By B.L.Cunningham

The usual disclaimers apply. Pg-13 for very mild smut. "Come on Len..move it more to the right..no, my right..your left.." Lenny & Squiggy wrestled the king sized mattress through the door of their apartment. The two men had been given the the bed by Mrs. O'Hara, a recently widowed tenant who was moving to Florida to be with her daughter & son in-law. Mrs. Babbish called the Salvation Army to pick up the two twin sized beds and Laverne & Shirley mopped and waxed the hardwood floor and washed and ironed the curtains in the bedroom..Finally, the bed was properly assembled and the two men carefully made up the bed with the sheets and blankets Mrs. O'Hara had left them. "Looks like new" Squig said "New to us..Which side ya wan to to sleep on, left or right " Lenny asked ."Both !" Squiggy said as he pulled Lenny onto the over sized mattress. Squiggy launches himself at the side of Lenny neck,licking and kissing him " Ohhh yes Squig...right there " moans Lenny as he struggles out of his shoes and pants. Two hours later the men are exhausted and sweaty; the last of the afternoon sunlight filters into the room. Squiggy burrows his face into Lenny's armpit " I love the way ya smell, Len " Squiggy says in a quiet, shy voice " I stink !" laughs Lenny . "No ya don't, when ya been in the john for twenty minutes.. now that stinks !" Both men laugh, enjoying the pleasure of being with each other and the unspoken trust and promise between them.