California Dreamin'
By B.L. Cunningham

California was not exactly what either Carmine or Lenny had expected, The weather was fine and Lenny had found work in an unexpected area; as an extra for television and movie studios ( Squiggy drove an ice cream truck ), Carmine got a job at one of the major movie studios as a dance instructor & choreographer.  It was not his ideal career but it paid well..It was at the studio that while on a lunch break that Lenny & Carmine met Sonny St. Jacque ( born Steve Silverman ) one of the stuntmen working on the lot. Muscular, and with an easy smile; Sonny made friends easily. The three men would meet up after work for a beer or a pizza once a week,.One Friday afternoon Sonny was unusually excited" You guys have got to see what I just got my hands on, you've never seen anything like it !" Sonny drove his two friends to his apartment his ancient but reliable BMV.The apartment was a short drive from the various studios. and Sonny's unit was basically two good sized rooms with a small kitchen area and a bathroom but neatly arranged and very comfortable Sonny fetched three beers from the compact fridge beneath the counter of the kitchen and led his two friends to the bedroom "It's a television recording system, called a Betamax; can record a favorite television show on tape and play it whenever ya want.." explained Sonny . Both Lenny & Carmine were suitably impressed "Got somthin' else here you're gonna love " from a drawer beneath the tv cabinet, Sonny produced a fat home-rolled marijuana joint and a large black cassette tape Sonny fired up the joint and deeply inhaled before passing the joint to Lenny, Lenny took a good drag and passed it over to Carmine as Sonny slid the cassette into the top of the video machine and a moment later the title flashed onto the screen "One Bride for Seven brothers" the men enjoyed their beers between tokes of "happy weed " as Lenny called it and were soon feeling quite mellow and enjoying the very explicit action on the screen" I gotta...pee" Sonny said and all three men giggled, "damn that's some good stuff" Carmine muttered as Sonny took care of his full bladder .Lenny lazily rubbed the growing erection in his pants as Sonny joined them on the king sized bed "hey buddy...whatcha got in there a python..?" Sonny reached over and casually groped Lenny's crotch "Give ya an hour to stop that..." Lenny said and all three men giggled as if it were the funniest thing they'd ever heard "Hey..I got a python too !" Carmine said as he undid his pants and displayed his own erection " not a python... maybe a cobra " Sonny said, using his other hand to take hold of Carmine's penis . The men were stoned, no doubt about it but perfectly happy as the slowly peeled off their clothes. "How'd ya get that scar..? Carmine asked Sonny rubbing one finger along the three inch scar above the stuntman's left knee " Rodeo Convict Cowboys" naming a popular Western series.. Carmine leaned over and kissed the scar, then moved higher, taking Sonny's erect cock into his mouth. Lenny moved closer and ran his hands over Sonny's muscular body, and stroking Carmine's hair .Carmine moved over to sample Lenny's oversized cock, while using his hand to massage Sonny's heavy balls "soo good.".moaned Carmine . "always wanted to fool around with ya..." All of the men took turns using their mouths, tongues and fingers to please one another, in no hurry at all to end their erotic explorations .Sonny reached over to the bedside table and found a tube of lubricant and applied a generous amount to his own butt before greasing up Lenny's pole " Don't know if this is gonna work, but I gotta try it " Sonny said as he presented his ass to Lenny. While Lenny very slowly mounted Sonny's ass ,Carmine knelt before Sonny and Sonny eagerly began sucking Carmine's tool and Sonny used one finger to expertly massage Carmine's prostate.All three men wallowed in a hazy, erotic weed-fueled bliss.When Sonny slid a second finger into Carmine's ass, the Big Ragu became quite vocal " ohhh yesss...that's it Sonny..ughh damn that's good !" Carmine held Sonny's head in place and eagerly face-fucked his buddy "Ughh gonna get it...real soon ! " moments later Carmine began to climax Carmine howled & grunted as he filled Sonny's mouth then slowly withdrew and flopped over to one side of the huge bed..Lenny grinned a very stoned smile at Carmine as he continued to slowly pump in and out of Sonny's muscular ass."How's is it, buddy ..?" Carmine asked Lenny, "so hot & tight..." Lenny murmured . Carmine scooted closer to Sonny and kissed the other man deeply, tasting his own sperm on Sonny's tongue. then reached down to grasp Sonny's steel hard cock " gotta do somthing with this one..." Carmine said and slowly began masturbating his friend. Lenny began to increase his strokes, "Ohhh. getting so good.. so good " sighedLenny Carmine bent down and took Sonny's cock into his mouth Sonny thrust back onto lenny's cock, urging the other man's release as he felt his own orgasm building " Do it Lenny...give it to me !" grunted Sonny as Carmine expertly pleasured Sonny's tool Moments later both men began to climax Sonny's cum filled Carine's mouth as Lenny filled Sonny's ass. Wrung out from their intense orgasms, both Sonny & Lenny fell asleep, Carmine edged up to Lenny's backside and decided to nap with his buddys for awhile, hoping for a replay later that evening, "Not a bad way to get the weekend started" Carmine thought to himself as he let sleep overtake him, one arm thrown over Lenny's waist. all three men slept with very