Hollow Promises
By Shotzette

Hollow Promises

By Shotzette
Rated NC-17
Adult and Violent Content

This is a work of fanfiction only and is not intended to infringe upon anyone's copyrights anywhere.

This story is a prequel to Missy's "I Never Promised You a Pepsi Tree" and contains spoilers. PLEASE do yourself a favor and read Missy's story first. You'll be happy you did.

The stinging spray felt like it was shredding the skin from her form, but Laverne DeFazio still felt dirty. How, she asked herself as she lathered for the umpteenth time, how could this have gone so wrong? It was Fonzie, for godsake! Every girl's dream. Being with him should have been--well, a dream. Felt more like a nightmare, she admitted to herself. No romance to speak of, and whatever passion she had felt earlier in the evening had vanished during the awkward and unfulfilling act itself.

And then he had driven her home, kissed her good night, and left. Just like it had been anyone one of their hundreds of previous dates. Not the oh-so-special night that she had given herself to him for the first time. The last time.

Noise from the living room distracted her from her recriminations. Great, she thought, off all the nights for Shirley to forget her keys. She turned off the taps and and bundled herself up into her chenille robe and headed for the living room.

The scene in front of her stopped her in her tracks. Lenny, carrying an unconscious Shirley, looked at her with panic in his blue eyes, "I found her on the steps out front! She ain't moving!"

Reality knocked Laverne's cobwebs away. "Put her on the couch," she commanded. "Shirl, Shirl," she crooned, as she patted her roommate's cheeks. The petite brunette flinched under her touch.

"No! Get away! Don't--" Shirley's eyes opened and she looked at Laverne but didn't seem to see her. "Stop! It hurts--" Shirley's arms flailed wildly, striking Laverne on the cheek before Lenny was able to restrain her.

It was at that moment when Laverne noticed the dark crimson stain spreading on Shirley's light blue skirt. Rage seized her and she was on Lenny in a heartbeat. "You bastard! What did you do to her!"

Lenny's eyes widened in shock at her language. "I ain't done nothing to her! I found her on the steps outside like I said!" Lenny's eyes darted back to Shirley and widened as he apparently saw the blood for the first time. "We gotta call a doctor, Laverne! She's bleeding!"

Laverne opened her mouth to retort, but was cut off by Shirley's agonized howl of pain. "It's over," she said as she tried to gather Shirley's form into her arms. "It's over, he's gone." Laverne's mind flashed back to earlier that evening--a lifetime ago; Shirley, so happy to be meeting a new guy she had just met for drinks and dinner. She had been so happy, he'd seemed like such a good catch... Laverne forced herself to focus on Shirley's words, "Married" and "ruined" were the two that came up most often.


She'd forgotten about Lenny.

"We need to call a doctor, or I can take her to the hospital in the truck. She needs help," he added plaintively, as he shifted his weight from one foot to another.

"Len, no one can know..."

"No one can know that she'd hurt? Why?"

For one of the few times in her life, Laverne envied Lenny. He was so innocent and kind... The violence that hurt Shirley was foreign and unrecognizable to him. Slowly, she shook her head. "I can't take her to the doctor, Len; and I can't explain it to you now."

Still he persisted. "Can we get a doctor to come here? She needs it, Vernie," he said as he stepped closer to her, his voice dropping nearly an octave with worry, "Shirley needs help."

Laverne pursed her lips together as her eyes lit upon her address book by the phone. It was worth a shot, she thought as the idea dawned on her. Rosie hates my guts, but she's never had any quarrels with Shirley.


Laverne supressed a grimace as she let Ogden Greenbaum through her front door. This guy is just plain wrong, she thought to herself. On the few occassions she'd seen Odgen in the past, he'd been with Rosie; and their mutual animosity had taken all of Laverne's attention. Now, she was face to face with Ogden, who couldn't seem to make up his mind on whether he wanted to sneer at her, or leer at her. Lenny had apparently picked up on it too. His back stiffened as he carried out some towels from their bathroom, and his face was uncharacteristically grim--almost threatening, as he nodded curtly to Ogden.

"Thanks for coming over, Ogden," Laverne forced herself to say between clenched teeth.

