My Romance
By Emily

Title: My Romance
Emily L.

Sequel To: Rum N Pepsi Cola

Rating: PG (some adult content)

Het/Gen/Bi: Het

Parts: 1/1

Spoilers: None.

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me, they belong to Paramount. Don’t sue me - I might cry.
Pairing: LDF/LK
I’m keeping my fic on here for now. E-mail me if you have any requests.

Authors Notes: For Missy.

Setting: Alternate timeline; Milwaukee 1945
Summary: Laverne finally gets her letter from Lenny.



My romance doesn't need a castle rising in Spain.

Nor a dance to a constantly surprising refrain.

Wide awake, I can make my most fantastic dreams come true.

My romance doesn't need a thing but you.



“LAVERNE!” Shirley cried, shaking her roommate out of her coma-like state.


“Whatisit, Shirl?” Laverne asked, blearily clearing the sleep from her eyes.


“Guess who you got a letter frommmm?”


Suddenly, she was completely awake. Snatching the letter from Shirley, she tore into it and propped herself against her pillow. Shirley stood at the foot of her bed, beaming at Laverne and waiting to hear every syllable.


Laverne tucked her flattened red curls behind her ear, staring at Shirley. “Could ya leave me alone for a while, Shirl?”


“Alone?! I always tell you what Carmine says!”


“Yes, I know you do,” she hissed. “But you always get letters from Carmine and I'd really like to just read this in private. I promise I'll tell you exactly what it says after I read it. Just... go.”


Pouting, Shirley exited the room. Peeping back in, she added, “well, I just so happened to have received a letter from Mr. Ragusa, as well. I suppose I'll get around to telling you what it says once I have a chance to.”


“Fine by me,” Laverne replied emotionless, staring at the warped envelope in front of her face. Unfolding the letter with both of her hands, she burrowed under the covers more. Her heart skipped a beat upon seeing his handwriting.


Dear Laverne,


            I know you haven't gotten a letter from me in a while, and I know you're probably worried sick about me. But don't be. If anyone should be worried, it should be me worryin' about you worryin' about me. These letters gotta be limited and censored, and I don't want anything I have to say to you to be changed, so I'm gonna make this short.


            It's been real tough over here, Vernie. I've seen a lotta things I never wanted to see and done a lotta things I never wanted to do, and I ain't proud of myself. I know back home, people would probably see me as some sort of hero, and I s'pose I am in some sorta way, but I don't feel like one. If hurtin' people and watchin' people die is something to be proud of, I'd rather go back to livin' the sorry, miserable experience I used to live.


            I wanna come home to ya so bad. I miss your kiss, your laugh, and most of all... I miss that other thing. You know what I'm talking about, 'cause I know ya miss it too. And I promise the first thing that's gonna happen when I get back is that thing. I promise. Everyday. For as long as you want it. 'cause I love you. And it's gonna be good, 'cause I haven't even been near a woman since I left home, 'cept for that time those ladies came out to sing and dance with us. I only danced to one song, 'cause it's no fun dancin' with a girl you don't like.


            Well, Vernie, I only got one piece of paper, so I guess this is all I have for ya. I can't wait until the day I come home, and don't you dare think that I won't be comin' home. We've been pretty lucky out here, and I can't help but think this war has gotta end sometime soon.


            I love you more than anything else in the world, and when I come home, I want to make you a proud woman. I wanna get a real job and make lots of money and maybe we can even get married and have babies and do whatever it is you wanna do. I just wanna be with you forever and ever, no matter whether we got money or we don't, because I've come to see how short and important life really is, and I need you to be part of mine.


                                                                                              Love You & Miss You,




            Tears poured out of Laverne's eyes and she rubbed the paper against her face, knowing it was the closest she'd be to Lenny for a long time. Briefly hugging the pillow, she reached into the bedside table to eagerly grab a pen and a piece of paper.


            But as she put the pen to her paper, she was interupted by the ring of the doorbell, which was immediately followed by a ear-shattering squeal and the words “LAVERNE! THE WAR'S OVER!”