter to sleep. "The Look, as a lullaby, go figure" she thought. She snuck away quietly and went back to bed. Lenny would yell at her for sure if he knew she were up against doctors' orders.

It was a difficult pregnancy, which ended in an emergency cesarean. Everyone begged her to stay in the hospital for one more day.
She wouldn't hear of it. Nobody was gonna make her stay in the hospital on Christmas Day. They bundled Noelle up and headed home. Lenny was adamant about her staying off her feet once they got home. Although, he and the other's kept their promise not to mention hospitals or doctors. They were tempted when they witness Laverne grit her teeth in pain at the slightest movement.
Everyone pitched in and made it wonderful day for mother and daughter. Lenny was grateful, especially to Johnny, who played with Joy and kept her distracted while Lenny took his weeping wife into the bedroom for a good cry and a few minutes of private tenderness. He gently set the baby down in her crib and covered her lightly. Before walking back to his and Laverne's room.

"I finally got her to sleep." He said, sighing as he sat on the bed. "How long were you standing in the doorway Vernie?" he asked her, smiling suspiciously. "What gave me away?" She asked guiltily. "I could her ya breathing." She couldn't get away with anything with him around. He could read her like a book. "Gawd Len, I'm wiped out." She complained. "I know baby, I know, You'll get ya strength back." He added, "You'll see, every day, you'll gain more and more." "Yeah, you're right, I just feel like a deflated balloon, that's all." She said as she rolled on her side with her back to him, "Sleep Vernie, just relax . . . and sleep." He soothed as he rubbed her back, the motion eventually lulled him to sleep as well.

Caravella Home: Brooklyn Heights 1975

Friends and family left early, a Nor'easter was heading up the Atlantic coast and nobody wanted to get stuck in it. Dishes were loaded into the dishwasher and leftovers stored in the fridge. Johnny got the fireplace going. He scanned the room, taking in the beautiful nine foot tree. They had a hell of a time getting it into the elevator. In fact, getting in through the door wasn't any easier. Lighting it and placing the star on the top almost killed them. Never again, they vowed. Six foot, maybe seven was tall enough.
He changed into the satin, red pajamas and matching robe, she gave him and she was wearing the green pair he bought her to go along with the gorgeous champagne ring she found in her stocking from him.

"Baby?" he called out to her, "Coming." She responded. Katie looked around the kitchen and hung up the towel on the fridge. She turned the fluorescent light off as she exited the kitchen. She was in awe at the sight of him. "How could this gorgeous wonderful man be my husband?" she thought as she let out a sigh. "Hey you." He said, affectionately, "What's wrong sweetie?" he said, tenderly wiping a tear from her cheek. Johnny took her in his strong, safe arms and held her close, slowly caressing her back in a slow, comforting, circular motion as he stroked her soft, dark, auburn hair.
"Nothing's wrong" she assured him. "It's just that, I came in here and saw you sitting on that window seat watching the falling snow and I . . . " "Fell deeper in love with me?" he finished her sentence." "Yes, that's exactly it, John." She professed. "I just can't believe you're here. "I just keep wondering what I did to deserve you."

"Ah honey." John sighed "C'mon over here and sit with me" he said as he led her over to their big comfortable couch. He grabbed a chenille blanket, which was draped over the back and draped it over them. Again, he took her in his arms and held her close as he caressed her, trying to warm her. "What or who made you think you don't deserve me?" he asked.

"Nobody. Nothing, I just can't get over how lucky I am, Great husband, cool friends, loving parents, fun job, terrific home, It just seems like . . . I don't know. A dream and I'm gonna wake up any minute." He tenderly lifted her chin up with his finger until she was looking into his big turquoise blue eyes. "It's real honey. You're not dreaming." He spoke as he slowly nodded his head. "I'm here." He assured her.
"I'll tell you something, If you're ever worried that I won't be, Don't okay?" he continued "I love you, deeply Katie, we're talking eternity babe." She smiled and they leaned in close for a long, tender kiss, that left them feeling warm and safe. "I love you too honey." She added before kissing him a few more times, each kiss lasting longer than the previous one. Falling asleep in each other's arms was the perfect end to a perfect Christmas Day.

Ragusa Home: Fairlawn, NJ 1978

John and Katie and John's daughter Laurie were the last to leave. Laurie was flying back to Seattle in the morning and they needed to get to bed early. Shirley sent them home with a load of leftovers.

Carmine was putting Scott and Todd to bed as Shirley put on Nat King Cole's Christmas Album. Carmine walked out of the boys' room and sat next to Shirley on the couch. She handed him a glass of champagne and took one for herself. "God, Carmine, I'm exhausted." She said to him with a sigh. "Tell me about Shirl, I think the kids save up their energy all year and then let it loose on Christmas Day." He added. "Laurie's great with them though." Praised Shirley. "Which marriage is she from?" she asked. "John said Paula's her mom, I think." He wasn't sure.

"Oh. Well it doesn't matter, she's very sweet, She looks just like him." Shirley observed. She stretched and stood up. "Well," she said, "I'm exhausted, I think I'll go to bed, The tonight show will be coming." "I'll be in there in one second, I'm gonna set the alarm and turn off the fireplace." He told her as he kissed her sweet soft lips.

Stretching, he stood up and turned on the burglar alarm, turned off the fireplace and checked the thermostat. As he scanned the room, he thought to himself. "Ragusa, you're a lucky man, It was a long road to get here but you made it, You finally got your break." He turned off a couple lights and disappeared down the hallway.

The End.