"Thank Rose," was the brusque reply. "Although, I was surprised to hear that something like this happend to her. I assumed Rose was talking about you initially. I always thought Shirley was a nice girl..."

"Easy," Laverne said, as she quickly stepped between Ogden and the rapidly advancing Lenny. Turning to Lenny, she said, "All that matter's is Shirley right now. Okay?"

Lenny nodded, but his angry blue eyes never left the proctologist.

Ogden smirked, then turned to the woman on the couch. "If you two will leave us alone, I'll examine Shirley."

"We ain't leaving her along with you," Lenny said.

Ogden snapped his leather satchel shut. "You two leave, or I head back to my Rotary Club meeting and you get to explain all of this to the attending physician at Milwaukee General and the police." He narrowed his beady eyes at Laverne. "Is that what you want."

Defeated, Laverne shook her head. "No. You know we don't. But we'll be right in the bedroom," she said, as she tried to put as much threat into her words as possible.

"I can't beleive you're leaving her alone with that creep," Lenny sputtered after she dragged him into the bedroom by his collar.

"Shut up," Laverne replied absently, as she sat down wearily on her bed and rubbed the heels of her hands against her burning eyes. "He's a creep, but he's also a doctor. Shirl's in good hands," she said to reassure herself as much as Lenny.

"Yeah... Well, if I hear one sound that don't sound right, I'm gonna make that creep sorry."

"Just be quiet!"

Lenny opened his mouth, as if to retort, then shut it abruptly. He then sighed and sat down next to her on her bed. Her icy glare was enough to make him move. Laverne regarded him with suspicious eyes as he tried to nonchalantly make himself at home in her bedroom. If the situation hadn't been so horrible, Lenny's blatant attempts to avoid contact with either bed or her dresser drawers would have been humorous. Instead, it just irritated her more. She sighed and buried her face in her hands as she prayed she'd wake up from this nightmare.


She looked up. Lenny sat awkwardly on the tiny stool in front of her dressing table, his eyes were downcast. "Some-some guy... hurt Shirley, didn't he?" When he met her eyes, his had the confused and hurt look of a child who'd lost his first goldfish.

"Yes," was her brittle reply.


Anger galvanized Laverne and she was instantly on her feet. "Why do you guys do anything, Lenny?" she asked of his rapidly retreating form. "He wanted to feel like a man! That's the only reason any of you ever ask us out, isn't it? To see how far you can get? To see what you can get off of us? If we say "no", we never go out. If we say "yes", you never call us again and then you tell all of your friends about us. And some of you," Laverne thundered as she shoved him backwards into the wall," don't care if we say "no" or not. You just take what you want, and damn what it does to us! We can't win for losing with you guys!"

"Hey!" Lenny shouted as he grabbed her upper arms. "All guys ain't like that, Laverne! I ain't the guy who hurt Shirley tonight. I'd never do that to a girl, how could you think I'd be okay with that?" he asked, reproach coloring his tone.

She whirled out of his arms and turned away from him, suddenly very aware that she wore only her damp robe. "You'd be surprised what some guys are like, Len," was her bitter reply. Unbidden, the hot tears she'd been holding in all night began to trickle down her cheeks.

She should have been surprised when she felt his long arms encircle her from behind, but she wasn't. She should have shoved him away, like she'd promised herself she'd shove every man away from this day forward, but instead she leaned back against him and sagged into his clumsy embrace. "I'm sorry," he whispered softly into the crown of her head before giving it a gentle kiss. Sobbing, she turned in his arms and let the pains of the night out against his chest. His arms held her more tightly and his hand stroked her back soothingly. Laverne burrowed more deeply into his embrace, his kindness making Fonzie's earlier abandonment hurt that much more keenly. Bastard! He told her whatever she wanted--needed to hear to get her into the backseat of his caddy, but he'd never, ever given her anything. The great Fonzie couldn't even take care of her physical needs--a bitter disappointment considering his reputation--much less give her any emotional comfort.

