Under The Tree
By: Cheshyre

Title: Under the Tree (1/1)

Fandom: LAS

Pairing: Implied Lenny/Squiggy

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I don't own it. I don't make money off of it. I just use it to make other people happy. Suing me will only get you action figures.

Notes: For the Christmas fic exchange.

Warnings: Sugar plum fairies have bad tempers.


He was curled up under the Christmas tree, snoring softly, colored lights warming his face, favorite pajamas insulating him from the cold floor.


It had been a long weekend.


They had gone ice skating Saturday afternoon.  It was impossible to look cool while slipping and flailing, but both of them had tried and earned wet pants and sore backsides for their efforts.  But there was smiling and laughing and red cheeks and cursing and teasing and helping hands and breaking each other’s falls.  They shivered and grinned all the way home.


After changing clothes, they decided to make Christmas cookies.  It took two burned batches before they ended up with something edible and somehow managed to get more icing on themselves than the cookies.  They split the good batch, half for themselves and half for the girls, carefully wrapping the plate for delivery.


Today they dropped the plate of cookies off for the girls.  Laverne smiled when she took them, but eyed the plate warily.  Squiggy assured her they weren’t poisoned; he’d eaten five of them and lived.


A cold walk to them to the lot that days before had been filled with Christmas trees; now there were only a few left.  They managed to find a decent, if scraggly, one for a good price and carried it home, oblivious to the curious looks and muttered curses as people scrambled out of their way as they finagled the thing down the sidewalk.


It lost a few branches as they carried it to their apartment.  It lost a few more as they worked it through the door.  But, after standing it in the living room, Lenny declared it a fine tree, even if it did lean a little bit to the right.


Tangles of Christmas lights and wads of tinsel, rearranging of ornaments and a little bit of arguing yielded a very pretty Christmas tree that now leaned to the left.


There were only two presents under it, both bearing the same names, just in a different order.


And Squiggy.


Lenny laid the blanket over him; Squiggy’s snoring barely hitched.  He fluffed his own pillow and lay down beside him, worming his way under the blanket.


Squiggy sighed.


Lenny closed his eyes.