Journey of a Thousand Miles
By Shotzette

"Journey of a Thousand Miles"

By Shotzette

Rated PG

A sequel to Missy's "Desirous" series, and my own sequel, "Senseless"

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This is a work of fanfiction only. It was written for giggles, not dollars and is not intended to infringe upon anyone's copyrights anywhere.


Shirley Feeney shivered in anticipation when she heard the organ's chord strike an F flat.

Frank DeFazio smiled at her indulgently. "It's time."

Shirley smiled in return and took his proferred arm. The doors of the First Lutheran Church of Milwaukee opened slowly as both she and Frank stepped forward. The giddyness she felt nearly overwhelmed her, and she was grateful that she had an arm to lean on. Jack Feeney probably hadn't even heard about the wedding yet, despite her efforts. If her mother had known another way to reach him, Shirley knew that she wouldn't have lifted a finger to help. The fact that she was boycotting her own daughter's wedding when she heard who the groom was, said all that needed to be said.

And Shirley was okay with that. Finally. She was with the people who loved her, who'd been there for her through thick and through thin, and that's all she needed. She was just grateful that she finally had been able to see the forest for the trees and appreciate what was in her life, rather than only mourning what she lacked. The grin that spread accross her face as she smiled at her coworkers, friends, and Angora Debs; was huge and not photogenic at all. Grace Kelly would never have grinned so unabashedly, neither would Debbie Reynolds. She pitied them.

They obviously never married their Mr. Rights, she thought, as her eyes met those of her grooms. They'd never met a man who respected them, loved them, and accepted them. They'd never met the guy around whom they could be themselves.

Andrew grinned right back at her, his eyes suspiciously moist. He was beaming, and was standing straighter and taller than she'd ever seen him before. He had such a nice face when he smiled...

Behind him, as always, was Lenny. The tall blond couldn't seem to contain himself as he bounced on his heels with excitement. The quick, aggitated movements of his arms told Shirley he was doing everything in his power not to bite his palm. She knew without a doubt that Laverne had threatened to punch his lights out if he did anything to ruin the wedding.

Laverne. Shirley's eyes glanced to her left as she looked at her best friend since first grade. Laverne's smile and reddened eyes let Shirley know that she'd finally forgiven her for making her wear the poufy pink matron of honor gown that Shirley had insisted on. Standing by her mother's side was little Cathy Kosnowski, looking cherubic in her matching pink dress, as she ate the rose petals out of her tiny basket. Shirley shook her head and suppressed a chuckle. All was as it should be, and for once, it was good enough for her.

Shirley felt Frank's bristly mustache graze her cheek before her ceremoniously placed her hand into Andrew's left. Andy squeezed her hand firmly, the goosebumps that crawled across her flesh becoming harbingers of the evening's end at the Pfister Hotel.

"Dearly beloved," the minister began, as the next chapter in their lives opened.