Pork and Beans

By B.L.Cunningham

The phone rang "Laverne can you get that..? My nails are wet " Laverne answers the phone "Hey Mrs. Babbish..no we didn't order any groceries delivered ..ok.. thanks" Looking puzzled, Laverne tells Shirley "Mrs Babbish said we got sacks of groceries outside our door.". the two women open the door to their basement apartment and there are three bags from the Shop 'n Save . Shirley helps Laverne drag the bags inside, Cling peaches..coffee.butter,. milk and Pepsi. assorted canned goods including five,six..seven cans of pork & beans "Wow, what a haul.. I wonder who left them..?" said Laverne .Shirley neatly arranged the provisions in the pantry & refrigerator Minutes later Shirley plucked a square pink envelope from the bottom of the last bag "Hmm..this might be the answer your looking for.." she said smugly, handing over the card to Laverne . The Valentines day card showed two squirrels on a tree branch, each holding one side of an acorn in the shape of a heart, Laverne turned away to read what was inside " Roses might wilt and fade away but my love for you is everyday" and she shyly turned back to Shirley to let her best friend read the inscription "Awww...Laverne that is so sweet!" Laverne called Lenny and asked him to come downstairs so she could thank him in person for the groceries and to her surprise, instead of his usual Lone Wolf jacket, Lenny wore his very best plaid sport coat and shyly held out a single red rose wrapped in green florist tissue"This is for you..I wanted to get ya something that would be more practical and well, the roses wouldn't last an' ..Lenny didn't get to finish his explanation as Laverne planted a very serious kiss on Lenny's mouth that told Lenny just exactly what Laverne thought of his romantic gesture.... The End.