How It's Shown
An L/L Drabble Collection
By: Cheshyre


Title: How It's Shown (Collection of Drabbles)
Fandom: LAS
Pairing: Laverne/Lenny
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own it. I don't make money off of it. I just use it to make other people happy. Suing me will only get you action figures.
Notes: Written for Missy on the occasion of her birthday. Drabbles featured are "Anyway", "With Finesse", "Almost", "White Flag", "Going to Town", "First Kiss", "At This Moment", and "In the Event of a Future".
Warnings: I don't like spam.

Lenny knew he was trying too hard. And, he knew it wouldn't work, anyway. Not with a girl like Laverne. But, he couldn't play it cool. Not that he was cool anyway.

Laverne messed up his head. He had a hard time thinking when he was around her. Not that he always had an easy time thinking anyway.

Lenny tried a dip-and-kiss, but Laverne hit him in the jaw and he dropped her to the floor. He felt bad about that, but his jaw didn't feel too swell either.

Despite Laverne yelling at him, Lenny knew he'd try again anyway.

Lenny had been studying. He watched how those cool guys moved in on a girl. He practiced their moves. He practiced the look, the walk, the talk, the lines.

He was completely prepared when he swaggered into Laverne's apartment, look pasted onto his face, lines on the tip of his tongue.

But, he wasn't cool like those guys. He was Lenny. Lenny had no finesse.

Two steps from Laverne, he tripped and landed in her arms before a line could be tried. Plans ruined, he still seized the opportunity and tried to kiss her.

She dropped him to the floor.

Lenny looked at Laverne again. She was bathed in the soft light of the television, eyes fixed on the movie.

He leaned towards her slowly, eyes never leaving her profile. His eyes slowly slid closed, breath tight in his chest, lips barely puckered.

A hand touched his shoulder and gave him a light shove. His eyes opened to find Laverne looking at him with an amused smile on her lips.

"No, Len."

Lenny smiled sheepishly at her giggled command and sat back.

He exhaled, feeling the dust of his crushed hopes blow away with the breath from his lungs.


Lenny knew that look in Laverne's eye. He knew the slump of her shoulders and the sigh of her breath. He hadn't won and she hadn't really lost. She had just conceded.

Bittersweet. That's what it tasted like. Lenny was getting his enduring wish of a date with Laverne, but she didn't really want to go. She was only doing it in attempt to get him to leave her alone.

But, Lenny would take it. It was something and he could work with that. Lenny would show Laverne that he could be good for her.

No white flags for Lenny.

First dates are always a disaster for Lenny.

He was nervous about going to town with Laverne and it showed. Lenny managed to do everything he possibly could wrong. He'd dropped sauce on his favorite shirt. When he tried to pass the salt shaker to Laverne, it slipped from his hand and landed in her water glass, splashing her pretty blouse. It's a wonder the glass didn't break. It's a wonder she didn't yell at him. It's a wonder he had enough money to cover the meal.

But, after all that, Laverne still held his hand on the way home.

It wasn't perfect.

Laverne had turned her head just as Lenny had leaned in and his lips ended up connecting with the side of her mouth.

It was sloppy and awkward. Lenny just kept his eyes shut tight and his lips in place, holding on for dear life and trying to memorize the moment before the inevitable shove or jerk away and slap.

Instead, he felt Laverne's hands gently cup the sides of his face and reposition his head ever so slightly so their lips were properly aligned.

Lenny smiled against her lips.

Their first real kiss.

It was perfect.

At this moment, Lenny was happy. Laverne was his girl.

Their relationship wasn't at all what Lenny expected, but then again it was. It was hard and easy at the same time. It was sweet and gentle. It was bitter and harsh. It was loud, funny, and colorful. It was quiet, serious, and bland. It covered every emotion and spanned every thought, sometimes all in a day.

Sometimes, people doubted them. But, Laverne never seemed to. To Lenny, that meant they had a chance at forever.

But, even if forever wasn't meant to be, at this moment, Lenny was happy.

In the event of a future with Laverne, Lenny was prepared. Or trying to prepare.

He was saving as much money as he could so he could give Laverne a good life. He was trying to make himself more respectable. At the very least, make himself a little neater.

Laverne never talked about the future and Lenny didn't ask. Never said a word about it when they watched television or went to the movies or ate dinner. Never said anything about marriage or kids or growing old together.

But, just in case she did, Lenny was going to be prepared.

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