Memories Of Knapp Street
By Barry

TITLE: Memories of Knapp Street
PARTS: One of One
RATING: Hard NC-17 (m/m);
DISTRIBUTION: To Impure Thoughts

It was a hot afternoon in Milwaukee when Carmine stops at Lenny & Squiggy's apartment "Hey Lenny, Mrs Babbish says your bathroom sink is leaking?" Lenny shows Carmine where the faucet is dripping. Carmine soon has the problem corrected and Lenny offers Carmine a beer " sure, why not" he said as he sat down on the worn sofa Next to the sofa is a carboard box filled with Lenny and Squiggy's collection of "nudie" magazines. Carmine casualy paws thru them as Lenny returns from the kitchen and hands Carmine a cold bottle of Shotz "There's some real good ones at the botom" Lenny says as he sits down.Soon both guys are engrossed in the lurid magazines. The best pages of the smut mags draw a muffled "Jesus!" from Carmine as he studied each woman offering herself to him from the glossy pages Carmine could feel his penis grow harder inside of his chinos.Just two feet away Lenny was rubbing the crotch of his greasy levis "I'd eat out her slit like it was strawberry ice cream!" he exclaimed. Lenny could see Carmine trying to adjust the tent pole in his own trousers a moment later Lenny said " Hey Carmine, looks like we both need to to whip a load off..." Carmine nodded and said "Where's Squiggy?" Lenny replied "He's driving for the second shift, wont be home until seven" Carmine visibly relaxes and begins to undo his belt Lenny stand up and walks out of the room and returns moments later with a clean towel and a large jar of Vaseline. Lenny leans back on the sofa and yanks down his jeans and boxers down past his knees, freeing his nine and a half inches of Polish sausage Carmine has unzipped his chinos and tugged them down with his white briefs as he glances over at Lenny "holy shit!" he mutters as he sat back down on the sofa exposing his thick eight inches of uncut manhood and his heavyweight balls covered in black hair Lenny opened the jar of of white grease and offers it to his buddy who digs in two fingers and smears it over the length of his cock The two men enjoy the erotic tension between them as they leaf thru the various porn mags . Lenny pick up one and says "This one's my favorite " the title is Back Seat Bimbo and it showed a curvaceous brunette being undressed at a drive in and not only satisfing her date but two other guys as well. "Aww yeah Lenny.. I can see why!" moaned Carmine as he as he fisted his thick tool look at her...suckin' that guy" muttered Lenny Both men were getting close to the boiling point as their overheated cocks demanded release. Lenny spread out the faded blue bath towel between them on the sofa "I got a hot load she could swallow!" mutterd Carmine "Me too.." Lenny said as he increased the speed of his strokes I'm ready to blow!" said Carmine and moments later his handsome features were contorted as he began to orgasm " ahhhdamn...shit ughhh SHIT!" ropes of hot jism splattered over the towel. Suddenly Lenny stands up, one hand grasping the back of the sofa, the other hand stroking his oversized shaft "ughhh geez.. cummin' righhhhtt NOW!" Lenny moans and gasps as if in agony as his semen gushes from his cock, completely soaking the towel After a few moments both men look at each other and the towel and laugh "We sure needed that!" Carmine said as he eases his pants and shorts back up and Lenny slowly zips up as well Carmine says " Might have to drop by next week... see how the faucet is doing" and Lenny shyly says "yeah that'd be real good " as Carmine exits the apartment

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