Frank and Edna
To the tune: Sweet Emotion~Aerosmith
By: S. Wilhelmina Feenster

Frank and Edna
Frank and Edna

Frank met Edna at the Pizza Bowl
They started talkin' he was on a role
He calls her "Hey You" instead of Sweetheart or Dear
He might have Edna go fetch him a beer

Edna sang a song about Plenty Of Gin
If the boys don't pay rent it is surely a sin
Married five times, got a toaster not a dryer
I guess none of those men ever lit her fire

Frank and Edna
Frank and Edna

Frank decided to take their love far
He told Laverne and Shirley what his wedding plans are
Frank asked Edna a couple days before
Edna said, "Yes" cause Frank she does adore (Yes she does)

Standin' in the church Edna does not dread
The preacher done said what had to be said
Laverne and Shirley sang with a choir so grand
Frank and Edna move to Burbank where they stay till the end.

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