Warnings Of Thunder: By ChaCha Warnings Of Thunder
By ChaCha

Warnings of Thunder

TITLE: Warnings of Thunder
SUMMARY: Carmine gets a new girlfriend. (This all takes place in 

It was a bright sunny Sunday and Shirley was waiting for Laverne to 
down stairs so they could go shopping. While she was waiting, Carmine 
through the door. 

Carmine: Hey Shirl!
Shirley: Hi sweetheart!
Carmine: Look, um, I think we’re gonna have to break our date for 
I got something I need to do!
Shirley: Oh, well-
Carmine: I gotta go Angelface! 

He ran out before she could say anything. She just stood there and 
came down the stairs.

Laverne: Hey Shirl, who was that?
Shirley: Carmine… he just broke out date!
Laverne: Oh, well-
Shirley: Can you believe that? He broke our date! What am I gonna do?

She plopped down on the couch and her hands flew up.

Laverne: Aww, come on Shirl. Don’t let that get ya down! Let’s go have 
Shirley: Oh Laverne… how can I have fun when my boyfriend just broke 
Laverne: Shirl, it’s just a date! There’ll be others! 
Shirley: Fine… let’s go.
Laverne: Uh-uh, not if you’re gonna act this! You better be happy 
I’m not gonna watch you mop around the mall and the house for a week 
because Carmine broke a date with you that is probably just like all 
other dates you go on! Ya know, food, movie, kiss, goodnight! 
Shirley: Ok, ok, you’re right anyway! Let’s go.


Laverne and Shirley were driving around town. It was about 7:30 and 
were getting hungry so they decided to stop at a Burger King to get 
food. When they walked in Laverne spotted Carmine. She almost pointed 
out, but stopped when she saw him with another girl. She turned around 

Shirley: Hey, what are you doing?
Laverne: Let’s go somewhere else Shirl!
Shirley: Why I thought we decided on Burger King!
Laverne: I changed my mind…. See, I read something in the paper about
someone putting chemicals in the food at this very one!
Shirley: Well I haven’t heard anything about it! You know whatever you 
I get around to reading it too! 
Laverne: Well I really don’t want to take a chance, so can we go 
else? I’ll drive…
Shirley (rolls her eyes): FINE!

They turn around and leave and Laverne gives a big sigh.

It was the next day (Monday) and Shirley went off to work. Laverne told 
she would be a little late coming in. This was her opportunity to talk 
Carmine about last night. So she ran down to his apartment and burst
through the door to see him sitting on the couch watching TV. She 
over and turned it off. He looked at her.

Carmine: Hey, why’d you do that?
Laverne: We need to talk!
Carmine: Ok… so let’s talk! But about what?
Laverne: Don’t act like you don’t know! I saw you last night with that,
that, that women! That TALL women with bleach blonde hair and breast
implants! Well let me tell you something, Shirley Feeney is all real. 
brown hair, real breasts, and real short! And if you wanted another 
than you could have at least found one that was the same size as you or
shorter. But, wait, I don’t think anyone gets shorter than you! So I 
you can’t help it can you? 
Carmine: Laverne, you’re really asking for it!
Laverne: What are you gonna do about it? You gonna hit me Carmine? Huh? 
ahead, hit me! Do it!
Carmine: Oh come on Laverne! Why are you making a big deal? You’re not 
my girlfriend!
Laverne: Yeah well my best friend is your girlfriend and you are going
behind her back! You broke your date with her so you could go out with 
fake dumb blonde!

He looked down at his feet.

Carmine: Well we have an agreement!
Laverne: Well I think your “agreement” stinks! And anyway, I thought 
changed it!
Carmine: ….oh…well….
Laverne: Oh I guess you forgot right? You forgot that you were going 
with the one thing you really love in life! The person you have been
closest to ever since high school! The one you almost got married to! 
let me tell you Carmine, you better learn better because I really don’t
want you hurt someone else like you are Shirley! You, you player!

She started to walk out.

Carmine: Shirl doesn’t know Laverne, and did you just call me a player?
Laverne: Oh good, so now you’re gonna keep it a secret! Even better! 
yes, I did call you a player because that’s what you are and you know 

She jerked her arm back and walked out leaving Carmine to think about 
of it and bare the truth. 


It was late that night and Shirley was sitting in the living room 
TV in the dark. She decided to go outside and take a walk. She was 
and asked Laverne if she wanted to go with her. She said yes, so the 

They were walked next to each other talking when Shirley thought she 
someone in the distance.

Shirley: Hey look over there! I wonder who that is!
Laverne: OH it’s probably no one!
Shirley: It looks like Carmine.
Laverne: Ha! Naw, it’s not him!

Laverne knew it was him and his new girlfriend. When they got up closer 
them, Shirley noticed he had someone else with him. She looked at her 
Carmine knew she was mad.

Shirley: Hi Carmine! What are you doing out?
Carmine: Hi Shirl, uh, I was just walking her home. Oh, Lara, this is
Shirley, Shirley this is Lara.
Shirley: Hi, nice to met you. 

She hesitated to stick her hand out, but she did. Lara shook her hand 

Shirley: Well we have to go! Come one Laverne! Bye Carmine.

