Christmas Is For Sharing
By Barry

TITLE: Christmas Is For Sharing
PARTS: One of One


Lenny woke up and snuggled closer to Laverne "Just had the best idea.." he said sleepily . Laverne smiled and reached under the covers "Uhmm it involves an airplane and Squiggy..." Lenny said This stopped Laverne's wandering hand "Why don't we we fly to Milwaukee, see the old neighborhood.. been two years since we had Squig out here to visit us " Laverne sat up a bit straighter in bed "We could do that..Linny's never been on a plane, might miss a day or two of school..but she's well ahead of most of her class , we'd need some warmer clothes..and speaking of staying warm." this time Lenny was happy to let Laverne have her way with him; an hour later Linny and Laverne were exploring various Thrift stores for their Winter weekend; Laverne pulled out a quilted pink parka and the look of pure horror on her daughter's face told her all she needed to know about that selection "No puffy pink parkas, please !" said Linny and they both giggled. soon they had made their selections of warm jackets, sweaters and scarves ; Back at the house, Lenny was meeting with mixed success; He'd called Squiggy and heard the absolute delight in his old friend's voice "Hot dogs, ice skating and hot chocolate with whipped cream !" twenty minutes later the men hung up the phone "Aww Laverne, ya just missed Squig.. he's really looking forward to seeing us !" but something in her husband's voice told her there was more news "The airline however isn't cooperating, they can only book us as far as Chicago, and we take the bus into Milwaukee" "The bus.. sure that's do-able" she shrugged "Aww that's my Laverne !" Lenny said and planted a kiss on his wife's cheek . That evening Lenny pored over the contents of the fridge; making sure to use whatever could spoil if left for the long weekend and very early the next morning the entire household was awake, Linny had packed five large books in addition to her winter clothes and Lenny had to be bribed out of bed with the promise of some very naughty delight in the shower; and soon they were on the road; stopping at a popular drive-thru for breakfast before paying for long term parking at Los Angeles international airport ;The flight itself was uneventful, with Linny looking a bit apprehensive during take-off but a few encouraging words from her father soon had her smiling and enjoying the view from the small window; As they landed in Chicago; Lenny and Laverne waited for their luggage and Linny quickly spotted a bookstore in the long arcade of shops; Twenty minutes later Linny was happily clutching a copy of "Gone with the wind" "That should keep her busy for a day or two" said Laverne and indeed Linny was virtually silent on the two hour bus ride into Milwaukee; Squiggy was at the station to meet them and they were impressed with Squig's car; a vintage black Jaguar sedan and while Squig's loft apartment was designed as a luxurious bachelor pad; it wasn't really suitable for weekend guests and Squiggy had rented a comfortable hotel suite for his visiting guests. The weekend was all that Laverne & Lenny hoped for and more and Lenny was pleased to see that in spite of Squig's success as a Radio talk show personality, the same good hearted and simple guy he's grown up with remained.The four of them enjoyed splurging at the local malls and did go ice skating and stuffed them selves with hot dogs and hot choclate with whipped cream and caught up on old times and retold their favorite memories; But for Laverne, the best memory of all was as Squig was driving them to the bus station and told Laverne "This has been the best Christmas ever Christmas is for sharing and .. because I got to spend it with the people I love.. my family " and it reminded Laverne to count her blessings and her joy was multiplied in sharing her own happiness.

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