Someday We'll Know
By Carol

Category: S/C Romance/ drama

Part One:

This story takes place in California. It was a sunny day and everything was fine. Shirley, Laverne, Carmine, Squiggy, Lenny, Sonny and Rhonda were all outside talking at the same time and laughing. They were all sitting on the stoop with two steps. Carmine was sitting on the top step with Shirley on the bottom in between his legs. Sonny and Laverne were sitting next to each other on the top step. Rhonda was leaning against the rail and Lenny and Squiggy were jumping around like the crazy people they are.

Rhonda: OH! I know! Let’s play one of Rhonda’s games!

Everybody groaned when she said that.

Rhonda: Oh come on! It’ll e fun. Look, we’ll make it easy, we’ll play truth or dare. Ok?

They all agreed unhappily.

Rhonda: Ok, I’ll go first. Um… Lenny, truth or dare?

Lenny: Dare!

Rhonda: Ok… let’s see… aw yes… I dare you to-

Shirley: And nothing nasty Rhonda! We’re not the playboys and playmates you are used to! So keep it simple.

Rhonda: Oh fine… then… you have to flash the neighbors!

Lenny: Oh that’s easy!

So while Lenny went off they all continued to talk on about other things. Then he came back.

Lenny: Ok… my turn… Shirley… truth or dare?

Shirley: Truth.

Lenny: Oh fine! Ok… it is true that you and Carmine haven’t… well… ya know….

Laverne: Vo-deo-do-doed?

Lenny: Yeah!

Everyone got wide eyed and looked at her with excitement. She looked up at Carmine who had the same look as her.

Shirley: Um…

Carmine: Oh come Lenny! You can pick something better than that!

Rhonda: Oh no! You can’t do that! Rhonda and everyone else want to know if the two people who have been together for so long have…

Laverne: Yeah… come on Shirl!

Shirley: Well…

She looked at Carmine. The answer was "no." She didn’t want to tell that to everyone… but she didn’t want to lie. She just sat there. Carmine held her shoulder tight. Then right at that second, Edna and Mr. DeFazio came out of a car and walked over to everyone. Saved!

Shirley: Oh look who it is! The people that have known me for my whole life… well I guess we’ll have to stop now! Come on Carmine… let’s go inside and get some drinks.

Carmine got up with her and everyone was yelling back disappointed that they didn’t get their answer.

Part Two:

Shirley walked through the door with Carmine and into the kitchen. When they got there Shirley turned around to face Carmine.

Carmine: That was close.

Shirley: Yeah! But don’t you feel weird about it?

Carmine: What? You mean that we haven’t…

Shirley: Yeah! I mean, they’re right. We’ve been going together forever and all we do is make out, which we rarely do anymore. It’s weird.

Carmine: Well… maybe we should sleep together.

Shirley: You think so?

Carmine: Well…

Shirley: No we can’t do it that way. We can’t just sleep together just so we can say that we have ya know. It has to come to us one night when it hasn’t been brought up and we want to do it. DO you see what I am saying?

Carmine: Yeah! You’re right.

Shirley: But what if we never get around to it? How will we know?

Carmine: Know what?

Shirley: That we really love each other and that we can… well… do it.

Carmine: Someday we’ll know. Someday.

He smiled and she did too and they continued to get drinks then walked back outside.

Part Three:

It was the next night and Carmine and Shirley were all alone in the apartment. Laverne had gone out with Sonny and no one was bothering them. Carmine was moving around and Shirley sat on the couch listening to him talk.

Carmine: I hope nothing ever happens to us.

Shirley: Me too.

Carmine: I don’t know what I’d do without you.

She was getting tired of listening to him go on about how horrible it would be if one of them died. Or about anything in particular. So when he walked around the couch she got up and grabbed him by the collar, then pulled him closed and kissed him. Their tongues touching made Shirley tremble inside and she could feel it did the same to him. They slowly wrapped their arms around each other. Carmine’s hand slide down her side and under her shirt. He lifted it up over her head and slide his hands down her back. Shirley then slide her hands down to pull off his shirt and then starts to go lower to his belt. Then they fell back onto the couch with Carmine on top and Shirley rubbed his back then moved to unbutton his pants. Then they heard a knock at the door. They looked at each other and huridly got their clothes back on. They were messy, but they were on.

Shirley and Carmine sat next to each other like nothing happened.

Shirley: Who is it?

Frank: It’s me! Lemme in!

She got up and opened the door. He walked passed her.

Shirley: Well why don’t you come in! Is there something you need?

Frank: Yeah! My daughter!

Shirley: Oh well she’s out on a date! What do you need,?

He kept looking at Carmine and Shirley’s clothes and how they were unusually messy.

Frank: Um… just to ask her something…

Then it hit him and he decided to leave quickly.

