A Home For The Holiday
By: Cheshyre


Title: A Home for the Holiday (1/1)
Author: Cheshyre
Email: cheshyre_chick@yahoo.com
Category: Gen
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
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Pairing: None
Author’s Notes: For the LAS Fic Holiday Fic Exchange
Summary: Lenny gets Squiggy the perfect gift on Christmas Eve.
Warnings: Bah humbug.
It was Christmas Eve and Lenny was shopping, doing his best to fight the tide of last minute shoppers. It was like treading water. The overwhelming press of people was threatening to suffocate him. People were frantic, snatching things off of shelves and hurrying around, muttering to themselves about what on earth they were going to get so and so.

Lenny fought his way through the crowd with a lot of side-stepping and excusing himself. He was largely ignored or regarded rudely. So much for the holiday spirit. At least, unlike so many of the other shoppers, he knew exactly what he was buying and who it was for.

Lenny probably shouldn’t have waited until the last minute to get a gift for Squiggy, but the past week had been so busy.

First, they had bought a tree. It wasn’t the greatest tree on the lot: it was short and the branches were a bit sparse and thin. It was definitely the runt of the litter, so to speak. Lenny nearly likened it to Squiggy, but thought better of vocalizing that thought at the last second. He wanted a good present for Christmas after all. They’d paid for it (a mere ten bucks since the tree lot guy was so happy to be rid of it) and brought it back to their apartment, losing a few more branches and breaking the top of it in the struggle up the stairs. But once they’d gotten it through the door and set it up, Lenny could see it really was the perfect tree for their place. It was shabby, but loved.

Then came the decorations. They found the box of Christmas ornaments and decorations buried in a closet under a pile of clothes and Squiggy’s jar of moths. The popcorn they had strung and hung on the tree last year had rotted, the candy canes were incredibly sticky, and the lights didn’t work. All that survived from the previous year was the delicate glass bulbs that Squiggy had the sense to put back in the packaging and the construction paper star that Lenny had made the first year he and Squiggy had spent Christmas in their apartment.

Shopping is always easy when someone knows exactly what they want. Lenny grabbed a box of lights and some garland. Down the aisle, Squiggy had picked up some tinsel and new, non-sticky candy canes.

“C’mon, Squig,” Lenny said, holding up his finds. “I got the garland and lights. Let’s go.”

“Garland?” Squiggy scoffed. “Garland’s for girls. We’re men. We use tinsel.”

“C’mon, Squig, that stuff gets everywhere,” Lenny said.

“So? I’m not putting garland on my tree.”

“Your tree? It’s our tree! And I’m not putting tinsel on it.”

They stared seriously at each other for a moment.









Squiggy suddenly turned and ran for the checkouts. Lenny hesitated only a second before running after him. They both plunked their desired decorations on the counter at the same time. Lenny was about to play dirty to get his way when Squiggy held up his hands in a gesture of peace.

“Okay, I got an idea,” he said.

“Yeah?” Lenny asked, narrowing his eyes, still considering the below the belt move of throwing the package of tinsel across the store.

“We’re men, we’ll settle it like men,” Squiggy said.

“You wanna fight for it?” Lenny asked.

“No! We’re MATURE men, right? I offer a compromise,” Squiggy said, trying to sound gentlemanly. “You decorate your half of the tree with garland and I’ll decorate my half with tinsel. Agreed?”

Squiggy stuck out his hand. Lenny considered his previous plan for a second before shaking Squiggy’s hand.

“Deal,” he said.

They had gone home and decorated the tree (and Lenny was sure his half looked much better than Squiggy’s). Soon, presents began to accumulate underneath of it. There was something from Laverne and Shirley, something from Carmine, something from Mrs. Babbish and Frank. Lenny had even spotted a present from Squiggy.

But Squiggy’s present was still on a shelf in a store and Lenny was doing his best to get to it.

When he finally laid his hands on it, it was like touching the Holy Grail. It was the most perfect present ever for his best friend.

The fight against shoppers resumed as Lenny headed for the checkout, his find cradled against his body like a baby.

He’d go to the girls’ apartment to wrap it so Squiggy couldn’t peek and then he’d put it under the tree with the rest of the gifts.

Nearly bouncing with anticipation at the thought of Squiggy opening his gift and seeing the look on his face, Lenny carefully set the large, wide-mouthed jar on the counter and dug his wallet out of his back pocket. A new, never been used home for Squiggy’s moths. Only Lenny would have thought to get Squiggy that.

And the next morning, when Squiggy opened his present and smiled, Lenny beamed.