Valentine Passions
By B.L. Cunningham

Andrew Squigman was, by nature a thrifty person and once he had found that special someone he wanted to make an impression on, he began to squirrel away the odd dollar here, his loose change there, hidden in an old cigar box that had previously held a collection of dead moths,Finally it was time to put his plan into action.
Lenny had an idea something was going on when he reached into the pocket of his work jacket and found a handful of chocolate hearts covered in red foil. At the end of his shift, Lenny went home and discovered an arrangement of a dozen white roses on the kitchen table with a card propped up against the vase .
Opening the card, Lenny read the verse "Be mine, Valentine, in order to claim your Valentine Day Surprise meet me at the corner of Main & 12th St. at 6 pm, Your's forever AS"
Lenny shook his head and grinned. looking at the clock, he quickly changed into a fresh shirt and a clean pair of chinos and quickly walked to the corner of Main & 12th and was greeted by Squiggy sitting on the bus bench with two small suitcases at his feet."You waitin' for anyone special..?" Lenny asked as he took a seat next to Squiggy Lenny rubbed his knee against Squiggy's " I think he just showed up" said Squiggy with a grin and then glanced at his wristwatch "We got four minutes to wait" he said "So.. what's in the suitcases?" Lenny asked . Squiggy just turned away and said "Nothing for you to worry's for later.. tonight" "I like the sound of that" Lenny said a minute later the bus arrived and Squiggy handed the driver the bus fare and the men found seats near the front of the bus."So, where are we goin' ?" asked Lenny, trying to remember the route of this particular bus "It's a surprise " is all Squiggy would say while he seemed to be studying the passing view as they continued on. After almost thirty minutes Squiggy grabbed hold of the two bags and said "Here, we get off here " and Lenny had little choice but to follow his friend off the bus and walk another block until they found themselves at the Holiday Inn in Downtown Los Angeles
Rather puzzled, Lenny followed Squiggy right to the registration desk where Squiggy reached into his leather jacket and handed the clerk a sheet of paper "Ah, yes sir we have your room ready and as part of our February Promotion, we have upgraded your Standard room to a Superior room at no additional charge" Squiggy signed the paper and the clerk handed him a key "Room 1012 tenth floor and to your left as you exit the elevators.. and if there's anything further you require just call the Front Desk" Lenny is slowly beginning to comprehend Squiggy's plan for the evening and he's a bit overwhelmed by Squig's thoughtful planning.
Squiggy opens the door to the room and both men are impressed; the room is very spacious and done in tasteful shades of green and beige with gold accents and features a king sized bed and a bathroom that has both a shower and a tub that's large enough for two.Lenny wraps his arms around Squiggy "You did all this just for Valentine's Day.. the roses.. the chocolate hearts in my jacket.and I didn't get you nothin' !" Squiggy looks up to him and says "You couldn't be more wrong Len.. you give me everything I always wanted; you're my family "
Just as Lenny brushes his knuckles against Squiggy's crotch and gives the huge bed a meaningful glance Squig says "We got dinner plans..and we got all night, room's paid for until Noon and neither of us gotta work tomorrow" So the men enjoy a leisurely dinner at the Olive Garden and Lenny insists on taking care of the check,"You can pay me back tonight " Lenny says, his words sounding positively lewd.
They walk back to the hotel and in the lobby, Squiggy asks lenny to wait about ten minutes before he comes upstairs "Another surprise..?"Lenny asks with a smile. Lenny walks around the first floor, and discovers the gift shop and purchases a small teddy bear and a split of Champagne. Finally he heads to the elevator and knocks on the hotel room door; only to discover that the door is slightly opened already and on the end tables and the dresser Squiggy has lit a dozen small candles and Squiggy is standing next to the bed wearing only a pair of red silk briefs, and holding a bottle of massage oil "I'd say one of us is wearin' way too many clothes !" Lenny says and a moment later Squig is there, slowly and very erotically undoing Lenny's shirt.. and the laces to his shoes.. and the zipper on his pants.. Squig plants a kiss on the oversized erection trapped in Lenny's briefs before sliding them down. Squig reaches into one of the bags he's brought and flings an old sheet over the bedspread and motions for Lenny to lay down "Things might get... messy " Squig whispers to Lenny as Lenny stretches out face down across the king sized bed.
Squiggy dribbles warmed oil across Lenny's shoulders and down his spine, taking his time to rub and stroke, letting his hands speak to Lenny and Lenny is reduced to sighs & grunts of pleasure "ughh..yeahh mmmpph.." as Squiggy's fingers work lower ; gently exploring the cleft of Lenny's ass "oh yess !" whispers Lenny "hmmm... ya like that, Len... right here..?" Squiggy says as his finger slides across Lenny's opening "Ohhh yeah Squig..." moans Lenny as Squiggy's finger slides in .Lenny slowly rolls onto his back, his erection huge & throbbing; and Squiggy knows what Lenny needs right then, Squig slides a second finger into Lenny as he bends down and takes Lenny into his mouth "awww Squig.. so good.". and Lenny gently pushes Squig's head down further but with his buddy's talented fingers rubbing his prostate there's no way he can hold off for long and Squig can feel Lenny tensing up and a minute later Lenny loses control and bucks and thrashes beneath Squiggy as his tool floods Squiggy's mouth with his cum ."Not done yet Squig..." and Lenny moves to the foot of the bed "Your turn.. and I wanna have ya inside me .. looking at ya in the mirror " this is a rare treat and Squiggy adds more oil to his rock hard penis and eases into Lenny's ass "Awww len.. I love being inside ya.. " he shyly confesses and looks into the mirror watching himself mounting Lenny.. Lenny thrusts back, urging Squiggy on "Do it Squig give me your load, I wanna feel ya shootin' off in me !" and a minute or so later, a wish becomes reality as Squiggy loudly climaxes and collapses atop his lover.
When Squiggy is finally able to speak he gasps "Definitely ..a Valentine's Day to remember"