Frank: But it’s no big deal bye!

He ran out and slammed the door. Shirley locked it behind her and then turned around to Carmine and they immediately started to do what they were doing what they were doing before. They headed upstairs then into the bedroom. They fell back onto the bed and Carmine was on top. He had already had her shirt off by then. He was kissing her than started to move down to her neck then do her chest. She pulled him up.

Shirley: Do you think we can do this?

Carmine: We seem like we’re ready!

So she stared to kiss him and things got heated up.

It was 4:30 A.M. and Shirley sat up with a jolt. It was time for her to get ready for work. She had to have enough to get ready. So she looked over at Carmine and pulled a sheet out to wrap herself in. She finsihed getting ready and ran down stairs. When she got down there she noticed Laverne standing with her hand on her hip blocking the stairs. She had a sly grin on her face.

Laverne: So… fun night last night?

Shirley: Laverne please! I’m in a lot of pain right now!

Laverne: Pain?! What do you mean?

Shirley: Well think about it!

Laverne: No I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Shirley; Don’t make me tell you!

She rolled her eyes because she knew she would have to. So she leaned forward and whispered into Laverne’s ear.

Laverne: OH!

Shirley: Well come on we gotta get to work. I left Carmine a note so he would know.

Part Four:

It was 7:30 P.M. and Laverne and Shirley just got in from work. Shirley plopped down on the couch.

Laverne: Shirl what’s wrong? You’ve been acting like this ever since work. What’s they matter with you?

Shirley: I don’t know… I just don’t feel bad. I wa-

Shirley’s eyes got really big and her mouth dropped. She looked at Laverne who was thinking the same thing and she made the same statement.

Shirley: You don’t think?

Laverne: Naw!

Shirley: Yeah.. I can’t be… pre-pre-

Laverne: Pre-pre-

Shirley: Preg-

Laverne: Pregna-


Shirley got up and ran to the bathroom. Laverne ran after her.

Laverne: Shirl! We have to go see a doctor! I mean… what if… we need to make sure.

Shirley: Well… maybe I should tell Carmine! And it’s not like it would be THAT bad right? I mean, we were gonna get married anyway and we planned to have on someday!

Laverne: Right! No one will think you’re a slut!

Laverne realized what she said and covered her mouth. Shirley slowly walked out of the bathroom with her hand on her hip and started to walk towards Laverne.

Shirley: Are you saying that I am a slut?

Laverne: No! No! Not you!

Shirley: Good! And you better be happy because I might be pregnant and if I am then I might get the urge to kill you!

Laverne: Well, what are you gonna do about Carmine?

Shirley backed off remembering Carmine.

Shirley: Oh yeah. Well, I guess I should tell him before I go. Remember that time that we thought you were pregnant and he got mad because he thought I was?

Laverne: Yeah we better tell him first.

Shirley: We?

Laverne: Oh, I meant you. You! Sorry.

Part Five:

Shirley knocked on the door to Carmine’s apartment. He opened it.

Carmine: Hey Angelface! Come on in.

Shirley walked in and stood close to the door.

Carmine: What’s wrong?

Shirley: Um, well… Laverne and I are going to go to the doctor…

Carmine: Why is someone sick in trouble or something?

Shirley: Close enough.

Carmine: Well why are you going?

Shirley: Carmine, you remember last night?

Carmine: Yeah…

Shirley: Well… we think I might…

Carmine: No?

Shirley: Yeah.

Carmine: No?

Shirley: YEAH!

Carmine: Well that would be great Angelface!

Shirley: Great? GREAT? DO you know what that would mean?

Carmine: Yeah it would mean that we would have child of our own! Isn’t that what you always wanted!

Shirley: Well yeah! But I wanted it to be the right way! Ya know… like on out wedding night. I don’t want to get married pregnant! It just doesn’t seem like it would be right!

Carmine: Shirl… if you love me and I love you, than why would it matter?

Shirley: I guess you’re right. Well I have to go! Bye!

Carmine: Wait! Can’t I go with you?

Shirley: You really want to?

Carmine: Yeah of course!

Shirley: Ok.

They walked out and were on their way to the doctor with Laverne.

Part Six:

Carmine and Laverne were sitting in the waiting room waiting for Shirley. Carmine was walking around in circles and Laverne kept biting her nails. They were both very nervous. Shirley thought they were more nervous than she was. Then she came out the door slowly. They both ran up to her waiting to hear the response.

Laverne: So! Come on Shirl! Are you or aren’t you?

Shirley gave Laverne and weird look.

Shirley: Well, you guys… I’m…. PREGNANT!

Laverne and Carmine screamed and were hugging each other than were hugging Shirley. In the middle of it all Carmine kissed Shirley and they were all happy.

The End


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