We Did It
By Emily

Title: We Did It

Rating: R (adult content, sexual references)

Het/Gen/Bi: Het

Parts: 1/1

Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me, they belong to Paramount. Don’t sue me – I might cry.
Pairing: LDF/LK
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Authors Notes: None

Setting: California
Summary: The finally did it



            The wedding was beautiful. It had taken place on the beach in the California sunshine, and all of their closest family and friends had attended. The bride wore a long, white sundress, and the groom wore a loose white dress shirt with crisp khaki pants. The bridal party was dressed in flowing sage green dresses – the brides favorite color, and the groomsmen wore similar-colored shirts, and khaki shorts.


            The father of the bride had tearfully walked his Muffin down the sandy aisle, completely understanding of her wish to marry the man of her dreams, and their vision of being married on a secluded beach instead of in the church. As he lead her to her future-husband, he whispered “you'll always be my little girl” in her ear, making the tears of happiness she had been trying to hide roll freely down her tanned cheeks.


            As they made their vows, beaming at one another and occasionally sniffling and stumbling through the words, everyone in attendance was caught in their spell – the spell of two people completely meant for one another finally joining in holy matrimony. As they slipped the rings on one another’s fingers, they bent in for a kiss – their first kiss as a married couple, and certainly not their last.




“Oh, Lenny…” she moaned against his neck as he pushed her against the cool wall of the hotel room.


            Luckily, with the Squignowski Talent Agency becoming well-known, they had enough money to spend their honeymoon alone on the top floor of a beautiful hotel located in Orange County, which a balcony that faced the ocean. As the cool breeze blew through the gossamer curtains, Laverne shivered against him, causing him to take a firmer grasp of her body as he manipulated himself against her.


            She had never been so nervous or happy in her life. It was agreed that they would wait until their wedding night to prove their love, and it was well worth the wait. Laverne had been frightened of what he’d think of her, but the look on his face as she slowly let her dress glide down her body didn't disappoint her. If she had been thinking about this day for a long time, he had been thinking about it longer. Since they were teenagers, in fact. He had always had a big crush on her, but it wasn't until they moved to California until she felt the same way – well, at least let him know she felt the same way. As she reflected back on it, there was never a time where she truly disliked Lenny, and she had always been very aware of his emotions and needs.


            But it was finally time. Finally time for them to make love to one another, and she had nothing to be nervous about. As he carried her to the bed, he worshipped her with his mouth, alternating between kissing her face, lips, and neck. “I love you, Vernie…” he said as he slowly entered her, his whole package being new territory for her. It hurt as he pushed inward, his length and girth uncomfortable, and the Latex foreign. She cringed as he broke through her, as he cuddled her against him, knowing that he had hurt her, and inwardly hating himself for it. She felt shame as she felt him stop, and stroked the side of his face, kissing his lips gracefully. “I love you too, Len… keep goin’.” “Really?” “Uh huh.” With that, he gently stroked in and out of her, feeling her loosen and dampen around him, her soft moans recognition that she was beginning to enjoy the act. As the passion grew, his motions became faster. They rocked up and down as the bed squeaked, the sound of their breath and their sweat the only thing between them. He felt her tighten around him as he was beginning to let go, and they rode their passions out together, until he collapsed, huddling against her as she let out loud, shuddering breaths. It was minutes before life came back into either one of them, as they sheepishly smiled at one another. Neither one of them knew that the condom broke that night.




            A month and a half after missing her period, Laverne DeFazio wondered if she was pregnant. Heck, she thought to herself, it wouldn’t be a surprise – they had been making it like bunnies together ever since that night, sometimes twice a day. She couldn’t help but smile at that thought. Lenny made her feel like a real woman. She never knew that it was possible to feel that good. But her mind drifted back onto her possible pregnancy… she needed to know.


            Two days after her appointment, the doctor called, telling her the rabbit had died. The day of her visit, she had been terrified, but now she was ecstatic. She couldn’t wait until Lenny got home from work to tell him that he was going to be a daddy. Immediately, she began planning on how she would tell him, and in the meantime, she prepared for a quiet, candle-lit dinner.


            When he came home to see dim lighting and heard the sound of soft music playing, he expected to walk into the living room and see Laverne naked on the couch, like she had done several times in the short time they were married. But when he saw her in the soft glow of the kitchen, in his favorite dress of hers, she was just as beautiful. He sneaked up behind her, snaking his arms around her waist and resting his head on her shoulder. He plied her neck with kisses as she leaned against him, a soft purr escaping her throat. “How was work?” she whispered as they swayed to the tune of the music. “It was okay… but I missed ya.” “I missed you too… that’s why I planned this whole night out. I made ya lasagna…” “My favorite…” he said as he pulled her against him, covering her mouth with his.


            They ate dinner in perfect silence. As they gazed at one another, she rubbed her foot against his leg, causing goose bumps to form all over him. He topped off the delicious meal before she did, so he went around the table, crouching down beside her. He rubbed his hands up and down her legs, arousing her further. As she took the last bite, he lifted her from her chair, carrying her to the couch. He pressed her against the cushions as she giggled into his ears. “Len… I got somethin’ to tell ya.” “Good or bad…?” he said, searching her eyes. “Good. Real good. Lenny…” “Yeah?” he gulped. “I’m pregnant.” Before she could feel any sense of doubt, she was drawn up in a huge bear huge and squished in his arms. “You mean I’m gonna be a dad?!” he squealed. “Uh huh!” The rest of the night was filled with fun, love, and spent doing exactly what they had done to make them so happy in the first place.




            Laverne looked down into the bassinette that held her newborn daughter. She still found it hard to believe that she even belonged to her and Lenny. She was so beautiful, with soft strawberry blonde hair and blue-ish green eyes. And aside from being the most gorgeous baby she had seen, she was the happiest. Her reaction to music was the same as her parents and she loved snuggling more so than any infant she had ever seen.


            As Lenny walked up behind her, the same look of wonderment in his eyes as her own, he only spoke four words.


                “We did it, baby.”