It was a warm spring evening in Milwaukee, and Lenny and Squiggy
watched some tv and then went to their bedroom and stripped down to
their t shirts and underwear and got into their beds the two men had
know each other since the 5th grade and worked and lived together and
were each others best friend and constant companion. Squiggy lay on top
of his covers, his eyes closed as he slowly rubbed the growing mound
trapped in his grimy white briefs, already a spot of pre-cum spotted the
fabric. Lenny looked over and felt his own tool thicken beneath his
striped boxers, Lenny gripped his hardening penis as he watched his
buddy feel himself up.. then Squiggy slid his briefs down and his hard
cock sprang free, a good seven inches of uncut meat .the filtered street
light showed every detail as Lenny pushed his sheets off and eased his
nine and a half inch prick from the fly of his boxer shorts This was
almost a nightly ritual for the two men, little was ever said about but
there was a certain level of comfort and security between them .. after
a few minutes Lenny got up and stood next to Squiggy's bed and reached
down and gently stroked his buddy's hairy testicles "aww Lenny.."
Squiggy sighed, and continued to stroke himself a minute later Squiggy
reached out for Lenny's big tool and lightly stroked on his shaft
causing the other man to grunt with pleasure "been thinking about this
all day " Lenny whispered as he reached over to the nightstand
between the twin beds and found the small jar of vaseline Lenny used
two fingers to dip into the half empty jar and coated his big prick
then Squiggy turned over ,his hairy buttocks covered in the light
from the street , Lenny eased one finger of his left hand into his
buddy's asshole ..Squiggy pushed back until Lenny's finger was as
deep as possible inside of him.. "aww Lenny.. ! " the other man
whimpered in passion and submission "Squiggy..aww geez Squiggy.. I'm
.ahhh !" Lenny gasped and moaned as he spurted his cum across his best
friends ass and thighs a moment later Squiggy was moaning and Lenny
felt his asshole contracting as his jism squirted onto the blanket
beneath him.. Lenny slowly withdrew his finger, and soon both men were
peacefully asleep