Shirley grabbed Laverne’s arm and they turned around and walked home 
fast. Shirley whipped the tear from her face, hoping Laverne wouldn’t

When they walked inside, Shirley was behind Laverne and she slammed the

Laverne: Shirl-
Shirley: No Laverne. Don’t try to talk to me! I know what you’re gonna 
and it isn’t gonna help. I mean, you saw that woman, she was tall, she 
blonde hair, she had cleavage!
Laverne: Well at least your cleavage is real!
Shirley: I don’t have any Laverne! I knew this would happen! I knew he
would find someone better than me that had everything a girl would 
They perfect body all that! I just don’t know why I didn’t see it 

They stood there for a second and Shirley raced up the stairs. Laverne
looked down at her feet and felt sorry for Shirley.


It was the next day (Tuesday) and Shirley was acting like her old self
again, or at least trying to. Laverne was surprised that she recovered 
quickly. She was glad though, but disappointed. She thought that 
and Shirley were a great couple and now, they’re apart and no one cared 
her it seemed. But she could see in Shirley’s eyes the tears she wanted 
right then. They were sitting at the table before they went off to work
eating breakfast and there was a knock at the door. Shirley got up to
answer it. It was Carmine.

Shirley: Hi Carmine! Do you need another woman, well I don’t have one
unless you want to take Laverne, but I really don’t think that there is
anything else you can do that could hurt me more right now, so you can
leave now because whatever you want or say will be useless.

She slammed the door in his face and he opened it again and grabbed her
arm. Laverne just sat there.

Carmine: Shirley-
Shirley: Carmine I don’t want to talk to you! No matter what you say it
won’t make it better! You betrayed me and I should have known it was
coming! So get your hands off of me and go!

He held on a little longer and then he let go and turned around slowly 

Shirley: You ready to go to work Laverne?

Now Laverne knew what Shirley was doing. She was trying to avoid the
subject. Laverne thought that was ok, but she needed to talk about it. 
she spoke up.

Laverne: You should have let him say what he needed to!
Shirley: I don’t want to talk it! And you knew that if he had said 
it wouldn’t have made it better! So shut up about it and let’s move on 

Laverne had never seen this side of Shirley. It was strange. She 
her orders though and they left.


It was now 9:00 that night and they just walked in. Shirley took off 
coat and put it in the closet, as did Laverne.

Shirley: Um, I’m gonna go out for a while ok?
Laverne: Where ya going?
Shirley: Oh, just out for a walk. I’ll be back soon.
Laverne: Well, ok… bye.

Laverne didn’t ask anymore questions because she knew Shirley wasn’t in 

She left. She was still wearing her work clothes (skirt, black pumps, 
and a
Mean while, Carmine was sitting at the window in his apartment. His
apartment was on the side, so when he saw Shirley come into sight, he 
out to catch up with her. He saw her walking and started to run after 
Shirley suddenly didn’t just hear her shoes, she heard the hard 
of someone familiar. She whipped around and ran into Carmine.

They looked at each other for a second. Then Carmine started to talk.

Carmine: Well, what are you doing out here this late?
Shirley: Just walking. What are you doing?
Carmine: I saw you walking and I wanted to catch up with you. Are you 
somewhere, you’re kinda dressed up?
Shirley: No… I just got back from work and I didn’t have to change. Are 
going anywhere?
Carmine: No… hey, do you think that maybe we could talk?
Shirley: What’s there to say? You have obviously found someone new and
you’re moving on. 
Carmine: No, I didn’t find someone new. I found a substitute. A bad 
Any substitute I find will be a bad one. No one could take your place.
Shirley: Well why are going behind my back and breaking our dates for 
Carmine: Well, I just wanted to play the field some. But I found out it 
wrong. Not only did it hurt you, but it hurt me. I mean, I was in 
apartment sitting with her just like I am now, and I’m tellin’ ya 
Shirl, I
didn’t feel it.
Shirley: Feel what?
Carmine: That feeling that I get whenever I’m with you. It was weird. I
felt… I don’t know what I felt, but it was definitely not love. I 
thought I
could find something different.
Shirley: What’s wrong with me?
Carmine: Nothing.
Shirley: Well you wouldn’t have done this if there weren’t something 
with me. 
Carmine: Shirl, you are a romantic person and I admire that. You feel 
you should, as you call it, vod-eo-do-do when you’re married. Well, I 
talking with all my buddies the other day and everyone had a story to 
about their great sex lives. I didn’t though. But then after I got back
from Lara’s house, I realized who wants to know about your private sex
life? And how would your girlfriend feet about it if you were going 
telling them about how you had sex. I wasn’t right. 
Shirley: Well-
Carmine: Wait. Now someday I would, or course, like to vod-eo-do-do, 
and I
thought that I wanted to then, but I wrong. When I was with Lara, I 
have that feeling and I felt that it would be wrong and it just 
wouldn’t be
good enough. I want the only person to be you, and I think that what I 
hurt you, but helped me figure out that no one else can take your 
Now I’m sure you won’t buy this, but I’m very sincere, and you know I 

He looked at her for a minute. 

Shirley: I don’t know how I’m forgiving you, but I am because I trust 
And I love you for telling me the truth. I mean, I guess we all get 
way sometimes. 
Carmine: Yeah…we always…need a change…

They inched closer and closer.

Shirley: It’s… always… good…
Carmine: Yeah…

Their lips touched and they kissed.

They both knew now that everything would be ok.

As for Lara, well, she’s still picking up twenty-dollars from people’s