Maybe It Was the Tequila

By B.L.Cunningham

Squiggy was in a hurry; it was Valentine's day and he wanted to do something special for Lenny, Not the usual flowers and a card,Fortunately Lenny was working an hour or so overtime washing down the Shotz delivery trucks, Squig stopped in at their favorite Chinese restaurant, the Golden Panda and ordered cartons of fried rice, Garlic Chicken and Shrimp Chow Fun and then made a quick trip to the grocery/liquor store for the ingredients for his special Daiquiris (a combination of Gold tequila, frozen lemonade concentrate and frozen strawberries) Squiggy poured the ingredients together in the blender and as the frozen mixture was way too thick he poured in more Tequila.. much more, until the consistency of the Daiquiris was to his liking. Minutes later Lenny walked thru the door and shyly handed Squig a half dozen red roses and a small box of of chocolates; Squiggy finds a vase for the flowers and places them on the coffee table & then finds two very tall glasses and fills them to the brim with the frozen drinks and finds Lenny lighting votive candles amid the steaming cartons of Chinese food The men dig into the meal and the icy Daiquiris disappear along with the last of the Garlic Chicken . Squiggy stands up and places his hands on Lenny's shoulders "Tonight your mine .. gonna make you my love slave" as neither man was ever very outspoken when it came verbalizing their feelings for each other, Lenny found this to be a very interesting turn of events and began to unbutton Squiggy's shirt But Squiggy gently stopped Lenny's roving fingers "No..all you have to do tonight is be here..gonna make it so good for ya..."Lenny lays back on the couch and Squiggy undid Lenny's Shotz Brewery shirt.. and gently bit his exposed nipples..Squiggy knelt down and undid his partner's size 12 Converse sneakers, followed by his white socks.. a bit of a foot massage followed by some very sensual licking and kissing of Lenny's big feet soon had Lenny moaning in pleasure Squiggy tormented Lenny by running his mouth along the very prominant erection trapped in his buddy's jeans "We got all night.. gonna be so good for ya " whispered Squiggy as he slowly pulled at Lenny's leather belt, the belt landed along with the other discarded clothes..and even more slowly Squiggy unfastened Lenny's pants, Squiggy gently slid Lenny's pants down past his calves and down from around his feet. Ten inches of very thick, hard penis was trapped in Lenny's white boxers ..a spot of pre-cum already showing his arousal.Squig placed his mouth against the fly of Lenny's shorts Squiggy's warm breath caused Lenny to groan in anticipation.. Squiggy so very slowly eased down Lenny's boxers "One of us is wearing way too many clothes..." murmured Lenny. Squig smiled and undid his own shirt and kicked off his shoes and teasingly slow undid his belt; casually groping his own crotch before removing his pants."See what ya do to me..?" said Squiggy, lightly rubbing the hard-on in his white briefs "Uhmmm sure do " said Lenny"Twenty years we been together ..and I still excite ya ?" said Squiggy "Yep and there ain't ever gonna be anyone else , not for this or anything else !" declared Lenny Squig slid off his briefs "Good, I got something for ya in the other room" Once in the bedroom, Squiggy covered Lenny's body with kisses, lingering in some places longer than others & driving Lenny wild with desire .Finally Squiggy opened a paper sack and produced a brand new jar of Vaseline; Lenny watched with a great deal of interest as Squiggy smeared a generous amount of the grease onto his own penis and in an exact imitation of the Fonz said "Ayyy sit on it !" Lenny did as he was told and it took only moments for his response to go from Oww to Ooohhh! as Squiggy entered him. Squiggy was not as heroically hung as Lenny but Squig's penis was perfectly proportioned for pleasing his partner's prostate and the tequila erased any inhibitions either man possessed "Ughh soo good !" groaned Squiggy as he thrust upward, Squigy's grease coated fingers stroked Lenny's pulsating shaft "I'm your love slave Squig..jus' don't stop !" pleaded Lenny "Can't stop..not me so close !" panted Squiggy A minute later both men loudly climaxed, Lenny's pent up semen splashing over Squiggy's neck & face & hair . Lenny slowly collapsed on top of his lover "Wish I had a camera.. you look so hot.. messy and satisfied" "Mmm..yeah I love gettin' messy with ya Len" Squiggy lewdly licked several drops of Lenny's sperm from his fingers . In minutes both men were sleeping in a sticky embrace; smiling like two rather naughty Cupids.