Radio Days

By B.L.Cunningham

Disclaimer; this is a fictional work and is the property of B.L.

Shirley sat on the sofa, fingering the square postcard. tapping it on the table, drumming her fingers on it, ignoring the other pieces of mail, impatient for her roommate to return.Finally the door swung open; Laverne went to the kitchen and put away the items from the nearby market "Laverne" Shirley said in her sweetest voice "you know how you always scoff at my sending away for contests and drawings and sweepstakes..?" (Laverne was busy pouring exactly the right amount of milk into a glass of Pepsi ) "Yeah Shirl..what's this one for a year's supply of laundry detergent?" Shirley smiled to herself "no, not exactly.. I just got a notice from the post office to sign for a piece of Registered mail... from Radio MWK The voice of Milwaukee." "Uhh, Shirl you don't mean "Be the host of your own radio show " contest ? Laverne completely ignores the milk & Pepsi sitting on the counter as Shirley smiles and waves the postcard at Laverne ".. They wouldn't be sending a rejection notice by Registered mail now would they?"mutters Laverne as the possibility of Shirley's winning dawns on Laverne; the two women struggle into their coats and run to the post office, Shirley stands in line as Laverne paces around the floor, too keyed up to even flirt with the cute Marine standing in one of the other lines..After several minutes Shirley returns with a legal size envelope in her trembling hand "Vernie, help me here, I'm too nervous" slowly Laverne opens the flap and withdraws a three page document "Congratulations on your winning entry... Weekly radio show.. Six week period.. Becomes property of MWK Radio..Receive payment of $100 weekly..Contact us as soon as possible..Sincerely yours, Richard Wells, Creative Manager MWK "OHMYGAWD Laverne.. we're gonna be on our own radio show!!" shrieks Shirley. Never noticing the stares of the other people around them, Laverne frantically digs in her purse " I gotta call my Pop.. " Shirley holds out the three page letter staring at it as if she expected it to disappear."Laverne.. the only way I can do this is with you, what do we know about being on a radio show?" When Shirley called MWK she was asked to come down to the radio station on Saturday morning and also to bring several blouses as there was to be considerable publicity photos done..It had been decided that the women would do a thirty minute radio talk show & take phone calls from listeners . It was marketed as "a fresh & differrent approach to radio programming" Once at the station, Laverne & Shirley were met by a group of people including Richard Wells, and several employees of the radio station, as well as Daniel Fineman, the sponsor of the show and owner of Fineman's Department Store After the tour the two women were shown to a room where a hair stylst & make up artist were waiting for them."Oh Laverne, this is just like Hollywood!" gushed Shirley as the hair & make up artists worked their magic. During the orietation Laverne & Shirley were shown the radio control booth and the area where they would be working.They were also warned on the subjects to avoid while on the air; sex, religion and politics & no vulgarity. While being briefly interviewd on how she felt about winning the contest, Shirley said " Laverne & I are thrilled to be here with MWK Radio and we'd also like to mention how much we have always enjoyed shopping at Fineman's department store" Shirley was praised as a natural and the two women were asked to stand and pose & smile in a dozen areas of the radio station, . The next Saturday dawned cold & clear. Laverne & Shirley were both wide awake long before their alarm clock sounded, Both women took extra care with their apearence."We are radio personalities and should look our best for our public" Shirley primly said. Laverne just rolled her eyes and wondered if she needed a bit more lipstick. While the next six weeks were a mixture of fun and a few mis-haps and on air bloopers Laverne & Shirley were pleased and impressed when Richard Wells asked them to have lunch with him in the staff dining room prior to their sixth show .Once they were seated, Richard got right to the point "While we have really enjoyed having you with us here at MWK, it has been decided not to renew this format, However, Mr.Fineman was quite taken with both of you and has asked me to extend an employment offer to you, It would be doing thirty minutes of informal modelng each Saturday afternoon at the Magnolia Cafe in Fineman's department store. You would each recieve $50 a week as well as copies of the fashions you modeled" Laverne looked at Shirley and said "Even if this job is finished, it's been a swell time." Shirley smiled and shook Mr Well's hand & said "It's been a real pleasure to work here Mr. Wells and please tell Mr. Fineman we are happy to accept his lovely offer"