Laverne's Wedding Daze Continued
By B.L. Cunningham

As the first triumphant notes of the Wedding March filled the church, The doors at the rear of the church opened and Shirley Feeny & Edna Defazio entered looking lovely in matching yellow & white bridesmaid gowns.Moments later, Laverne steps forward on the arm of her father; carrying a simple bouquet of white roses with streamers of ivy.All eyes are on Laverne, resplendent in her bridal gown, Laverne's eyes are glowing with excitement, fixed on her groom, standing tall and proud at the altar. Squiggy stands beside him, looking very solem; the seriousness of the occasion has forced Squiggy completely out of character.Moments later, Frank gently hands his only child over to Lenny as the couple take their places before the priest. "...I Laverne Marie DeFazio, take you; Leonard Michael Kosnowski to be my husband from this day forward, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, Until death do us part..." Toward the close of the ceremony, Carmine sang the Ave Maria so beautifully that even the priest looked misty eyed . Finally, Father O'Brian spoke the words both Lenny & Laverne had long dreamed of " In the name of the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit, I now pronounce you man and wife, You may kiss the bride" Lenny chastely kisses laverne, who returns the kiss with a bit more passion.The couple are so filled with joy on their walk back up the aisle; neither notice Big Rosie Greenbaum, tears cascading down her face. Once outside of the church, the photographer gently cajoles the wedding party into informal groupings; Edna & Frank, Lenny and Squiggy, Laverne & Shirley grinning at one another "If in Heaven we don't meet, side by side we'll bear the heat, if the heat gets too hot.. Pepsi Cola hits the spot !" The photo clearly showing the love and laughter that had filled the lives of the two women.Lovely black and white portraits of Lenny & Laverne together, as well as with all their friends and family.. At the Pizza Bowl, a dozen round tables are laid with tablecloths, candles and the flowers from the church are casually reconstructed to decorate the tables. ........Frank Defazio has hired several highschool Seniors to help with the serving and clearing of the tables, The 100 guests enjoypizza, lasagna, beer and sodas and at the Bride's table there is Frank's special Seafood Manicotti as well as several bottles of Champagne as well as the wedding cake. supplemented by an entire table of of cookies, pastries and cannolis.Lenny and Laverne spend an hour accepting everyone's best wishes and congratulations, as well as several thick envelopes, Carmine has donated his time and talent to the reception as well, and the first dance of Lenny & Laverne Kosnowski is announced & Carmine launches into Cole Porter's classic " I get a kick out of you " The bride & groom do an excellent Foxtrot as the guests watch, During the second dance, Laverne dances with her father" Muffin I wish I could have given ya someplace fancier than the Pizza Bowl for your reception..." Lavern tells her father "Pop,if you'd offered me the biggest ballroom in the fanciest hotel in Milwaukee, it wouldn't mean half as much to me as the Pizza Bowl.. you put your blood, sweat & tears into this place " Frank beams at his daughter " I am so proud of you Laverne, no one in the whole world could ask for a better daughter than you." On the other side of the room, Squiggy politely asks Shirley to dance and she graciously accepts Squiggy tells Shirley "What a great day, my two best friends get married and I get to dance with the prettiest girl in the whole room " "Oh Andrew..." Shirley says and she actually blushes. Carmine sings all of the couple's favorite songs until Frank takes the microphone from his hand "Enjoy the drink, dance with your best girl." he tells Carmine. Frank turns to the guests and says "Friends, it's no exageration to tell you that today is the happiest day of my life, please grab a glass and join me in a toast .. to my daughter Laverne and to my son..not my son-in -law but a son from my heart.. to Lenny & Laverne !" Both Lenny & laverne are a bit teary eyed at this announcement.The wedding cake is cut, and the couple sit down for a few minutes to enjoy the feast Laverne leans over and whispers somthing to Lenny that causes him to grin & turn bright red at the same time. as well.After another glass of champagne, Frank confers with Carmine and a few minutes later Carmine launches into a hot rendition of "Mambo Italiano" The crowd clears the dance floor as Frank and Edna dance with a fire and passion few had even suspected they possesed . "There might be snow on the roof but the fire still burns !" Carmine crows Finally it's time for the newlyweds to to make their exit and the crowd calls out the goodbyes and best wishes as the couple make their escape in a waiting taxi.


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