Red Silk
By B.L. Cunningham

( Usual disclaimers apply. rated PG-13 for mild smut) Dusk was settling over Knapp street as Lenny jogged up the to the front of the building. As he entered the lobby Mrs. Babbish's door popped open "Lenny, there's a package here for you." Thanks Mrs. B, I picked up an hour of overtime making a delivery for Shotz." Mrs. Babbish handed Lenny a thin rectangular box with the words "Bardwell's Department Store" written in gold script. Lenny wondered who might had sent him this package, he hadn't bought anything from Bardwell's in a long time.Lenny tucked the box into his jacket as he walked up the stairs to his apartment.Once inside, he sees Squiggy engrossed in the latest episode of Adam-12.Lenny heads directly to the bathroom and shuts the door. Opening the box, Lenny finds an expensive pair of deep red silk boxer shorts. with the underwear is a had written note "Lenny; Wishing you a very special Valentines Day and if Valentine wishes came true I'd be able to feel & kiss you in all the places these silk boxers touch" The note was not signed. Lenny had a huge grin on his face as he hurriedly stripped out of his clothes. Lenny walked into the livingroom .the only light in the room was from the television. Lenny wore only the red silk boxers and a monumental erection."Hey Squig... some Valentine Day wishes do come true" Lenny bent down and pressed his lips against Squiggy's and gently covered Squig's body with his own.An hour later, just as both men were ready to drop off to sleep Squiggy whispered "hey Len.. how'd ya know the boxers were from me ?"Lenny laughed and said " I'd recognize your handwriting anywhere" The two men curled up together on the sofa and slept until morning.


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