A Kiss For Christmas
By: Cheshyre


Title: A Kiss for Christmas (1/1)
Fandom: LAS
Pairing: Laverne/Lenny
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own it. I don't make money off of it. I just use it to make other people
happy. Suing me will only get you action figures.
Notes: Happy holidays, Missy!
Warnings: Mistletoe is deadly if you eat it. So stop putting it in your mouth!

Laverne finished hanging the last of the garland and looked around at the apartment.

It looked real nice. Green garland tinged with a bit of gold was draped above the front,
kitchen, and bedroom doors. Multicolored lights encircled the tiny basement window.
Santa sat happily in a reindeer drawn sleigh on the coffee table.

Laverne smiled at her handiwork. Shirley would be pleased. As soon as she came home
from tree shopping with Carmine, they could decorate the tree and then it would all be

There was just one last little touch that needed to be done before Shirley and Carmine got

Laverne hopped off of the chair she'd been standing on and started dragging it towards
the front door. On her way, she fished out a sprig of mistletoe from the box on the couch.

Carefully positioning the chair in front of the front door, Laverne climbed on it and began
affixing the mistletoe to the wall above the door. She had just finished when the front
door suddenly banged opened.

The door hit both Laverne and the chair, sending the latter sliding across the room and
forcing Laverne to grab the top of the door as the ground went out from under her. She
flailed helplessly as the door continued to swing open and then suddenly stop and swing
the other way.


Laverne could barely make out Lenny's voice before she felt his arms wrap around her

"Hold on, Laverne!" Lenny cried as he held onto her, struggling as he got himself tangled
in the garland that had fallen as Laverne thrashed about. "I gotcha! Just quit kickin'!"

Laverne let go just as Lenny gave a hard tug. The off-balanced pair stumbled towards the
step before Lenny found his footing and steered them back towards the front door, which
they banged into and slammed closed before Laverne's feet touched solid ground again.

"Geez, Len!" Laverne yelped, pulling away from him and slapping him on the arm.
"Why cantcha knock like normal people!"

"You never complained before!" Lenny said, fighting to get free of the garland that was
closing around him like a python going in for the kill.

"Yes, I have!" Laverne countered, watching him lose the battle. "Here, stop. You're
going to hurt yourself."

She stilled his hands and then deftly removed the garland.


"Thanks, Laverne. I thought it was gonna get the best of me. That'd have been an awful
way to go. I can see the headline now, 'Man Killed by Christmas Cheer'."

He shook his head and Laverne patted his arm.

"You put up a brave fight though, Len," she assured him. "I gotta get this garland back
up before Shirl comes home."

They both looked up above the doorway.

Lenny grinned.

"Laverne, we're standing under the mistletoe," he said.

"Oh yeah," Laverne said. "Why don't you go stand over there?"

She gave him a light shove.

"Aw, c'mon, Laverne! It's Christmas!" Lenny complained.

Laverne rolled her eyes.

"Okay, Len. C'mere."

Lenny eagerly embraced Laverne.

"Hold it!"

Lenny stopped, grin fading.

"Hands above the waist and don't open your mouth," Laverne instructed.

"Okay," Lenny agreed.

Laverne pressed her lips to Lenny's in a chaste kiss, a simple traditional obligation that
tasted slightly of peppermint and lingered a little longer than most traditional obligated
kisses usually last.

They broke apart, smiling sheepishly at each other.



"I gotta go," Lenny said quickly, grinning shyly and turning red. "I…uh…promised
Squig we'd…uh…" he backed into the door and jumped as the knob jutted into his back,
"we'd watch…I mean go…I mean…bye, Vernie!"

Lenny finished his hasty exit by falling out into the hallway.

Smiling happily, blushing ever so slightly, Laverne shut the door behind him.

The End!