And then there was Lenny. He'd always liked her, she'd never been too naive to understand that. Now, here she was, half naked, vulnerable and he was being a perfect gentlemen. Why did nice guys always seem to finish last? His embrace was solace to the pain around her, she realized as she pulled away from him to look up into his blunt features. With every ounce of concentration she had, Laverne blocked out the presence of her injured best friend in the next room and the memories of tonight's earlier disillusionment. She leaned into Lenny and kissed him softly on the lips, promising to allow herself to feel pleasure, if only for a few hours.

Lenny's blue eyes seemed unfocused as she pulled away. "Laverne," he said softly as he stepped back, shaking his head. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean for..." His words ended as she brushed past him and headed towards the door. The soft click of the lock made him flinch in response as the implications set in. "Laverne?"

She walked back to him and slowly pressed against him as her arms pulled him into an embrace. "You've always like me a little, haven't you?"

Dumbly, he nodded, but didn't push her away. "A lot."

"Good. That will make this a lot easier." With that she raised herself up on her tiptoes and her lips claimed his again. The tiny rational part of her brain berated her against using him, pulling him down into her mess; but she was too far gone to care. She wanted to lose herself in him, wanted to shut out the hurt and the betrayals of the evening. She deeply inhaled his combined scents of sen-sen, cheap aftershave, and hair tonic as she eased his Lone Wolf jacked off of his shoulders. His groan against her lips was even more validation of her decision. Boldly, she flickered her tongue against his lips, only to press inside when he opened his mouth in shock. She let her fingers trail down his torso. Nice. Why hadn't she ever let her self appreciate Lenny's physical attributes? Further ponderings were cut off as Lenny's hands roamed down her back to her buttocks, only to have him flinch back like a scalded cat.

"I'm sorry," he stammered, blushing.

Laverne took his hand and sat on her bed, gently pulling him with her. "Tell me again how much you like me," she breathed against his lips.

"Crazy 'bout you," was the muffled reply. Emboldened, his arms encircled her once again.

"Yes," she whispered, as she began move against him. Her robe, earlier a comforting cocoon, had become a cumbersome prison. Grasping Lenny's hands, she dragged them purposefully to her waist, smiling as she playfully looped the sash around his hands. Lenny stared in reverent awe as he opened her robe slowly, as if awaiting rebuke. "Tell me again..." she commanded once fully exposed to his gaze.

"So pretty..." he mumbled, never taking his eyes off of her newly exposed flesh. "So beautiful..."

Laverne moaned in response and arched herself up to him. His touch was hungry, but gentle. It was as if he were afraid she'd break, or he'd wake up. His warms lips and hands were the antithesis of Fonzie's methodical gropes and cold back seat. Laverne felt herself responding at a level she never dreamed possible. She clutched Lenny more tightly against her, wanting to loose herself in the passion--in him, forever. She felt him pause briefly at her entrance, wet and warm--not a foreign, rubber-enshrouded thing, just him. She looked up into his questioning blue eyes, his face slack with desire... "Yes," she whispered, giving permission. His lips cut off any more of her words. For long minutes, she lay under him as he continued to kiss and caress her, all the while moving slowly within her.

"Want you," he mumbled against her right breast, "want you so much..."

She moved faster beneath him, his delicious fullness a marked contrast to the invasive thrustings of earlier. His right hand moved between their bodies, touching her secret place as his lips claimed her throat. Spasms overtook Laverne as she writhed against him, the sensations coursing through her body making her few occassions of self gratification seem miniscule in comparison. Dimly she was aware of Lenny's movements and continued thrusts as she teetered back from the cliff. She smiled as she watched him bite his lower lips, so fervent in his desire to keep pleasuring her. "Yes, Lenny..." she said softly, as she wrapped her legs around him, "I want you too..."

He groaned and fell forward on her, grabbing her buttocks and manipulating her more quickly against his thrusting form. "Want you," he murmurred again against her neck, "need you... Love you!" he exclaimed explosively as he came shuddering against her.

His words shocked her, and jolted her back to reality. The reality in which she was a tramp. A whore that had been with two men in one night. A slut who could give into to her darkest desires with her best friend going through the worst trauma of her life in the next room. The comfort was over. She couldn't even bring herself to look at Lenny who sleepily mumbled another, "I love you" before dozing off. She waited until he began snoring regularly before silently getting up and wrapping herself in the comfort of her robe.

She had to take care of Shirley now.


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