Library Wars

Four score and two days ago, four shows first stepped forth in a library! - The Big "L"

::Star Wars Theme::

A long, long, time ago, in a TVLand far away, there were four shows who had to face a big challenge...the library! Three cities, one adventurous day. Milwaukee... Minneapolis... New York... Three Courageous women... Laverne... Mary... Lucy... will they survive...THE LIBRARY?

In the silence of the night, Diane rushes to her red sports car to beat the library traffic. She starts up her car and dreams of Milwaukee. Then she peels out and races home.

The next morning, she arrived at the library at 11am. Phylis, Lorraine, Rosie, and Amber were at the circulation desk.

Diane: Good morning, ladies.

The Circulation Desk Girls: Good morning, Oh Great Master of Knowledge.

Diane walked to the reference area and greeted her hard working staff.

Sandra: Diane, you have a meeting with Darth Vader in your office.

Diane: Good, I'll need my light saber.

Sandra hands her the great force.

Sandra: Oh and Diane...

The whole reference area stood up and cried, "May the force be with you!" Diane hustled to her office.


Laverne DeFazio, Mary Richards, and Lucy Ricardo entered the library. They heard really good things about this place. The cirulation desk lit up with joy at the site of three great women.

Amber: Welcome to our library! (to Laverne) Nice "L!"

They found their way to the reference area. Lucy glanced at the tv set with the key board.

Lucy: What's that?

Laverne: I don't know.

Laverne looks at Mary who is staring at the action in Diane's office.

Mary: Who's that?

Laverne: (looks over at Diane) Looks like Shirley beating up a trash can. What is that thing?

Cathy walks by and says, "That's R2D2!"

Laverne wa puzzled.

Laverne: Maybe this library isn't for us.

Lucy: What's that black thing and why doesn't this t.v. work?

Sandra: You see, ladies, that's a computer and Diane is battling Darth Vader.

Laverne, Mary, and Lucy leave and never return.

Diane defeats Darth Vader and saves the library.

As the day ends, you here..."May the force be with you!"

::Star Wars Theme Ending::

The End

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